blue Homework Rules

    • Homework packet goes home on Fridays starting August 19th. 
    • The Weekly Newsletter is always attached to the cover of the homework packet.
    • Homework contains usually contains a reading passage, a CCSS skills pages, a math review page, and a list of the weekly spelling words and vocabulary that accompanies our weekly WONDERS story.
    • Incentives to be responsible:  Kids earn a Tiger Buck, 2 Live School pts., and the opportunity to stay in the monthly Lunch Club if their homework is turned in on Thursday. 


    EXTRA CREDIT for Reading

    • Make flashcards for the weekly vocabulary words.  Put the vocab word on one side and the definition of the word on the back.
    • Turn in the flashcards with the homework packet on Thursday.  I will return the flashcards that day so they can be used as a study tool for the weekly test. 
    • This extra credit earns the students up to 10 extra pts. at the end of the quarter, towards their reading grade.

    EXTRA PTS. for Live School

    • Do more than one spelling activity and earn an extra Live School pt. for each additional one you complete and turn in with your homework packet.
  • Monthly Reading Log

    • Goes home at the beginning of each month (The first log will be for Aug./Sept. and go home with the first h/w packet.)
    • Due the last day of the month
    • graded based on total minutes read per month
    • grade goes towards student's reading grade  


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