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  • Quarter 4

    Week 3 of 9

    Periods 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6

    March 30- April 3

    Monday, March 30:

    Day 9 of school closure. 

    Posted an assignemnt to your Google classroom. Check it out. 


    FYI: Your student Google account is created minutes after you are enrolled in the district.  In worst case scenarios, the account may have to wait until overnight to be created.  Your student accoun is as follows:
    Account name: [permanent ID]@teh.k12.ca.us
    Password: [first initial][last initial]-[birth month]-[birth day]
    For example, John Smith's permanent ID is 12345.  He was born on July 14th, 2009.  His username would be 12345@teh.k12.ca.us and his password would be js-07-14.  Note that the initials are in lower case.  Students cannot change their passwords. 

    Remind invite to a Patriot team gathering: all Patriot students welcomed. Each of your Patriots will be there. Check you Remind message for  the link.

    Instruction to help you write the argumentative provided in the packet.  


    Tuesday, March 31:

    Day 10 of school closure. 

    Team ZOOM meeting scheduled for 2:30. Join us.

    Need the link? Let me or Mr. Curiel know.

    Check out the updated website of available free books on your JMS library website. 


    Wednesday, April 1:

    Day 11 of school closure.

     "Sounds of Silence" new verse assignment posted to your Google Classroom.

    Doc instructions. Create and complete using FlipGrid. 

    BOOK CLUB: School-Wide Book club invite

    Thursday, April 2:

    Day 12 of school closure.

    Sign up for Remind and Google Classroom. Email or text me for your code. 

    Your "SOS" is due tomorrow.

     Friday, April 3:

    Day 13 of school closure.  

    JMS Book Club Zoom meeting today at 10:00. 

    Spring Break begins next week April 6 through April 14.  :) 

    Quarter 4

    Week 2 of 9

    Periods 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6

    March 23-27

    Monday, March 23:

    Day 4 of school closure. Be sure to pick up an enrichment packet today or tomorrow. These enrichment packets are available on the school website.  You may also pick them up the district office between 1 and 3. Please sign up for Remind text messages. 

    Tuesday, March 24:

    Day 5 of school closure. 

    Wednesday, March 25:

    Day 6 of school closure.

    Sent out a 'good morning' voice meesage to all on Remind. Let me know how you are doing and if there is anything I can do.

    Sent out a Remind containing class codes for BrainPop. Check your messages. If you don't have Remind, email me and I can send the Doc instructions to you. 

    Thursday, March 26:

    Day 7 of school closure.

    Emails sent out to all parent and students with emails in the Aeries database. Please check for it. It will say it's from Terry Lemon, our TUSD tech guy. If you don't find it, check your smail or junk folder. 

    This email contains valuable information I need to share. 

    Google classroom has an assignment for you. Check it out! Something new and pretty cool if I do say so myself. Take care. 

    Friday, March 27:

    Day 8 of school closure.  

    Google Classroom Directions

    • https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1o20TpKOHamrBWbrn-NTdf1pPmGDpilthbbXeRgry6Xo/edit?usp=sharin
    • The email sent yesturday contains your class codes. 
      • If you need your code again, send me an email or message. 

     Text messages to personal phone numbers were sent out to those without a listed email address. Please reply. 

    Quarter 4

    Week 1 of 9

    Periods 1, 2, 3, and 4

    March 16-20

    Monday, March 16:

    Snow day/school cancellation

    Tuesday, March 17:

    Snow day/school cancellation

    Wednesday, March 18:

    Day 1 of school closure. Hold tight everyone. We are getting things figured out. Information will be coming. Packets will be available for pickup and  online.  

    Thursday, March 19:

    Day 2 of school closure.

    Friday, March 20:

    Day 3 of school closure. Be sure you are signed up for Remind text messages. 

    Quarter 3

    Week 10 of 10

    Periods 1, 2, 3, and 4

    March 9-13

    Monday, March 9:

    Class:  Copied planner for the week. Planner check week 9 of 10. WW 7 E questions and passage read aloud. Time provided to begin completing the questions.  

    “The Sounds of Silence” introduced using the TP-CASST method- classes completed the ‘T’ and ‘P’ portion. See below for the handout and the PowerPoint slides from class today.   

    *We listened to the original “Sounds of Silence” lyrics by Simon & Garfunkel to get a feel of the song after completing the ‘T’ portion of ‘TP-CASTT.’ We reviewed the difference between a paraphrase and a summary. The paraphrase ‘P’ portion of the -TP-CASTT was completed on a separate sheet of paper.  

    Period 1 and 4 turned in the following assignments for “2081” assignments: effect maps with FOR, differences/similarities list, and predictions. These were stapled together in the mentioned order.



    PPT slides for T and P

    HM: WW 7 E- read

    Tuesday, March 10:

    Class: WW 7 f/c practice. Went over difficult questions from WW 7 E homework.

    Began the ‘C’ portion of “SOS”-TP-CASTT analysis.  All classes began looking at the connotations of the words/lines verses. We listened to each verse, then followed with a discussion analysis, ‘dissecting’ the lines/verses. The first three verses were completed or near completion.  Connotation slide below.

    HM: If your class period did not complete the connotations for the first three verses, finish tonight (1-22). WW 7 E- complete questions


    PPT slides for 'C' verses 1 and 2

    Wednesday, March 11: late start

    Class: WW 7 study guide part I and tape-in of flashcards.

    Continued the ‘C’ portion of “SOS”-TP-CASTT analysis.  All classes continued looking at the connotations of the words/lines within the verse. We listened to two more verses today, then followed with a discussion analysis, ‘dissecting’ the lines/verses. We have one more verse tomorrow before moving to the ‘A’ of TP-CASTT.  Connotation slide below.

    HM: study guide part I. Finish verse 4 if yor class did not. We will share out tomorrow. 


    Study guide


    PPT slides for 'C' verses 3 and 4


    Thursday, March 12:

    Class: Most students completed WW 7 study guide part II. Those who didn’t tape in flash cards did so today.  Finished the ‘C’ portion of “SOS”-TP-CASTT analysis.  Connotation slide above.

    Period 1 set up a classifying map for the ‘A’ portion of the analysis. This class period will complete one branch of the classifying map tomorrow after the test. Periods 2, 3, and 4 set-up and had time to work on tone and mood for “SOS” by Paul Simon. They will finish the first branch after the test tomorrow. See classifying map below.

    HM: complete study guide for test tomorrow. WW 7 E due tomorrow. Late/potty passes will be collected tomorrow.

    Tone and Mood classifying map

    Friday, March 13Last day of quarter-turn in late/potty pass for extra credit. Substitute.

    Class:  WW 7 E due-make sure all answers conatin a WW word and a paragraph citaion. WW 7 study guide due. WW 7 test. After test, complete the classifying map (tone and mood), first branch.  

    HM: any incomplete "SOS' work

    Tone and Mood classifying map

    Quarter 3

    Week 9 of 10:

    Periods 1, 2, 3, and 4

    March 2-6

    Monday, March 2:

    Class:  Copied planner for the week. Planner check week 8. Collected MM unit 5. WW 7 introduction and time provided to work on flashcards. Students were given the remainder of the period to type their 2-paragraph response. See PPT slide attached.  

    HM: complete f/c. Finish 2-paragraph response. Print two copies or email me.  

    "They say. I say." PPT typing instructions. 

    Tuesday, March 3:

    Class: WW 7 f/c checked and practiced on their own. Their two paragraph response was marked up using provided model and a rubric to get a preliminary score. The rubric was stapled to the marked-up copy along with the prewriting maps to the back. These were paper clipped to the close read annotations for “Harrison Bergeron” and the portfolio copy of the two paragraph response. All was brought up and turned in. Late work will need to be printed on their own and marked up just as was completed in class today, stapled, and paper clipped. Notes should have been taken if not turning in today.   

    Film predictions were crested based on the following: characters, plot, setting, will/needs to remain faithful to the text, will/may have to depart from the text for a film version. These were predictions were shared aloud. A first watch- 2081 a film adaptation of “Harrison Bergeron” was begun and will be finished tomorrow.

    HM: Complete WW 7 A-D


    Film predictions


    Thursday, March 5:

    Class: WW 7 A-D corrected and collected. Completed second watch of the film while filling in similarities and differences in a list format. Four effect maps were created and begun. These need to be finished at home. See PDF below.  Tomorrow, we will address the FOR.

    HM: effect maps

    Four effect maps

    Friday, March 6:

    Class:  WW 7 f/c practice game. WW 7 E reviewed and reminded of 03/13 due date.

    Reviewed yesterday’s effect maps. The difference between tone and mood discussed, examples explained, and resources taped in to pages 164-166. The FOR was answered for each of the four effects map: the tone and the mood.  

    “2081” assignments were collected at the end of the period: effect maps with FOR, differences/similarities list, and predictions. These were stapled together in the mentioned order.


    HM: unfinished class work.

    Four effect maps

    Quarter 3

    Week 8 of 10

    Periods 1, 2, 3, and 6

    February 24-28

    Monday, February 24:

    Planner check next week, Monday.

    Return Among the Hidden books to the library (remove sticky notes first)

    Class:  Copy planner for the week. Mechanics Matters Unit 5-compound sentences introduced, taped on page 12, and completed the remaining of the sentence tree map: complex, and compound.

