• Logging in to the school computers (not Chromebooks): 

    Login: Permanent ID number

    Password: You created this and should have written it in your planner

    *If you forget your password, you have to ask a teacher to reset it. It will be reset to the default password that you must enter: tusdmm/dd/yyyy

    You then must change your password to include at least 7 digits with one capital letter and one number and it cannot contain your name. 

    Logging in to Chromebooks or onto Google Classroom from other computers

    When you open a Chromebook, you need to click "ADD PERSON" and enter your info.

    Login: PermanentID@teh.k12.ca.us

    Password: mm/dd/yyyy

    You will see the Google "waffle" grid in the top right corner where you can access Classroom or Google Docs. 

    When you are looking for an assignment, go to Google Classroom and click on the Classwork tab. 

    Logging in to Study Sync


    Go to the website https://connected.mcgraw-hill.com/connected/login.do

    *if you type this in incorrectly, you will not have the right login page. It is VERY important you have the correct login page. Another option is to go to a search engine and type "Connect Ed" and click on the first link that pops up. 

    Login: JMS-permanentID  (example: JMS-12345)

    Password: JmspermanentID (example: Jms12345)

    *there are few of you whose information did not change from Tompkins or Golden Hills and you've been instructed to login as TEpermanentID or GHpermanentID


    Logging in to Moby Max


    Go to the website https://www.mobymax.com/signin

    Type in your school code only: ca4199

    Login: permanent id #

    Password: permanent id #