• Final days of 8th grade . . . 

    Monday, June 3:

    Periods 1, 2, and 3 - promotion practice

    Periods 4 and 7-recieved their grade work and their yearlong writing portfolio

    Yearbook signing party the last twenty minutes of the day

    Tuesday, June 4: 

    Periods 1, 2, and part of 3- recieved their grade work and their yearlong writing portfolio

    Period 3- Team awards

    Period 4, 6, and 7- promotion practice. See you this evening. Wear your earned medals. 

    Wednesday, June 5:

    Magic Mountain

    Thursday, June 6:

    Quarter 4: May 27-May 31, 2019

     Periods 1, 2, 3, and 4

    Monday, May 27: Memorial Day

    Class:  no school today


    Tuesday, May 28:

    Class: We almost :( completed the Survivors of the Shoah film- Death Marches through Liberation; unfortunatley, technical difficulties prevented this from occuring. The film will be completed tomorrow and notes will be collected.

    HMConcrete Poem due Wednesday, May 29th. ABC Taxonomy numbered/counted words will be collected as well. Late poems and ABC Taxonomy’s will not be accepted late. 

    Wednesday, May 29:

    ClassStudents worked on an ‘End of Year Survey.’ We finished the Shoah film with some closing discussion q and a. Their Concrete Poem, ABC Taxonomy, and Shoah film notes were collected. An AF web quest introduction was provided and students completed an independent AF quest for the duration of the period in the computer lab.

    HM: survey and AF questions

    Thursday, May 30: 

    Class: Anne Frank web quest in computer lab.

    HM:  none

    Friday, May 31:  

    Class: Field trip to Camelot Park in Bakersfield, CA. Those who did not attend created Blackout Poetry in the computer lab. 

    HM: none

    Quarter 4: May 20-24, 2019 

    Period 7

    Monday, May 20:

    Class:  Students copied their planner. Time was given to add to their ABC Taxonomy- students need 100+words by class Thursday. The Emigration simulation half page handout was collected. Q & A- Holocaust research project. Notes for the Survivors of the Shoah film were reviewed. Students watched and took notes through 29:14 and the story of Henryk Rosmaryn, The Harmonica was read aloud. We Savewill continue tomorrow.  

    HM: Holocaust research project-“One-Pager” with a Works Cited page due Wednesday

    Tuesday, May 21:

    Class: Time was spent adding to the ABC Taxonomy. Hilde and Eli: Children of the Holocaust was collected. Q & A- Holocaust research project-it’s due tomorrow. No name folders was sent around. Survivors of the Shoah film continued. *Irena Sendler (video), Warsaw Uprising (video), My Secret Camera

    HM: Holocaust research project-“One-Pager” with a Works Cited page due Wednesday

    Wednesday, May 22:

    ClassHolocaust Research project due-these were submitted via print copy or email. Students added to their ABC Taxonomy. Students were introduced to the Concrete Poem and asked to come up with their shape idea this evening. They will receive their project paper tomorrow and some time to work. The film was continued as they learned about the  ‘Selection’ and ‘Dehumanization’ process. A clip was shown of Anne Frank during her transport to the reception center.

    HM: add to your ABC Taxonomy/ work on Concrete Poem 

    Thursday, May 23:

    Class: Students began creating a Concrete Poem using their ABC Taxonomy (100+ words).   

    HM:  Concrete Poem due Wednesday, May 29th. ABC Taxonomy numbered/counted words will be collected as well.

    Quarter 4 Week 8 of 9:

    May 13-17, 2019 

    Period 7

    Monday, May 13:

    Class:  Copied planner. Continued Hilde and Eli.

    HM: none


    Tuesday, May 14:

    Class: We completed Hilde and Eli  

    HM: none


    Wednesday, May 15:

    Class: We discussed yesterday’s simulation. Time was given to work on the ABC taxonomy-what do you now know about the Holocaust? Holocaust research project introduction- a “One-Pager”– on a topic of your interest. The instruction sheet was thoroughly explained.

    HM: Think about what topic interests you. Begin looking at the sites. Links are provided via the class webpage-Anne Frank and the Holocaust. Bring your laptop/tablet if you prefer to use your own device tomorrow.   


    Thursday, May 16:

    ClassStudents began their research on the topic of their choice for their “One-Pager.” Each student logged into their Google account and set-up the following five slides: “One-Pager,” Works Cited, and three research collection slides as follows: Source 1, Source 2, and Source 3.  

    HM:  continue project. We will be in the lab tomorrow to continue “One-Pager.”