    SETTING (purpose): ‘Vehicles of control’ bridge map with 20 effects on back of sound analysis (sequence map). Frame of reference: answer -So what? and So why? *separate piece of paper.

    HM: incomplete class work

    Tuesday, February 25:

    Class: MM lesson 5.1a.

    Reviewed the frame of reference: answering -So what? and So why? *separate piece of paper. The FOR was stapled to the back of the sound analysis sequence map and vehicles of control with effects map.

    “Harrison Bergeron” theme/message statements using a double bridge map. See attached PPT slides.  

    HM: theme double bridge map

    PPT slides for “Harrison Bergeron” theme/message statements using a double bridge map. 

    Wednesday, February 26: late start

    Class: Prompt: Kurt Vonnegut shares multiple messages/themes throughout the short story. Argue that one of his messages/themes is as relevant today as it is in his satiric short story. 

    Taped in mapping format for "They say"/ "I say" and argumentative transition language.  

    Students selected one theme from their bridge map that they will write about in response to the prompt. This theme was given a ‘relevant today’ statement. Next, we completed the “they say” map for the first paragraph of the two paragraph response. 

    HM: Make sure your “They say” map is complete with quotation, paraphrase, and citation. You shouldn’t need the text once you have mapped.

    Prompt and "They say" map. 

    Thursday, February 27:

    Class: MM lesson 5.2a. Collected sounds sequence map, ‘vehicles of control’ bridge map with effects, and completed frame of reference (paragraph response to So what? and So why?). Completed “I say.” map for second paragraph of the response.  Some classes had time to complete a ‘think aloud’ and add transitions to the sequence portion of the maps.

    HM: Make sure “I say.” map is complete. We will be completing a ‘think aloud,’ partner ‘talk-off’ adding transitional words/phrases/devices, and then begin writing it off.

    "I say." map with So what and So why closing 'triggers.' 

    Friday, February 28:

    Class:    MM lesson 5.1b.  Collected theme statements- double bridge map.

    Argumentative language: completed a think aloud on their own. A ‘talk-off’ maps was completed with a partner. Language was captured on the map as it was 'taked-off,' ie transition words/phrases and additional ideas/language. We will write off the maps Monday.

    HM: Two paragraph response in MLA format with word count is due Tuesday. Two copies will need to be printed: one will be marked up Tuesday and the other will be placed in your writing portfolio. I will collect your close read of “Harrison Bergeron” Monday; make sure your annotations are tallied.  I will collect your MM Unit 5 as well.

    Quarter 3

    Week 7 of 10

    Periods 1, 2, 3, and 4

    February 17-21

    Monday, February 17: no school



    Tuesday, February 18: substitute

    Class: WW 6 f/c practice. Set-up similes double bridge map. An example completed whole class. Select 3 of the similes you would like to analyze and complete the remaining double bridge map on your own. WW 6 packet returned.  Class time to work on WW 6 E once similes double bridge map complete. Collected big ideas bridge map and 10 anchor questions.  

    HM: WW 6 E


    simile bridge map *front side only

    Wednesday, February 19:

    Class:   WW 6 f/c study guide part 1- synonyms and antonyms. Taped f/c into Wordly Wise section of composition book. Within the “HB” text, we located the 7 sounds George hears that interrupts his thoughts. Tomorrow we will complete a sound (motif) analysis of using a sequence map. Reviewed yesterday’s simile bridge map; students completed the bridge map and turned it in. Those who completed work early used their remaining time working on WW 6 E or study guide.

    HM: WW 6 E and part 1 of S/G

    Thursday, February 20:

    Class: WW 6 f/c study guide part 2 and f/c tape in. “HB”- set-up a sequence map for a sound analysis: the noises broadcast by the government increase in intensity and violence during the course of the story. We recounted the sounds, examined the connotations of each sound, as well as, the purposeful placement within the text/situation at the time of the interruption.

    HM: WW 6 E

    Sound analysis We will complete the FOR Monday. 

    Friday, February 21:

    Class:  Collected WW 6 E. Corrected and collected WW 6 study guide. Complete WW 6 test.  Tallied close read for “Harrison Bergeron.” Graded work returned.


    FYI: progress update emailed.  

    Quarter 3 Week 6 of 10

    Periods 1, 2, 3, and 4

    February 10-14

    Monday, February 10:

    Class:  Copied planner.  WW 6 introduced (f/c and A-D). Quick write. Collected D. of I. and Quick write. Period 3- D. of I. coleted last Friday. Satire and dystopian defined. First read/listen “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut. Period 3-Began a second read.

    HM: Complete flash cards and WW 6 A and B.

    Tuesday, February 11:

    Class: WW 6 f/c check and class matching game. “HB” page 1 and 2 annotated together for big ideas and signposts. Periods 1, 2, and 3-Students were given the remaining class time to collaborate with a chosen partner pages 3 and 4 for signposts and big ideas.  At  the conclusion of the close read, students will need two examples (minimum) of each big idea per page and a minimum of 25 signposts with 10 anchor questions addressed on a separate sheet of paper.

    HM: Periods 1, 2, and 3-complete your close read annotations for pages 5 and 6.

    Period 4 complete your close read annotations for pages 3 and 4.

    WW 6 C and D.

    Wednesday, February 12:

    Class:   WW 6 A-D corrected. Students shared out their close read annotations, including big ideas and Signposts for pages 3 through 6. Each class period completed one example of a Signpost Anchor Question response on a separate sheet of paper. As homework, students will complete nine more on their own, selecting from the annotated Signposts they have already ‘found’.  Each class period set up a bridge map for the big ideas. Two examples were completed together for the big idea- hiding. One of the examples of hiding was written as a direct quote with citation, and the second example of hiding from the text was paraphrased with citation. Students will complete the big ideas bridge map in class tomorrow with their substitute teacher.  Two examples required for each idea, paragraph citations to be included. 

    HM: Locate 10 similes in “HB” and mark them with a green highlighter. Complete your nine remaining anchor questions.

    Thursday, February 13: substitute teacher today

    Class: WW 6 f/c definition game. Work day for big ideas bridge map. If you complete this before the bell, work on unfinished anchor questions, annotations with the text, and similes located X10.

    HM: incomplete your class work. The big ideas bridge map is due Tuesday.

    Friday, February 14: no school



    Quarter 3

    Week 5 of 10

    Periods 1, 2, 3, and 4

    February 3-7

    Monday, February 3:

    Class:  Copied planner. Mechanics Matters 4.3a completed.  Elaboration Task for Chapters 25-26: using a Google Doc (MLA Report) students typed their paragraph. This will be printed in the computer lab Wednesday; therefore, it is due Wednesday.    

    HM: Elaboration Task/paragraph for Chapters 25-26- finish typing paragraph. Read and sticky Chapters 27-29 (pages 125-146).

    When you are done typing your paragraph, complete the following: 

    • Underline your transitions. Your writing should flow from one risk to the next risk.
    • Italicize your paraphrased language. If it’s not a direct quote, you have paraphrased.
    • Must have at least two direct quotes.
    • Use MLA citation (    ). 
    • Highlight the ‘so what?’ This is your closing/transitional sentence answering: how do these risks prove he deeply cares about her?

    Tuesday, February 4:

    Class: Mechanics Matters 4.4a. Students were reminded of each day the lesson in the unit was completed during class and of the packet due date this Thursday. Discussed the progression of the tasks that have been completed thus far (chapters 1 through 26). Elaboration task chapters 27-29: paragraph 1-developed opinion statement 1 using first question, planned (evidence from text), and answered the ‘so what? (transitional sentence). Next, sequence the evidence and use transitions (sequence map). Paragraph 2 of task-developed opinion statement 2 using second question, planned (evidence from text), and answered the ‘so what? which closes the paragraph. Next, sequence the evidence and use transitions (sequence map).   

    HM: Is your paragraph, elaboration task chapters25-26, completed? It is due tomorrow: print yourself or email me.

    HM: Finish plan for both paragraphs. Type or handwrite in MLA format Elaboration Task Chapters 27-29 (1st paragraph).

    Google Login: PermanentID@teh.k12.ca.us
    GOOGLE PASSWORD: first initial last initial–MM-DD
                Example: tb-01-05

    Wednesday, February 5:

    Class:  CAASSPP Practice in lab. Elaboration task for chapter 25-26 was printed, stapled with the purple handout that contains the writing plan, and turned in. For those with additional time, the two paragraphs for elaboration task for chapters 27-29 was worked on (planning and/or typing). This task is due Friday and two copies will need to be submitted.

    HM: Type or handwrite in MLA format Elaboration Task Chapters 27-29 (2nd paragraph) - due Friday.

    Thursday, February 6:

    Class: MM Unit 4 collected. Reminded students of tomorrows due date and what need to be marked-up before turning it in (see PPT slide).  Read aloud last chapter of the book. Defined inequality and brainstormed evidence of it within the book, Among the Hidden. Three encompassing theme statements for Among the Hidden were written using a bank of provided big ideas (see PPT slide below). A statement relating each theme to the world today was also written. Period 4 will write the statements tomorrow at the beginning of class as their warm-up and collected.

    HM: Elaboration task chapters 27-29 due tomorrow. You will need to print this task or handwrite it.

