• 2019-2020 Parent Volunteers for Mrs. Mattly's Class Rm. 25 

    Weeks of each Month (Must be cleared by District Office before volunteering.)

    Time         Mon.               Tues.                Wed.                 Thurs.              Fri.                       

    9:15-10:30       1st Week: #6's Mom     1st Wk:                          1st Wk                           1st Wk                          1st Wk: #8's Mom

    Engllish             2nd Week:                   2nd Wk:                         2nd Wk                          2nd Wk                         2nd Wk

    Language          3rd Week: #6's mom     3rd Wk:                         3rd Wk:                         3rd Wk:                        3rd Wk

    Arts                  4th Week: #17's Mom   4th Wk:                          4th Wk:                         4th Wk:                        4th Wk:

    12:50-2:00         1st Week:                    1st Wk:                          1st Wk:  Music                1st Wk:                       1st Wk: #3's Mom 

    Mathematics      2nd Week:                   2nd Wk:                          2nd Wk: Music               2nd Wk:                       2nd Wk:

    Fri. Computer    3rd Week:                    3rd Wk:                          3rd Wk:                          3rd Wk                        3rd Wk:                   

    Lab/Library       4th Week:                    4th Wk:                           4th Wk:                          4th Wk:                       4th Wk:

    2:00-3:17         1st Week:                    1st Wk: # 5's Mom           1st Wk:                          1st Wk:                        1st Wk: 

    P.E.                  2nd Week:                   2nd Wk: #5"s Mom           2nd Wk:                         2nd Wk:                       2nd Wk:

    Math                3rd Week:                    3rd Wk: #5"'s Mom           3rd Wk:                        3rd Wk :                        3rd Wk:

    Art/Science       4th Week:                    4th Wk: #5's Mom            4th Wk:                        4th Wk:                         4th Wk: