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    • We are proud to be Investigators!! 

      Our 8th grade team consists of a core of Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Math.  Most Investigators have Mrs. Fisher for Language Arts/Honors Language Arts, Ms. Swenson for Social Studies, Mrs. Bell for Science and Mrs. Tietz for Algebra I/Math 8.   
      Our other Investigator teachers are:  Mrs. Nadon (Resource), Mrs. Bowman (ELD and Study Skills), and Mrs Slemp - Elective PLTW and JEMS.

      Team Colors:  Pink and Black
      Team Mascot:  Pink Panther
      Team Motto:  Knowledge is Power:  Investigate it!    

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      To get to each Investigator Teacher's webpage, click on the Team Teacher page on the left hand side of this page.


      paw prints