     Mark-ups for your paragraph to be completed before turning in tomorrow

    Inequality circle map

    Big ideas bank for theme statements


    Friday, February 7:

    Class:  Elaboration tasks chapter 27-29 (paragraphs and green handout with plan) collected. Collected the inequality brainstorm and theme statements from yesterday. Declaration of Independence (equality and competition agree/disagree). A quick write was completed in period 3 and collected.

     HM: unfinished classwork.

    Quarter 3

    Week 4 of 10

    January 27-31

    Monday, January 27: assembly schedule-6th period 

    Class:  Copy planner. Collected prison and sanctuary define/circle maps and ten statements with explanations. We reviewed the tasks and questions for chapter’s 18-20; notes were taken using evidence from text. Students used the remaining time to complete the Elaboration Tasks for Chapters 18-20. If these were done, they read/sticky Chapters 21-24 (pages 100-118).

    HM: Elaboration Tasks for Chapters 16-20 due tomorrow. Read and sticky Chapters 21-24 (pages 100-118) by class tomorrow.

    Tuesday, January 28:

    Class: Collected Elaboration Tasks for Chapters 19-20.  Mechanics Matters Unit 4 introduction-taped to composition book page 11. AH: hierarchy/social structure with evidence and FOR.  

    HM: make sure you are caught up on your reading (Chapters 21-24).

    Wednesday, January 29:

    Class:  MM 4.1a. Elaboration Chapter Task for 21-24: analyzed the provided example paragraph (labeled parts, backwards mapped into a sequence map with transitions). Students selected and sequenced at least 4 details (bulleted points) that did the best job of addressing and exploring the topic or question. Details were placed into a logical order using a sequence map and appropriate transitions were added. Tomorrow, you will write your paragraph.

    HM: Make sure your selected and sequenced at least 4 details (bulleted points) that did the best job of addressing and exploring the topic or question. Add details to your sequence map; add appropriate transitions. Tomorrow, you will write your paragraph.

    Thursday, January 30: Due to the awards assembly, we did not have class 3rd period and will continue today’s plan on Friday.

    Class: MM 4.2a completed.  Students wrote the paragraph for elaboration task chapters 21-24. It is due tomorrow.

    HM: Finish paragraph.

    HM all class periods: Read and sticky Chapters 25-26 (pages 119-124) by class tomorrow.

    Friday, January 31:

    Class:  MM 4.2b. Collected Elaboration Task for chapters 21-24 after labeling the parts. Elaboration task for chapters 25-26: located evidence from the text. We will write the paragraph Monday.

    Class Period 3: MM 4.2b. Using their ‘plan’ (sequence map with transitions), students wrote the paragraph for elaboration task chapters 21-24. It will be collected Monday after we label each part. This class will begin task for 25-26 on Monday.

    HM: Elaboration Tasks for Chapters 25-26-make sure you listed the evidence you found, so you will be prepared for class Monday.

    Quarter 3, Week 3 of 10, January 20-25

    Monday, January 20: No School Today



    Tuesday, January 21:

    Class: Copied planner. WW 5 E: reviewed expectations. Collected Elaboration Tasks Chapters 1-10. Read and sticky Chapters 11-15 (pages 49-65). Begin the Elaboration Tasks for Chapter 11-15.

    ~Chapter 11 read aloud and Task for Chapter 11 was broken/marked up for its elaboration parts. We read aloud Chapter 12 and the Task for Chapter 12 was completed together. We read aloud Ch 13 and time was provided to complete the chapter task. The remaining 2 chapters and 2 tasks need to be completed tonight.

    HM: Complete the Elaboration Chapter Tasks for Chapters 13-15. It is due Wednesday. Begin WW 5 E.

    Wednesday, January 22:

    Class: WW 5 Study Guide- synonym and antonym side. F/C taped into composition book. Collected Elaboration Tasks for Chapters 11-15. Prison and sanctuary define in context maps. Students need to read and sticky Chapters 16-20 (pages 66-99) as homework.

    HM: Finish reading Chapters 16-20 (33 pages). Continue working on WW 5 E.

    Prison and sanctuary define in context maps

    Thursday, January 23:

    Class: WW 5 Study Guide- sentence side. F/C taped into composition book. Five statements with explanations using the ‘sanctuary’ define in context map. Elaboration Tasks for 16-20: chapter 16 marked-up, chapter 17 textual examples/quotes located and may be completed tonight or tomorrow after the test.

    HM: Elaboration Tasks for Chapters 16-20: chapter 17. Make sure WW 5 E is completed-it is due tomorrow.  Review your S/G for test tomorrow.

    Five statements with explanations using the ‘sanctuary’ define in context map.

    Friday, January 24:

    Class: Collected WW 5 E and Study Guide. WW 5 Test. After the test, students were given time to complete five statements with explanations using the ‘prison’ define in context map, as well as, the Elaboration Tasks for Chapters 16-20. Specifically, Chapter 17 and 18 need to be completed; time will be given on Monday for 19 and 20. The tasks will be collected Tuesday and the define maps and statements with explanation will be collected Monday.  


    Quarter 3, Week 2 of 10, January 13-17

    Monday, January 13:

    Class: Copied planner. Memoir projects collected-rubric on Aeries. WW Lesson 5: introduced new words and sections A-D> Students had time to begun/complete their flashcards-due tomorrow. Students were encouraged to work on some/all of their A-D tonight or during tutoring as there will be assigned chapter reading starting tomorrow. Completed an informal comprehension/skills test on the AOW from last week. AOW: students reviewed their highlighted textual evidence. The textual evidence was self-checked for accuracy. AOW: analyze text structure- one was completed whole class and the other three with their elbow partner. AOW work was collected at the end of the period. Period 2 and 4- will finish tonight and collect/turn in tomorrow.         

    HM: Complete WW 5 flash cards and most/all of A-D. Bring ID, a zip-loc bag and sticky notes to class tomorrow for your novel. Extra credit for having all three.

    Tuesday, January 14:

    ClassWW 5 f/c checkPeriods 2 and 4-AOW: text structure was completed and collected. Time was provided to work on WW 5 A-D while books were checked out from the library. Completed the introduction to Among the Hidden- students composed ‘5 possible sentences’ from a bank of provided words/phrases and ‘3-5 questions I still have.’  These were shared aloud. We reviewed big ideas and fiction Signposts using supplied bookmark (yellow). Students may sticky big ideas and/or SP as these are recognized. AH- chapter 1 and some of chapter 2 was read aloud. A few Signposts and big ideas were discussed. Students were shown how to find the AH chapter audios via the class webpage; you may speed it up/slow down and turn on the subtitles as needed.

    Students will be assigned chapters each day. The book will be completed by Wednesday, 1/29. If you read ahead, don’t be a spoiler-those only belong on cars not in the classroom.

    HM: finish reading and sticky Chapters 2-5 (pages through 26).

    Wednesday, January 15:

    Class:  Revised ‘possible sentences’ as needed now that you have read through chapter 5. Were any of your questions answered? Completed a divided circled map: Rules of Luke’s world. Things he wished he could do.  Elaboration Tasks for Chapters 1-5.

    HM: Complete the Elaboration Tasks for Chapters 1-5.

    Thursday, January 16:

    Class: WW 5 f/c practice. WW 5 A-D corrected and collected. Reading day for Chapters 6-10 (pages 27-48). As they read they sticky-noted evidence to support the opinion statements for Elaboration Tasks. Many students worked on the tasks simultaneously as they read.

    HM: Complete the Elaboration Tasks for Chapters 6-10. Elaboration Tasks for Chapters 1-10 due tomorrow.

    Quarter 3, Week 1 of 10, January 6-10


    Monday, January 6:

    Class: Copied planner. Quarter 3 late/potty passes passed out-reviewed policy. Graded work returned and no name folder passed around. Video connection: Throughout history, when times are challenging, the world goes looking for heroes— both superheroes and everyday heroes. Explored. Began film The Outsiders directed by Francis Ford Coppola.

    HM: none

    Tuesday, January 7:

    Class: Continued film-The Outsiders directed by Francis Ford Coppola.  

    HM: none

    Wednesday, January 8:

    Class: Film completed-The Outsiders directed by Francis Ford Coppola.  Big ideas represented/found in The Outsiders added to composition book. Six-Word memoir project: What can we learn from one Outsider to another Outsiders? See attached slides for steps and requirements.

    HM: Complete 10 Six-Word memoirs tonight. The final project is due Friday. We will discuss purposeful punctuation and avoiding danger zones in class tomorrow. 

    Six-Word memoir project: What can we learn from one Outsider to another Outsiders? 

    Thursday, January 9: SUBSTITUTE TODAY

    Class: 6-word memoirs: found danger zones with in the memoirs, located better/good language using resources pgs 143, 144-145, 152-153, 154, 156-157. Made a list of good words. Reviewed punctuation and inserted two resoucres pgs 162-163. Students are to revise and complete product. Due Monday-new due date. Agree/Disagree discussions as a lead in to our AOW-“Teen Vaping: Overblown or Epidemic?” by Erin Cobb and Nicole Madden. Students used academic language to guide their discussions in groups.  


    Friday, January 10:

    Class:  Discussion questions were reviewed. Intergrated sources by watching: “Electronic Cigarettes and Vaping” by David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA. Students reviewed/read aloud the Nonfiction Signposts from their composition book pages 73-82 or from their blue bookmark. Read and annotated for at least 5 Nonfiction Signposts the ARticle of the Week (AOW) “Teen Vaping: Overblown or Epidemic?” by Erin Cobb and Nicole Madden. Anchor questions addressed in the margins. Stduents located explicit textual evidence and inferred information drawn from the text; highlighted/underlined evidence using indicated colors. If not completed, will need to be done prior to class Monday.