    Friday, May 17:  

    Class: Students spent the class period in the lab continuing their research and adding to their "One-Pager" slide. This project is due no later than Wenesday, May 22nd. We will not have another in class lab day/work day.   

    HM: project-"One-Pager" with Works Cited page 

    Quarter 4 Week 7 of 9: May 6-10, 2019 

    Period 7

    Monday, May 6:

    Class:  Graded work returned. Popcorn and film, The Outsiders

    HM: Grades updated in AERIES. Late/missing work-turn assignments in this week with a late pass.

    Tuesday, May 7:

    Class: continued film, The Outsiders

    HM: none

    Wednesday, May 8:

    Class: The film was completed and students sticky-noted comments, questions, themes, messages, and lessons learned from the book/film and posted them on the board. A letter home was shared and ‘ground rules’ were discussed for our next unit study. Students completed a divided circle map and a quick video, “Are you a statistic?” was viewed. We began Hilde and Eli: Children of the Holocaust by David Alder. 

    CBS news video: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/holocaust-study-millennials/

    HM: letter home to parents

    Thursday, 9 May:

    Class: continued Hilde and Eli

    HM:  none

    Friday, 10 May:  assembly schedule-‘Say Something!’

    Class:  continued Hilde and Eli.  Simulation-To Emigrate or Not Emigrate? Periods 3 through 7 watched the Sandy Hook Promise video.

    Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qyD7vjVfLI

    HM: none 

    Quarter 4 Week 6 of 9: April 29- May 3, 2019 

    Period 7


    Monday, 29 April:

    Class:  CAASPP Testing-CAT

    HM: Late/missing work-check Aeries. Have work and late pass ready to turn in tomorrow. 

    Tuesday, 30 April:

    Class: CAASPP Testing continued. Movie permission slips were passed out for The Outsiders. Please have this returned no later than Friday, 05/03.

    HM: none

    Wednesday, 1 May:

    Class: CAASPP Testing-CAT/PT

    HM: none

    Thursday, 2 May:

    Class: CAASPP Testing-PT

    HM:  none

    Friday, 3 May:  

    Class:  CAASPP Testing-PT

    HM: none  

     Quarter 4 Week 5 of 9: April 22-26, 2019 

    Period 7

    Monday, April 22:



    Tuesday, April 23: copy planner

    Class: Types of writing expository and argumentative reviewed- composition book 48-49. Quote It/ICE It reviewed-composition book page 73.  We began breaking down a student exemplar of SDYS-identifying/marking the parts: opening and some of R1 was completed. 

    HM: work on the finishing touches of your project.

    Wednesday, April 24projects due today through Friday

    Class: Student exemplar of SDYS-identifying/marking the parts was completed. Students received their argumentative SDYS letter written prior to Spring Break. Students identified/marked-up their letter in the same fashion noticing strengths and what needed work. Additionally, a checklist ‘QUOTE it’ was completed.

    HMTO project.

    Thursday, 24 April: Collected projects

    Class Some time was spent looking at the CAASPP/Smarter Balanced practice test. Types of writing –narrative- was reviewed and added to the composition book. We begin a peer assessment of the narrative essay.

    HM: final day to turn in your project is tomorrow.  

    Practice Test link 

    Friday, 26 April:  Projects due

    ClassCollected marked-up student sample of SDYS and your marked-up letter of SDYS. Projects were collected. Most students completed the narrative peer assessment.  


    HM: none :)    

    Quarter 4 Week 4 of 9: April 8-12, 2019 

    Period 7

    Monday, 8 April: copy planner

    Class: Collected TO chapters 10-12 STEAL or DEJ’s. Project selections were named and students received an OM or "Any Questions" if necessary. What is and isn’t argumentative? This handout was taped into the composition book page 66. The argumentative prompt was introduced. Two videos for both sides of the position were viewed: “Look Up” and “The Power of Social Media: Connecting for Good.” Three texts were assigned- read and annotate relating to the issue/prompt by class tomorrow.  

    HM: read and annotate the three texts thinking about the issue and your possible position by class tomorrow.

    What is and isn’t argumentative? page 66 plus+

    "Look Up"

    “The Power of Social Media: Connecting for Good”

    Tuesday, 9 May:

    ClassWe brainstormed should/shouldn’t reasons to support both positions using cause maps. Like ideas were grouped; these ideas were given global names/themes. Students selected a position and created a flee map including the thesis, R 1, R2 (best), and counter. The opening paragraph and reason 1 elaboration map was explained. 

    HM: Complete a Reason 1 elaboration map. Write your opening paragraph.

