Ms. Hubbard - 7th Grade Science

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Ms. Hubbard - 7th Grade Science


Hello!  Welcome to Ms. Hubbard's homepage.  


Ms. Hubbard is a graduate of Jacobsen, Tehachapi High, and UC Santa Cruz.  She has been teaching science at Jacobsen for over 20 years and still loves her job!    Her favorite aspect of teaching science is encouraging curiosity and doing hands-on labs and activities with kids.

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Species Project Websites

You will be choosing a species to do research about and creating a multimedia project to present to the class.  You can choose a wild species of fungus, plant, or animal (insect, cnidarian, arachnid, crustacean, fish, amphibian, reptile, bird, mammal, etc).  A small amount of Extra Credit may be offered for those choosing something besides a mammal!

Look at some of the species on these web pages to help you decide.   insects and other invertebrates California endangered species endangered plants


Phet Lab Simulations

Making Molecules Build a Molecule