    HM: Complete memoir project-due Monday. Make sure you located the text evidence from the AOW.  

    Quarter 2 Week 9 of 9: Periods 1, 2, 3, and 4

    for December 16-20

    Monday, December 16:

    Class: Copied planner. Time to work on/complete WW 1-4 Crossword Review. The Outsiders “Body Biography” character project for the remainder of the period. Students were reminded of the Wednesday due date.

    HM: WW 1-4 Crossword Review due tomorrow. The Outsiders “Body Biography” character project- work on your portion/fair share. Tuesday is the last in-class work day.

    Tuesday, December 17:

    Class: WW Crossword Lessons 1-4 and MM Unit 3 due. The Outsiders “Body Biography” character project-complete all writing portions in ink/fine sharpie, complete all the aesthetic pieces, cutting and assembling. Project due tomorrow.

    HM: The Outsiders “Body Biography” character project due tomorrow. 

    Wednesday, December 18: minimum day/ movie trip 7th

    Class: Assembled the “Body Biography” character project. Filled out “Body Biography” Role/Partner Sheet attached to the project. Projects turned in. Collected quarter 2 late/potty passes for extra credit.

    HM: none

    Thursday, December 19: minimum day/movie trip 8th  

    Class: Incentive trip to Movie Theater.


    Friday, December 20: No School/beginning of Christmas break.



    Quarter 2 Week 8 of 9: December 9-13

    Periods 1, 2, 3, and 4

    Monday, December 9:

    Class: Planner. MM 3.2a completed; packet will be collected next week. Completed “NGCS” analysis, defining in context map, and reviewed chapters 7-9. Began reading chapters 10-12.

    HM: Finish reading TO. Complete the FOR questions for “NGCS”-it will be collected tomorrow.

    Tuesday, December 10:

    Class“NGCS” was collected. WW 4 f/c game. WW 4 E expectations reviewed and reminded of Thursday’s due date. With their NERD partner, E-partner, students discussed and answered Chapters 10 through 12 Signposts. Those that did not finish need to so tonight. It will be collected tomorrow. The “Body Biography” end of unit project was introduced: NERD partners, N partner, selected a character and began day 1 brainstorming.

    HM: WW 4 E due Thursday. Make sure today’s in class SP assignment is complete. I am collecting it tomorrow.

    Wednesday, December 11:

    Class:  Students were provided time to complete WW 4 S/G Part I. Collected SP Chapters 10-12.  Body Biography project categories and points discussed. Partners divided the categories and responsibilities evenly. A ‘plan’ was brainstormed during collaboration inside their composition book, Word Collector section. To receive the project paper, students must show a completed plan with specific details: writing portion /information, color use, additional appropriate images/details, “the sparkle,” etc.  

    HM: Complete your portion of the plan for your Body Biography, so you can receive your project paper tomorrow. Bring supplies: crayons, markers, colored pencils, oil pastels, etc.  

    Thursday, December 12:

    Class: Taped-in WW 4 f/c to pages 28-29 and worked on Part II of WW 4 S/G together as a class. Students had independent time to finish. Collected WW 4 E. Completed MM 3.3a together as a class. This packet will be collected next week, so any unfinished 3.1 or 3.2 needs to be done on their own time. The “Body Biography” character projects were passed out to the NERD partners and time for collaboration.

    HM: study for test/finish study guide. The study guide is due Friday.  

    Friday, December 13: substitute

    Class:  WW 4 S/G due. WW 4 Test. Work on WW 1-4 crossword review. When everyone is done with the test, you may work on the “Body Biography” character project.

    HM:  “Body Biography” character project


    Quarter 2 Week 7 of 9: Periods 1, 2, 3, and 4 for December 2-6

    Monday, December 2:

    Class: Planners copied. The Outsiders parent movie letter passed out and discussed. Reviewed Project Brainstorm Chapters 7-9. Completed MM 3.1a. Introduced WW Lesson 4-words/definitions and A-D introduced. Students began f/c.

    HM:  movie letter home to parent/guardian(s) and complete WW 4 f/c. 


    Tuesday, December 3

    Class:  WW4 flashcards were checked for completion and reviewed.  Students began working on a peer assessment.

    HM: Complete the chapters 7-9 character brainstorm from before break.  I am collecting it tomorrow.

    Wednesday, December 4:  

    Class: Project Brainstorm Chapters 7-9 due/collected. Peer Assessment #1 completed. Peer Assessment #2 begun.  

    HM: Complete WW 4 A-D tonight. It is due tomorrow.

    Thursday, December 5:

    Class: WW 4 A-D corrected and returned to students. Peer Assessment #2 completed. Students used the remaining class period to begin WW 4 E-due Friday, 12/13/19 or missing ELA assignments as discussed.    

    HM:  none

    Friday, December 6:

    Class:  Narrative Personal Reflection completed and turned in at the end of the period. Period 1: I will collect yours on Monday. “NGCS” analysis.


    Quarter 2 Week 6 of 9: Periods 1, 2, 3, and 4 for November 18-22

    Monday, November 18:

    Class: Mechanics Matters Unit 3 taped in page 10; will intro tomorrow. Final draft instructions format, including four copies of final paper taped-in page 200. Numbers assigned to each student for their papers. Resource for precise language (fighting words) taped in page 161. A self-assessment of the narrative rough draft using rubric completed in periods 1 and 2. Periods 3 and 4 will finish the closing; everything else was completed and ready for revisons. This will be turned in with the final on Wednesday.

    HM: Using the assessed rough draft, begin your revisions. Final due Wednesday. Four copies need to be submitted.  Your sensory map and media questions will be collected Wednesday with the self-assessed rough draft.  


    Final draft instructions format/Four Copies



    Marked-Up Rubric

    Tuesday, November 19:

    Class: MM Unit 3 introduced- page ten in composition book. Reviewed final draft instructions, number of copies required, and etcetera- due tomorrow. Late papers will not be accepted after Friday, November 22. The rough draft rubric was reviewed/completed in all classes, scores were tallied, and stapled to the back of the rough. TO Chapters 4-6 project brainstorm explained- two characters Pony and Johnny. The chapter needs to be included with the one item per box. Only the quote needs to include a page number. This will be due Friday in order to accommodate students attending the field trip Thursday to the Condors hockey game. The Sensory Map and Media Questions were collected after students tallied each.   

    HM: Print your final draft after completing your revisions and edits.  

    Marked-Up Rubric

    Print Four Copies 

    Wednesday, November 20:  

    Class: Narrative final draft due. Students completed a self-assessment of their final draft. The following was collected: self-assessed rough draft (using pink rubric), final draft self-assessed (using green rubric), 2 peer copies, and a portfolio copy. Students who were not prepared were allowed to continue typing and/or print. Papers will not be accepted for credit after Friday, 11/22. Begin reading chapters 7-9 by class Friday.   

    HM: finish reading chapters 7-9 by Friday. Finish project brainstorm chapters 4-6-due Friday. Tomorrow is a study hall ELA period.

    Thursday, November 21:

    Class: Study hall/Work day. Priorities- 1. Narrative (papers will not be accepted for credit after Friday, 11/22), 2. Project Brainstorm Chapters 4-6 (due tomorrow), 3. Reading and sticky Chapters 7-9.

    HM: Finish reading chapter 7-9. Sticky for PB.  

    Friday, November 22:

    Class: All late narratives collected-last day to turn them in for craedit. Chapter’s 4-6 Project brainstorm collected. Chapters 7-9 Project brainstorm begun- Ponyboy plus a character of your choice *include the chapter number in each box, the quote needs the page and chapter.  Graded work returned.  

    HM:  none. Enjoy your Thanksgiving break. See you in December.  

    Quarter 2

    Week 5 of 9 for November 11-15, 2019

    Periods 1, 2, 3, and 4

    Monday, November 11: Veteran’s day, no school today.



    Tuesday, November 12:

    Class: Journal #1-Showing not telling language practice-‘It was cold outside.’ Finished second set of media questions. Created an outline of a flee map. Sequenced both sets of MQ’s into a chronological order that makes your narrative come to life (fruits loops)- periods 4 and 6 need to complete this at home. Period 3 needs to complete the second set of MQ sequencing. 

    HM: Read chapter 5 tonight (14 pages). Make sure you finished your sequencing.

    Wednesday, November 13:  

    Class: TO Chapter 5 quiz- multiple choice. Students were provided time to type their narrative rough draft including both sets of sequenced MQ’s for the remainder of the period. Once these were typed, sensory details from their sensory tree map needed to be added where appropriate. Finish typing as homework-at home or during tutoring afterschool.  

    HM: finish rough draft. Read chapter 6 by Friday (12 pages).



    Sequence MQ's


    Thursday, November 14:

    Class: Journal #2-Seven rules for punctuating dialogue (video and rules taped in composition book pgs. 8 and 9). Narrative opening- parts of a narrative opening introduced (taped in composition book page 111 and MQ chapter 4 excerpt page 110). Students typed their opening to their recent doc from class yesterday.  

    HM: Finish reading chapter 6. Make sure you finished typing your opening through both sets of MQ’s. 