    What is and isn’t argumentative? page page 66-69


    Flee Map 


    Reason 1 Elaboration map 


    Wednesday, 10 May:

    Class:  Plan for the counter elaboration map was explained, examples provided and sometime given to begin. Review the reason 1 elaboration map and time provided to work on the reason 2.

    HM: Make sure your plan for writing is complete: opening paragraph, elaboration maps for reason 1 and 2, and the counter elaboration map. You will have one and a half periods to write your ‘letter’ including Thursday and Friday.

    Today's PPT slides

    Thursday, 11 April:

    ClassWe set-up the MLA/Letter format and questions were addressed. Argumentative writing work day-write from your plan. Students were encouraged to their complete opening, reason 1, and reason 2 paragraphs today. Time permitting, to begin their counterargument. This is your Best First Draft.  

    HM: plan your closing~ answer the two questions. 

    Friday, 12 April:

    ClassStudents had a work period to complete their argumentative letter using their prewriting/maps. Best, first draft was collected at the end of the period as well as their prewriting maps. “NGCS” was collected.  

    HM: How far have you planned/worked on your Outsiders project? It is due between the 24th and 26th when you return from break.

    TO Project

    Quarter 4 Week 3 of 9: April 01-05, 2019 

    Period 7

    Monday, April 01:

    ClassThe planner was copied. MM 7.4a completed. The final rubric was passed out and questions addressed. “NGCS” by Robert Frost analysis completed.

    HM: complete a final self-assessment of your final draft.

    Collecting the following: four copies of your final draft (see inside back cover of your composition book) and your self-assessed rough draft.

    inside back cover of your composition book


    Tuesday, April 02:

    Class: MM Unit 7.4b completed. Collected today: Self-assessed rough draft including scored rubric and a self-assessed final paper including scored rubric (one copy for portfolio and two peer assessment copies). Today was a reading day for chapters 7-8. Students were given the option to complete either a STEAL map for Pony or 2 DEJ’s per chapter. If their final self-assessment of their narrative wasn’t completed last night as homework this was done in lieu of reading.  

    HM: finish reading chapters 7-8. Choose one: STEAL map for Pony or 2 DEJ’s per chapter and begin. This is due Friday.

    Chapters 7-9 STEAL or DEJ handout

    DEJ template (you will need to scroll to corret chapter or just modify heading)

    Wednesday, April 03:  

    ClassMM 7.5b completed. Chapter 9 read aloud. Read chapter 10 at home for homework

    HM: Complete STEAL map for Pony or DEJ’s for chapter 9. The STEAL or DEJ’s for 7-9 are due Friday. Read chapter 10.  

    Thursday, April 04:

    ClassMM 7.6 completed. The MM packet will be collected tomorrow.  CWJ’s 1 through 3 were turned inChapter 11 was read aloud and students continued reading chapter 12, finishing the book on their own.

    HM: Finish reading chapter 12 if you did not in class. Select either a STEAL map for Pony or DEJ for chapters 10-12 and begin. This is due Monday.

    Chapters 10-12 option STEAL or DEJ

    Friday, April 05:

    ClassCollected MM Unit 7 and Chapters 7-9 STEAL map Pony or DEJ’s. Each Outsiders project option was introduced and an example(s) were provided or shown. Students must select the one that best suits their creativity by Monday and let me know. Show me you read and how much enjoyed the book. Projects are due Tuesday, April 24th.

    HM: Chapters 10-12 STEAL map Pony or DEJ’s due Monday.  

    TO Project Options

    Any Questions *complete prior to epilogue

    Quarter 4 Week 2 of 9: March 25-29, 2019 

    Period 7

    Monday, March 25:

    Class: The planner was copied. MM Unit 7 introduction part 1 (comma boot camp) completed in all periods, but 7. We discussed the importance of finishing the sequencing of the MQ’s (decision time and stabbing), so the rough draft can be completed. The ‘jet’ just after was grouped and can be written. Page 64 and the ‘Changes in Johnny’ map was used to when explaining the closing paragraph. Students utilized the remaining of the class period to work on their rough draft. Quarter 4 late work/potty passes were passed out.

    HM: Continue writing your rough draft where you left on in class today. Tomorrow is an in-class work day; bring all your materials. If you want to bring a device, you are welcome to do so. Chapter 6 read/listen and sticky for STEAL (speech, thoughts, effect on others, actions, looks) and for quotes for your DEJ’s.  

    Closing PPT 

    Completed Flee map

    Prewriting score sheet 140 points- due Wednesday 

    *You will receive this sheet when I collect your prewriting and stamp your rough draft. 

