JMS Library Media Center

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    Attention teachers, parents and students:


    to use during the Covid-19 Closure.

    Looking for a book in the JMS Library? Search the CARD CATALOG.


    Other Useful Resources

    These resources are free to all JMS students and their families

    and can be accessed from any computer, tablet or smart phone.


    Gale Research Library e-Books 

     Gale Virtual Reference Library

    A collection of resources on mental health and social issues

    curated for JMS students is now available. 

    (Please see or email Miss Reddig at for the password.)

    Click here to visit World Book Encyclopedia Online
    World Book Encyclopedia Online
    (Please see or email Miss Reddig at for the username and password.)

    Help support th JMS Library by joining Shoparoo.
    Shoparoo is a free app that you can download to your smartphone. Every time you buy something (groceries, etc.) scan your receipt and the school gets points. Points turn into money! Money turns into new books for the library.
    Please use the referral code: MING1748 

    The Jacobsen Middle School Library Media Center offers a wide range of resources and reading materials through reading and reference books, Internet access, etc. JMS Library resources and reading materials support the academic needs of the students’ and staff.
    The JMS Library houses over 16,000 books in the collection, including:

    5,000+ Fiction Titles
    1,300+ Reference Titles
    1,000+ Biographies
    4,700+ Non-Fiction Titles
    The ratio of books per student is 16:1.
    The library is open throughout the school day to allow students to check out books, read, and do research or homework. Students may visit the library indepenently before school, during break and for a few minutes after school. The library's weekly break/lunch schedule is as follows:
    All 6th grade Language Arts classes attend orientations each year to become familiar with library procedures, the overall book collection, Dewey Decimal system and research strategies. 6th grade Language Arts classes are scheduled on a weekly basis to check out books.
    A printer is available for students to print their research projects – 2 pages FREE and then .05 cents per page.
    A copy machine is available for student use at the cost of .10 cents per page.
    The primary goal of the JMS Library is to encourage students to become independent readers and lifelong learners. The library is the information center of the school and strives to provide a comfortable environment that will enhance academic learning.