    Narrative opening- PPT slide

     MQ excerpt

    Seven rules for punctuating dialogue


    Friday, November 15:

    Class: Chapter 6 Quiz. Narrative closing- parts of a narrative closing introduced (taped in composition book page 112). Students typed their closing to their recent doc from class yesterday. The rough draft is due by the end of the day (11:59 email stamp).

    HM:  A late pass will need to be attached to a printed copy Monday ready for self-assessment if you do not share/email me your Doc by the end of today.   

    Closing PPT slides

    Quarter 2 Week 4 of 9

    Periods 1, 2, 3, and 4

     November 1-8

    Monday, November 4

    Class: Planners were copied. WW Lesson 3 was returned and Part E expectations for completion reviewed. Part E is due Friday. Chapter 4 Sign Posts with partner N. Three additional elaboration strategies were added to pages 86-87 in their composition book: describe concretely, describe figuratively, and media questions. A chapter 4 excerpt analysis was begun. Media questions were identified and highlighted; the excerpt appears to look like a bowl of ‘fruit loops.’ Tomorrow we will continue working with this excerpt.

    HM: Complete Project Brainstorm-due tomorrow. Did you finish Ch. 4 SP? It will be collected tomorrow.   

    Tuesday, November 5:

    Class: Collected Chapter 4 Sign Posts. Collected Project Brainstorm chapters 1-3. WW 3 E questions were read and marked-up for key words. The passage was read aloud and marked for key words/answers. The chapter 4 excerpt analysis was completed: media questions, sensory/precise language, and danger zones revised. Collectively, we brainstormed the consequences of Bob’s death using an effects map (X15 effects). In additions, a ‘Changes in Johnny’ before and after Johnny killed Bob cause/effect map was completed (X15 each side). The FOR questions for the c/e map were completed in period 1 and will be completed tomorrow in the other classes.  

    HM: Complete WW 3 E due Friday.



    Consequences of Bob’s death- effects map

    Johnny killed Bob cause/effect map

    Wednesday, November 6:  

    Class: WW 3 Study Guide-syn/ant side. Completed the FOR for ‘Changes in Johnny’ c/e map. Think like an attorney- cause maps.

    HM: WW 3 study guide and complete WW 3 E.


    FOR question

    Study Guide

    Thursday, November 7:

    Class: WW 3 study guide-sentences and/or tape in. Periods 2 and 4 completed the defense attorney map from class yesterday. Choose a side: guilty or not guilty. Writing prompt introduced. Visualization of scene. Sensory language map. Period 1 completed the first set of Media Questions

    HM: study for test tomorrow. E and s/g due tomorrow. 

    Friday, November 8:

    Class: WW 3 E and s/g due. WW 3 Test. Period 1 completed media questions part 2. Periods 2, 3, 4, and 6 completed media questions part 1.  

    HM:  Finish reading chapter 5 by Wednesday.


    Quarter 2 Week 3 of 9

    Periods 1, 2, 3, and 4

    October 28- November 1

    Monday, October 28:

    Class: Planners were copied. WW Lesson 3 introduced, words/definitions, and A-D. Students were given time to work on their f/c. Students read chapter 2. Collected Chapter 1 Signposts.

    HM: Finish reading 2. Complete WW 3 f/c.   

    Tuesday, October 29:

    Class: WW 3 f/c check and practice. Chapter 2 Signpost with NERD Partner E. This is due tomorrow. Students spent the remaining class time reading chapter 3.

    HM: finish reading chapter 3. Chapter 2 Signpost due tomorrow.

    Wednesday, October 30:  No school today/ power outage


    HM: WW 3 A-D.

    Thursday, October 31:

    Class: WW 3 f/c review. Collected Chapter 2 Signposts. Began chapters 1-3 Project Brainstorm with partner-D.

    HM: be safe tonight.

    Reminders: WW 3 A-D due tomorrow. Chapters 1-3 character quiz.  

    Project Brainstorm Guidelines 

      • Using your sticky notes from chapters 1-3, you will be logging in what you know about each character.
      • Partners begin with Ponyboy – he’s the easiest one.  Fill in what they can. 
        • Direct Quotes: Find 3 things that Pony says that reveals his personality.  Write them in the “direct quotes” box.  Page number is fine and some key words, so you can easily find the quote again.
        • Physical description: What does he look like?  What details did Hinton give us? Give 3-5 descriptors, no sentences.
        • Loves/Cares About: What does he love or care about?  Give 3-5 examples, no sentences.
        • Vices – What bad habits does he have? Give 2-3 examples
        • Skip Changed/Stay the Same:
        • Best accomplishment: At this point in his life, what do you think has been his best accomplishment? You may have to infer this one. 
        • Thoughts about Inner self: How does Pony feel about his inner self - the person he is/doesn’t share with everyone?
        • Strengths: Name 3 strengths that he has.
        • Control: What is something that you think he’d like to control?
        • Beliefs or values: Name 2-3 beliefs or values that you think he possesses.
        • Goals: Name 2-3 goals that you think he would have.  You may have to infer.
        • Challenges: Name 2-3 challenges that Pony faces.

    Friday, November 1:

    Class: WW 3 A-D due. Chapters 1-3 character quiz. Worked on Chapter 1-3 Project Brainstorm with partner-D. Read chapter 4 over the weekend.

    HM:  Project Brainstorm Chapters 1-3 due Tuesday. Finish reading chapter 4 by Monday.

    Quarter 2 Week 2 of 9:

    Periods 1, 2, 3, and 4

    October 21-25

    Monday, October 21: computer lab room 203

    Class: Type your two paragraph response. 


    Tuesday, October 22: computer lab room 203

    Class: Collected “The Scary Truth of What is Hurting Our Kids” annotations were numbered 1 through 30 and highlighted. Collected Simon Sinek notes. Students finished typing their two paragraph response. Transitions were underlined and danger zones were highlighted. Revisions were made, eliminating the highlights. The total word count was added at the bottom. Two copies were printed for those that finished. *Using the criteria checklist and sequence, we will annotate one copy in class tomorrow.The second copy will be placed in your portfolio. 

    HM: Finish typing your response-underline transitions, locate/highlight danger zones and revise as many as possible. Two paragraph response due tomorrow. Print two copies or email/share your doc prior to class. 

    Wednesday, October 23:  

    Class: Students annotated one copy of their two-paragraph response.  I have included a copy of the annotations below.  Basically, they found each part of the sequence and labeled it.  Both copies of the response and the pink expectations/template paper were collected.  An introduction to The Outsiders was begun.

    HM: You must have your school ID to check out The Outsiders tomorrow from the library. Bring a Zip-loc baggy; a quart or gallon size will work. Bring glue stick/glue bottle. 


    Final annotations

    Thursday, October 24:

    Class: Quote-It packet collected. Taped-in Quote-It/Ice-It resources pages 92-93. Poetry glued down. Checked out The Outsiders. Extra credit for baggy. Completed TO introduction. Read aloud Chapter 1. Character- sticky notes.  

    HM: complete the first chapter. Audio available on website. 

    Friday, October 25:

    Class: Language of the time was reviewed and compared to “How to Speak GenZ.” Completed a comparison and contrast map Greasers/Socs. FOR: who is who? In other words, students named each of the characters in Chapter 1. Book NERD Partners were created. With their ‘N’ partner, students worked on Ch 1 ‘Signposts in The Outsiders.

    HM: complete the Signpost worksheet. It is due Monday.


    Quarter 2 Week 1 of 9:

    Periods 1, 2, 3, and 4 for October 14-18

    Monday, October 14: WW 2 Test make-up/retake (60% or below) during lunch today or during tutoring in room 117 anytime from 2:30 to 3:30.

    Class: Planners copied. Quarter 2 late/potty pass passed out. Quote-It-I.C.E. introduction. Video and reflection writing- Prince Ea, "Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?" AOW- “The Scary Truth about What’s Hurting Our Kids,” by Becky Mansfield. Complete the article with at least 30+ annotations.

    HM: Finish your annotations (30+ minimum). 

    Prince Ea, Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?


    Tuesday, October 15: WW 2 Test make-up/retake (60% or below) during lunch today.

    Class: Quote-It-MLK, Jr handout #1 and 2 together; on their own student’s completed Kennedy’s remarks to MLK, Jr assassination #1 and 2.  Pop-Up debate introduction/expectations-notes were taken. Prepared for debate- age restriction for smart phone (16 years) - 10 reasons for and against. We Pop-Up debate tomorrow: be prepared. The best offense is a good defense.  

    HM: Complete your debate preparations (10 for and 10 against). Did you complete Quote-It-Kennedy #1 and 2? Did you finish numbering your AOW annotations? You should have 30.

    Wednesday, October 16:  WW 2 Test make-up/retake (60% or below) during tutoring in room 210 anytime from 2:30 to 3:30.

    Class: Quote-It-MLK, Jr and Kennedy handout #3. Pop-Up debate-cell phone age restriction of 16 years. Speaking turn X2. Reflection- at close of debate. Both the debate prep and reflection collected.  

    HM: Any incomplete/missing work.

    Thursday, October 17: the Great Shake Out at 10:17

    Class: Quote-It-MLK, Jr and Kennedy handout/problem #4. Response prompt introduced. Students could select either Becky Mansfield’s article, “The Scary Truth About What’s Hurting Our Kids,” or Simon Sinek’s, TED Talk video, “This is Why You Don’t Succeed.” Students were provided a ‘They say. I say’ sequence and template. The first paragraph ‘They say’ was modeled sentence by sentence. Students had an opportunity to complete a majority of the paragraph in class. What was not completed needs to be finished tonight.

