TILA (Tehachapi Independent Learning Academy)

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    You are the teacher with TUSD support
    Tehachapi Independent Learning Academy is a specific instructional strategy designed to assist parents who choose to educate their children at home and need to facilitate their children’s continuing education. This alternative instruction program is available for students in grades K-12 and meets Education Code Requirements. Tehachapi Independent Learning Academy students maintain enrollment at Tehachapi High School and have access to all school resources, extracurricular activities, school events and more.
    **Textbooks and all instructional materials that would be made available for classroom-based instruction are supplied free to students.
    High School parents start with meeting with students’ THS counselor to discuss the TILA program. Students and parents will then be contacted by the TILA office, located at 400 S Snyder Ave. All placement tests and chapter unit examinations in each of the curriculum areas are administered by the Home School Teacher. Please contact the counseling department for more information.
    Short Term Independent Study is designed for students who know in advance that they will be absent at least five consecutive days from school due to reasons beyond their control. Contact the attendance office for more information on this program.
    Home Hospital is used to minimize loss of instruction while a person is too ill to attend regular school. The severity of illness is determined through a doctor’s diagnosis, and other educational alternatives are considered before home hospital is authorized.
    If this is a program you might be interested in, please contact Alicia O'Beirne, Counseling Secretary to schedule an appointment with a counselor. aobeirne@teh.k12.ca.us or (661) 822-2146.