    HM: complete the first paragraph, ‘They say’ using provide template.



    Transcript of  Simon Sinek’s, TED Talk video, “This is Why You Don’t Succeed”


    Becky Mansfield’s article, “The Scary Truth About What’s Hurting Our Kids”


    Friday, October 18: Report Cards went home with students today

    Class: Cause and effect language added to composition book page 86-87. A transition handout was taped in on page 85. The 2nd paragraph, ‘I say’ was modeled sentence by sentence through the sequence and template. Time was provided to work on the paragraph. What was not completed needs to be finished tonight. We will be in the computer lab Monday to type the paragraphs.

    HM: complete the second paragraph of the response, ‘I say.’

    'They say.' 'I say.' PPT slides

    Quarter 1 Week 8 of 8:

    Periods 1, 2, 3, and 6

    October 7-11

    Monday, October 7:

    Last day of quarter is this Friday; gradebook closes for all late work on Wednesday. If you will be absent Wednesday, you need to turn in work PRIOR to your absence.

    Class: Planners copied. Graded work was returned. Wordly Wise Lesson 2 E- Iceman video previewing the passage, expectations reviewed, paragraphs numbered, questions read and marked-up/how to restate in the answer, marked vocabulary, Passage read aloud, and some time to work. Reviewed 3BQ’s. Classes completed part 2, ‘Technology’ in the TedTalk: Simon Sinek, “This is Why You Don’t Succeed” that was started Friday. Period three started part 3: impatience. As we watched, students addressed the 3 Big Q’s.

    HM: Finish your final product-Reverse Poem (due Wednesday). Work on WW 2 E (due Friday).

    WW 2 E - Iceman video

    Transcript: TedTalk: Simon Sinek, “This is Why You Don’t Succeed”

    Tuesday, October 8:  

    Class: WW2 f/c practice. Addressed final questions for the RP due tomorrow. Reviewed 3BQ’s found in composition book. Classes completed TedTalk: Simon Sinek, “This is Why You Don’t Succeed.” As we watched, students addressed the 3 Big Q’s. Period 1 and 3 were introduced to the nonfiction questioning stance: Contrast and Contradictions, page 74. Notes were taken on page 75.

    HM: Your final product-Reverse Poem is due tomorrow. Work on/finish WW 2 E due Friday.



    TedTalk: Simon Sinek, “This is Why You Don’t Succeed.”

    Wednesday, October 9:  Last day to turn in work for the quarter.

    Class: Reverse Poem due/collected while students worked on WW 2 f/c tape-in and study guide (sentence-side). Each period was introduced to the questioning stances when reading nonfiction: Contrast and Contradictions, page 74; Extreme/Absolute Language, page 76; Numbers and Stats, page 78; Quoted Words, page 80; and Word Gaps, page 82. Notes were taken for each on the adjacent page.

    HM: Finish WW 2 E and sentence side of your WW 2 s/g.

    Thursday, October 10:

    Class: WW 2 study guide study guide (synonyms, antonyms, and analogies). A ‘cheat sheet’ of the NF SP was passed out and reviewed. Students can use this for quick access, and take out in all other classes as necessary. AOW: “Scary Truth” was annotated using NF SP-the anchor question was addressed in the margins. Students will continue tomorrow after the WW 2 test. 

    HM: WW 2 test tomorrow-prepare by completing your s/g. WW 2 E due tomorrow. Complete your annotations for page 2 only- these are the graphs.   

    Friday, October 11:

    Class: WW 2 E and study guide due. WW 2 Test. AOW: “Scary Truth” continued.

    HM:  Students who were absent for today’s test may make it up during lunch Monday or Tuesday, during tutoring in room 117 Monday anytime from 2:30 to 3:30, or Wednesday during tutoring in room 210 anytime from 2:30 to 3:30. If a student did not successfully pass the test (60% or below, he/she is welcome to make-up the test as well on the mentioned days.

    Quarter 1 Week 7 of 8

    Periods 1, 2, 3,and 4

    September 30-October 4

    Monday, September 30:


    Planners copied. Wordly Wise Lesson 2 words and parts A-D were introduced. Students had time to create some flashcards including pictures and definition(s) in their own word/s.

    Big Ideas were introduced and completed in their composition book page 88-89. Each idea was thoroughly discussed and a picture drawn as a representation. An ‘X’ was marked beneath each idea for the following selections: “lotm,” the poem “Identity,” the film “Identity,” and the song “Try.”

    “Apathy” by Arik Durfee, a sample of a Reverse Poem, was played. 

    HM: Finish your flashcards for WW 2. Begin working on WW 2 A-D

    Tuesday, October 1:  


    WW2 f/c practice and check for completion. RP- “Apathy” by Arik Durfee, “Lost Generation” by Jonathon Reed, how do these work? We brainstormed using a circle map ‘problems that can be fixed.’ This was completed in the Word Collector section of the composition book.  Like ideas were grouped using like colors. We discussed the bigger idea(s) of the grouped idea-‘Global’. Using a Classifying map/Tree map on the next page, students brainstormed positive and negative traits of a topic selected. These ideas should have a ‘Global’ topic. The Reverse Poem template was introduced and the negative/positive lines highlighted. Students began a first draft from the classifying/tree map- topic 1. This needs to be completed as homework.  

    HM: Continue/Complete WW2 A-D. Complete a second tree/classifying map as homework as done in class-select a topic from the brainstorm/circle map. You may begin your second topic/second template, but you will be given time tomorrow in class as well.


    PPT slides 


    Wednesday, October 2:  

    Class: WW 2 f/c practice with partner. WW 2 A-D q/a. Completed a second tree map in composition book/second topic. Class time to work on/complete a second Reverse Poem using the template. Periods 1 and 3 taped-in Nonfiction Signposts into composition book pages: Three Big Questions, page 73; Contrast and Contradictions, page 74; Extreme/Absolute Language, page 76; Numbers and Stats, page 78; Quoted Words, page 80; and Word Gaps, page 82.

    HM: Complete your WW 2 A-D and make sure your RP’s are complete. I will be checking composition book for brainstorm and two tree maps.

    Thursday, October 3:

    Class: WW 2 A-D due/corrected. Reverse Poem prewriting checked for completion-brainstorm and two tree maps (25 points). Two rough draft Reverse Poems were checked for completion (20 points). Periods 2, 4, and 6 taped-in Nonfiction Signposts into composition book pages: Three Big Questions, page 73; Contrast and Contradictions, page 74; Extreme/Absolute Language, page 76; Numbers and Stats, page 78; Quoted Words, page 80; and Word Gaps, page 82. Reverse Poem final draft expectations were explained, a rubric provided, and a student example (video) shared. Students should select one of their rough drafts to create their final product-due Wednesday.

    HM: Reverse Poem-final product-due Wednesday.


    Expectations handout

    Friday, October 4:

    Class: WW2 f/c practice. Brainstormed “what is nonfiction?’ on page 72 of composition book. We watched a brief video and students added to their notes, “What is nonfiction?” Students were introduced to three questioning stances when reading nonfiction called ‘Three Big Questions’ (page 73). Quick intro videos were also shown. Using these questioning stances, we began a TedTalk by Simon Sinek, “This is Why You Don’t Succeed.” As we watched students addressed the questions. We will continue the third and fourth segment on Monday.   

    Lined Paper: set-up with two columns (title one, ‘Parenting’ and the other ‘Technology’) and three rows, one row for each of the 3BQ’s. The heading was ‘TAG’ with TedTalk: Simon Sinek, “This is Why You Don’t Succeed.”   

    HM:  Your final product and rubric will be collected Wednesday.

    Quarter 1 Week 6 of 8:

    Periods 1, 2, 3, and 4

    September 23-27, 2019/Parent Conference Week

    Monday, September 23: periods 1-3

    Class: Planners were copied. Mechanics Matters 2.5a completed and students reminded the packet is due this week, Friday. Questions were answered regarding their “Identity” poem due Wednesday. The remaining fiction Signposts: Memory Moment (page 69), Contrasts/Contradiction (page 70), and Again and Again (page 71) were introduced after reviewing previous Signposts: Aha, TQ, WW. A first listen to the song “Try” by Colbie Caillat was completed. Students marked SP’s as noticed in the left margin of the handout. A second listen was completed with additional noticed SP. Students had time to address/answer the ‘Anchor Question’ for each SP in the left margin. Students need to have at least 10 SP/AQ answered. We reviewed the 5 questions and these were assigned as homework to be completed by the next class, Wednesday.

    HM: Five questions to be completed by next class (3-5 sentences/per question). “Identity” poem due Wednesday. You may email me your poem if necessary.

    "Try" handout

    Tuesday, September 24:   periods 4-6

    Class: Planners were copied. Mechanics Matters 2.5a completed and students reminded the packet is due this week, Friday. Collected “Identity” poem, handout, and rubric. The remaining fiction Signposts: Memory Moment (page 69), Contrasts/Contradiction (page 70), and Again and Again (page 71) were introduced after reviewing previous Signposts: Aha, TQ, WW. A first listen to the song “Try” by Colbie Caillat was completed. Students marked SP’s as noticed in the left margin of the handout. A second listen was completed with additional noticed SP. Students had time to address/answer the ‘Anchor Question’ for each SP in the left margin. Students need to have at least 10 SP/AQ answered. Students worked with a chosen partner or by themselves to begin the 5 questions. These need to be completed as homework by the next class, Thursday.

    HM: Five questions to be completed by next class (3-5 sentences/per question).  

    "Try" handout

    Wednesday, September 25:  periods 1-3

    Class: Mechanics Matters 2.3b. Collected “Identity” poem, handout, and rubric. A prompt for the song “Try” was dissected into its parts, and students determined what ‘thinking’ it was asking them to do. A Thinking Map was chosen that would help capture that thinking- partial cause/effect map, using the cause side. Using the prompt to write the ‘event’ was modeled. A ‘cause’ and the maps language was written and ‘talked’ off. Students had time to complete the causes on their own or with a partner. Next, we used an analogies map written in the Word Collector section, to identify how the poem “Identity,” the film “Identity,” and the song “Try” all related. Students created the analogy map and completed at least two of the three required after much class discussion was completed.  

    HM: unfinished classwork-cause map and/or analogies map


    Cause Map 

    Analogies Map

    Thursday, September 26: periods 4-6

    Class: Mechanics Matters 2.3b. A prompt for the song “Try” was dissected into its parts, and students determined what ‘thinking’ it was asking them to do. A Thinking Map was chosen that would help capture that thinking- partial cause/effect map, using the cause side. Using the prompt to write the ‘event’ was modeled. A ‘cause’ and the maps language was written and ‘talked’ off. Students had time to complete the causes on their own or with a partner. Big ideas in the writing strategies section of the composition book were defined and picture cues were added. We will finish these tomorrow. An anologies map we be completed tomorrow as well. 

    HM: your MM Unit 2 and “Try” will be collected tomorrow.

    Friday, September 27: all periods 

    Class: The song “Try” was collected. It needed ten Signposts with anchor questions addressed, the five questions answered in in three to five sences each, and the cause map completed. Mechanics Matters Unit 2 due. Some classes had time to begin the looking at the definitions to the Big Ideas in their composition book page 88 and draw a corresponding picture. We will continue Monday.

    HM: none

    Quarter 1 Week 5 of 8: Periods 1, 2, 3, and 4

    September 16-20, 2019

    Monday, September 16: planner copied

    Class: Mechanics Matters Unit 2 intro part 1 page 6 in the composition book. Final Draft due: submitted two copies, one was self-assessed (numbers 1, 11, and 12 of the rubric) and one for portfolio. Rough draft with revisions and the green rubric scored was turned in. Several resources were taped into the resource section starting at page 154 through 160.  

    HM: If you have not finished your sticky-notes for your dividers in your composition book, please do so tonight.

    Tuesday, September 17:  

    Class: Mechanics Matters Unit 2 intro completed. “Identity” by Julio Noboa Polanco- read, highlighted the flower/weed in opposing colors, and annotated colored words. Students asked to complete the philosophies as homework. Period 2, 3, and 4 began the process of creating a personal “Identity” poem by brainstorm topics. This needs to be finished tonight as homework-at least 15 opposing ideas/topics.  

    HM: Period 1: Complete attributes and philosophies as homework. Read through the student sample on the back as well as the template in order to be prepared for class tomorrow. Periods 2, 3, and 4: Complete the philosophy statements and your brainstorm of opposing ideas/topics in your Word Collector section of your composition book. You need a minimum of 15.  


    "Identity" handout

    "Identity" PPT slides/instructions

    Wednesday, September 18:  some graded worked return

    Class: Mechanics Matters 2.1a. Period 1, 2, 3, and 4 watched a DPS film clip- "What will your verse be?" to begin the process of creating an “Identity” poem of their very own. We began by sharing and discussing their brainstorm of opposing topics/ideas *at least 15 numbered in their Word Collector section of their composition book. Next, a an opposing idea/topic was selected. A classifying map was created for the chosen idea/topic. Time was spent completing this in class. This needs to be finished as homework if the student did not finish.  

    HM: Work on personal “identity” poem-classifying map.

    Thursday, September 19:

    Class:  Mechanics Matters 2.2a. Students drafted their “Identity” poem using provided template.

    HM: Work on  “Identity” poem. Rough draft due tomorrow. Final due Tuesday.

    PPT slides from class today

    Friday, September 20:

    Class: Mechanics Matters 2.6a. Expectations/rubric and questions were discussed for the final draft. Periods 1, 2, 3 due Wednesday. Periods 4 and 6 due Tuesday. Film of the same name, “Identity.” Discussion and parallels.   

    HM:  work on your final draft of your poem



    "Identity" film

    Quarter 1 Week 4 of 8

    September 9-13, 2019

    Periods 1, 2, 3, and 4


    Monday, September 9: planner copied

    Class: WW review using f/c. Complete c/c: talk-off, write-off.  Compare/contrast continued-added transitions to tree map in composition book. Using c/c map, talk-off the map using appropriate transitions with a partner. Write off the map four different ways using appropriate transition-finish as homework if not completed in class. Added textual evidence (line numbers) to best contrasts.

    HM: Finish c/c write-off X4. You should use four different contrast transitions for each of your four point/counterpoints.

    Compare/Contrast PPT Slides from class today

    FYI: The following classwork that has been completed over the course of the last two weeks will be collected Friday: “lotm” SP annotations X6, “lotm” pro/cons X10 each, 2 describe maps-15 adjective/adjective phrases/map with evidence X5/map, 2 philosophies at the bottom, elaboration practice consisting of opinion/clarification (flip it), elaboration practice consisting of opinion, clarification, example w/tmm, additional w/tmm; compare/contrast map with write-off X4, as well as what we finish this week including a rough draft and 2 final drafts in MLA format: 1 annotated w/ a key.   

    Tuesday, September 10:  

    Class: WW review/game using f/c. ‘Put the strategies to work.’ Rough draft paragraph; each step was modeled and completed in class together. Students were again reminded of what was being collected.  

    HM: make sure you are caught up on all your “lotm’ work.

     ‘Put the strategies to work.’ PPT Slides from class today.

    Wednesday, September 11:  graded work returned

    Class: The rough draft was finished. We will go over final draft expectations/rubric and MLA formatting tomorrow. WW Lesson 1 was returned. WW 1 E expectations and models completed. Students had some time to work. The WW divider and expectation sheet was taped into pages 20-21.

    HM:  Complete WW 1 E- Passage due Friday. “lotm” work will be collected Friday.

    'Put the stategies to work.' PPT slides from class today to finish your paragraph. 

    Thursday, September 12:

    Class:  WW 1 S/G was introduced and time was provided to work. “lotm: classwork collection was organized and prepared for tomorrow’s due date. Students used the rubric to mark-up their rough draft and revise- #1, #8, #11, and #12 specifically. The rough draft and rubric will be collected with the final draft on Monday. Final draft expectations and MLA format was explained. Some classes will get the rest of the MLA instructions tomorrow.  

    HM: WW Lesson 1 E and S/G due tomorrow. Bring tape for class tomorrow. All “lotm’ classwork is due Friday. Rough draft marked-up with rubric and two copies of the Final draft in MLA format is due Monday.

    • If handwritten, use page 198 in your composition book for MLA formating. A word processing program (Word), use page 199. Google docs has a MLA template you can use, but don't forget to add your last name in the Header. 
    • Print/photocopy two copies of your final draft.
    • Or if using Google Docs you may share it with me (email me) and I can print it *this time.  In the subject line have your first and last name, and period number. 
    • Class PPT slides 

    Friday, September 13:

    Class: “lotm” classwork was collected/due. WW 1 Lesson 1- E and S/G collected/due. WW Test 1 completed.  After the test, students taped in the following: WW 1 f/c, accordion style, to pages 22-23; writing and elaboration strategies divider page 83; big ideas with definitions page 88-89; and Mechanics Matters Unit 2 intro pages 6-7. The remaining time was used for rough draft revisions to final draft copy.  

    HM:  Complete your Final Draft. Submit two copies on Monday. Your rough draft with revisions and the rubric will be collected as well.


    "lotm" classwork collected today

    Due Monday

    Quarter 1 Week 3 of 8: Periods 1, 2, 3, and 4

    for September 2-6, 2019

    Monday, September 2: Labor Day


    HM: bring lined flash cards to class Tuesday.

    Tuesday, September 3:   planner copied, graded work return

    Class: Wordly Wise books-passed out, name on books, tore out lesson, stapled, added name, period, and due dates. Lesson 1 words introduced- prefixes, definitions, and f/c set-up. Multiple flash cards were set-up and time was given to work. Wordly Wise Part A introduced- students only need to write the letters and the vocabulary word for each (subject-predicate: WW word). We completed some together and time was given to work independently on either the f/c or Part A. Card sort review activity- opinion, clarification, example in periods 1, 2, and 3.

    HM: Complete WW Lesson 1 f/c (due tomorrow) and Part A. Period 3- I will introduce Part A tomorrow J  

    • WW f/c due on 09/04; A-D due on 09/06.

    Wednesday, September 4:

    Class: WW f/c due and practice. WW Lesson 1 B and C introduced, several completed whole class, and time to work with their neighbor. Yesterday’s word sort continued with practice adding clarification and example transitions using composition book page 86-87. Your turn to write-students wrote an opinion, clarification, and an example (evidence from the text including a closed MLA citation).  We will add a tell-me-more statement tomorrow.      

    HM: WW1 Parts B and C. F/C practice. FYI- Quarter 1 progress grades were emailed yesterday.

    Thursday, September 5:

    Class:  WW f/c practice.  WW Lesson 1 Part D introduced and time provided to complete/work with a partner. We added an example (quote from the text) and a ‘tell-me-more’ statement to the paragraph. Another elaboration technique, ‘additional’ was introduced. These transitions were added to their elaboration strategies tree map in their composition book. Most classes added an ‘additional’ example in the form of a paraphrase to their paragraph with a tell-me-more statement. We will continue tomorrow.

    HM: WW Lesson 1 A-D due tomorrow. Make sure you are caught up on class work.

    Friday, September 6:

     Class: WW 1 Lesson 1- corrected and collected. Elaboration techniques paragraph completed/reviewed and labeled with the following: opinion/adjective, clarification transition/definition, example transition/example with TMM, and addition transition/additional example with TMM. We began a compare/contrast map for the moth and archy.  


    Today's Slides

    Quarter 1 Week 2 of 8: Periods 1, 2, 3, and 4

    for August 26-30, 2019

    Monday, August 26: planner copied, taped in all materials at the beginning of class

    Class: Bell Ringer-picture prompt. MM Unit 1 collected. A first branch to the ‘Sentences Types’ tree map was added to page 5 in the composition book as a means of Mechanics Matters Unit 1 review. A first read of “The Lesson of the Moth.” A second read with Signpost annotations, TQ, WW, Aha will be continued/completed tomorrow.  

    Added to composition book resource section:  175 positive character traits, 175 negative character traits, 100 ways to say “bad,” 100 ways to say “good,” other ways to say . . . (pages 148-151).

    HM: memoir project due tomorrow


    Tuesday, August 27:  

    Class: Bell Ringer-Text Fail. 6-word memoir project, 10 revised 6-word memoirs, and rubric collected. Completed a close read using Signposts for “The Lesson of the Moth.“ Students need six SP annotations. All classes, but 2nd began a classifying map for the pros and cons for both the moth and archy. This needs to be completed as homework. Five examples for each branch, each character minimum.   

    HM: Period 1, 3, and 4 complete the classifying map. Five details each branch/each character. Period 2- complete the SP annotations; you need at least 6.

    Classifying map

    Wednesday, August 28:

    Class: Bell Ringer- Word Choice; see Aeries for details. Due to the fire drill, 3rd period did not complete/do the bell ringer. The pros/cons classifying map was completed/reviewed. Students shared out/took several. Periods 1, 3, 4, and 6 completed a describe map with evidence for the moth. Students had time to add 15 descriptive words to their map with the assistance of resource pages 148-149 and 152-153. Three of the adjectives needed textual evidence; line numbers from the text was enough. A line activity/share out activity was completed in periods 1, 3, and 6.  Period 2 began the describe map in class and was asked to finish it as homework; we will briefly review these tomorrow before moving on.   

    HM: Make sure your describe map with evidence for the moth is complete.  15 adjectives and a total of 5 pieces of evidence is required.

    Describe map PPT Slide  

    Thursday, August 29:

    Class:  Bell Ringer- Film Clip with written response. Bell Ringer sheet will be collected tomorrow. Yesterday’s describe map for the moth was reviewed. A describe map with evidence for archy was completed (15 adjectives and 5 with textual support). Students had time to work independently, as well as, share with a partner/line/circle group activity. A philosophy statement for the moth, and a philosophy statement for archy was summarized. On pages 86-87, an elaboration strategies/techniques tree map was set up.

    HM: Make sure you are caught up on both describe maps and philosophy statements.


    Philosophy slide

    Elaboration strategies/techniques tree map 

    Friday, August 30:

    Class: Bell Ringer- collected. Elaboration technique, clarification, was introduced and transitions added to the composition book. Practice with opinion, clarification statement was completed with talk-off’s using multiple examples in their partner groups before writing their own. Students picked an adjective from their moth/archy map to write an opinion statement opening with a TAG, and a clarification statement introduced with a transition. These same sentences were “Flipped” and rewritten. A second elaboration technique, example, was introduced with multiple examples. These transitions were added to their elaboration strategies tree map in their composition book. We will continue with class practice and written practice next week on Tuesday.

    HM:  bring lined flash cards to class Tuesday. Enjoy your three day weekend.

    Some PPT slides from class today

    Quarter 1 Week 1 of 8: Periods 1, 2, 3, and 4

    for August 19-23, 2019

    Monday, August 19: planner copied

    Class: Survey collected. Mechanics Matters Unit 1 taped into composition book. Unit 1 lesson introduction-Elements of a complete sentence. The Word Collector by Peter H. Reynolds was read aloud; the power of words and the voice it provides was discussed in conjunction with film clip from Dead Poet’s Society.  Period 2- ran out of time/did not read WC nor watched the DPS video. 

    Composition book: MM divider and Unit 1 pp 3-4; WC divider and memoir handout pp 43-44; Resource divider, Off Limits, Vivid Verbs, Strong Verbs, Avoid the Very Trap, Avoid the Things Trap pp141-147

    HM: none

    Tuesday, August 20:  

    Class: All classes completed Mechanics Matters 1.1. Six-Word memoirs were introduced and the prewriting was begun on page 45 of the composition book. Students have some homework tonight.  

    Period 2- The Word Collector by Peter H. Reynolds was read aloud; the power of words and the voice it provides was discussed in conjunction with film clip from Dead Poet’s Society prior to beginning the Six-Word memoir intro and prewriting.

    Period 6-DPS video and an 8th grade class example of 6-word memoirs. Everyone began their word collection on page 45 in their composition book (step 1 and 2). Sometime was spent on step 3- brainstorm/freewrite on circled item.  

    6-Word Memoirs prewriting PPT Slide from class today. 

    HM: In your composition book, complete your brainstorm, step 3, for each of your circled words. We will synthesize tomorrow-step 4. See PPT slide above.

    Wednesday, August 21:

    Class: Mechanics Matters lesson 1.2. Memoir prewriting on pages 45-47. Students synthesized each word group creating 6-word memoirs. Most students were able to complete several of these in class. Prewriting and 10 memoirs will be checked for completion tomorrow.  The off limits resource, page 142, also known as ‘Danger Zones’ was introduced. The ten memoirs should use active not passive/showing not telling language.

    HM: Complete ten 6-word memoirs avoiding Danger Zones (page 142 in composition book). Prewriting and memoir check tomorrow.

    Thursday, August 22:

    Class:  Mechanics Matters 1.3. Checked completion of prewriting and ten 6-word memoirs. Because I ran out of class time to check everyone, those will be checked tomorrow. Revision practice using student samples: danger zones, active vs passive language, showing vs telling, purposeful punctuation, font, and image. Using resources in composition book, students selected words to help revise samples and then their own. Revisions will need to be completed as homework. Final draft instructions and rubric discussed- project due Tuesday.

    HM:  revisions and 6-word memoir project.


    PPT from class today


    Friday, August 23:

    Class: Mechanics Matters 1.4. The MM packet is due Monday. Questions about the memoir project were answered. Three close reading strategies for fiction were introduced and taped into the composition book: Aha Moments (pg 66), Tough Questions (pg 67), and Words of the Wiser (pg 68).

    Period 3- began a first read- “The Lesson of the Moth”

    HM:  6-word memoir project with rubric- due Tuesday

    Quarter 1: August 12-16, 2019

    Periods 1, 2, 3, and 4

    Monday and Tuesday:  

    Teacher work days.

    Wednesday, August, 14:

    ClassStudents received their syllabus. Students were asked to read, sign, and return it by Friday, August 16th with a student and parent signature. We will review it in class tomorrow, so please have it with you. Students participated in a Station activity.  

    Period three received their planner and inserted a ‘Team Patriots’ contact sheet into the inside cover. This sheet contains the core teacher’s email, website, REMIND, and Aeries information. All students are encouraged to sign up for REMIND and know the various forms of teacher contact.

    HM: Syllabus to be read and signed. Sign up for REMIND.


    Patriot Team Contact sheet 

    Thursday, August 15:

    Class:  Students were assigned a seat. Planners were copied (Thursday and Friday only). A back to school survey was begun and should be completed as homework (due Monday). Prince Ea: Before you Overthink- video. We are not locked in our past nor our present; it’s a new year and a fresh start, let’s make it a successful one.  The syllabus was discussed and expectations and procedures via a PowerPoint was begun.  

    HM: Your signed syllabus is due tomorrow. This is your first assignments in the gradebook. Continue to work on your survey-due Monday.


    Friday, August 16: Late/Potty passes distributed

    ClassCollected syllabus. Students completed a “This year I hope . . .” This will be returned at the conclusion of the school year. Expectations and procedures via PowerPoint completed. Everyone received a composition book (IAN). Students were encouraged to place it in a zip-loc bag to avoid water damage. Our classroom communication sign language key was taped into the inside cover. Each class period had time to number the pages in their composition book: left pages even and right pages odd numbered through 200 pages.  We will be taping in on Monday, so the numbering must be completed.   

    HM: Have supplies in backpack ready to go for next week, tape especially please. Complete your survey.  Finish numbering composition book through 200 pages.