    Tuesday, March 26:

    Class: MM Unit 7 introduction part 2 (comma boot camp). Work day- narrative rough draft. Students were encouraged to have, at minimum, their opening through decision time written/completed.

    HM: Chapter 6 STEAL map- Ponyboy (adjectives with evidence). If you did not complete the minimum of your rough draft in class, continue writing it up.

    Wednesday, March 27:  

    Class: MM 7.1a/b. Work day #2 of 2- narrative rough draft.

    HM: Chapter 6 STEAL map- other character (most likely Johnny).  Rough draft due tomorrow. Prewriting packet will be collected.

    STEAL map 

    Thursday, March 21:

    Class: Collected all prewritingWe began a self-assessment and will finish tomorrow.

    HM: Chapter 6- DEJ’s. Chapter’s 4-6 STEAL maps and DEJ’s due tomorrow. .    

    Friday, March 22:

    Class: Chapters 4-6 STEAL maps and DEJ’s collected. MM. 7.3 completed. Student numbers were given/written on rubric. We completed the self-assessment. Final draft instructions were reviewed; these are found in the composition book-taped to the inside back cover. Period 1 received the final draft rubric. All other class periods will receive it Monday.

    HM: final draft due Tuesday, 04/02. Head’s up- Monday night you will complete a self-assessment of your final draft.

    Final draft instructions


    Quarter 4 Week 1 of 9: March 18-22, 2019 

    Periods 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7

    Monday, March 18:

    Class: The planner was copied and students were given an opportunity to turn in any assignments they had remaining from quarter three. We continue media questions hovering in the main event. See attached PPT slides.

    HM: Chapter 5 read and sticky for STEAL (speech, thoughts, effect on others, actions, looks) and quotes for DEJ’s.  

    Media Questions 

    Tuesday, March 19:

    Class: MM 6.3a. Finished media questions- feelings and describe the scene. 

    HM: Chapter 5 STEAL map- Ponyboy (adjectives with evidence)

    Media Questions 

    Wednesday, March 20:  Warrior Welcome at THS

    ClassThe Just after/’jet’ moment was added to the flee map. A handout for writing a narrative opening was taped onto page 64 of the composition book. An opening rough draft paragraph was written.

    HM: Chapter 5 STEAL map- other character (most likely Johnny). Make sure you complete the rough opening as well.

    Just After/'Jet' flee map

    Opening Paragraph page 64 in composition book

     Thursday, March 21:

    Class: MM 6.4 completed and students were reminded that it is due tomorrow. The ‘just before/jet moments’ were written off the flee map. These were approximately 1-2 mini-paragraphs in length and composed after the opening rough draft written yesterday. We color-blocked the 5 media questions (Ponboy drowning, decision time, and stabbing). Students began sequencing the MQ’s for Ponyboy drowning and should finish the sequencing for just this portion of it tonight as homework.  

    HM: Chapter 5- DEJ’s. See above.   

    Friday, March 22:

    Class: MM Unit 6 collectedDistrict benchmark completed in the computer lab today. After the test, students continued sequencing MQ's for writing their rough draft (see PPT slides from Thursday).

    HM: continue working on your rough draft. We will write the ‘just after’ and closing on Monday. Tuesday will be an in-class work day. Wednesday the rough draft will be due and self-assessed using the rubric.


    Quarter 3 Week 10 of 10: March 11-15, 2019 

    Period 7

    Monday, March 11:

    Class: The planner was copied. Due today/collected: Chapters 1-3 STEAL maps and DEJ’s. Mechanics Matters Unit 6 introduced and taped in to composition book page #9. We added the last two branches of the elaboration strategies on page 51- describe concretely and describe figuratively. We will be hovering in chapter four this week looking into ‘What Really Happened?’ An effects map was brainstormed -“Consequences of Bob’s death.” We then looked at the "Changes in Johnny" using a c/e map. We completed the cause side X10+ together. Students need to complete the effects side for homework X10+.

    HM: complete c/e map-effects. Complete one side of the STEAL map for Chapter 4; you don’t want to fall behind.  WW 9-12 review due Wednesday. Complete the lesson 9 and 10 words.  

    Elaboration Strategies on page 51- describe concretely and describe figuratively. 

    “Consequences of Bob’s death” effects map and "Changes in Johnny" c/e map 

    Tuesday, March 12:

    Class: CWJ #3- analysis of CWJ #1 or #2. Students selected one of their 2 CWJ’s to analyze for MQ’s, showing vs telling language, and danger zones. Tonight, the journal will be revised and rewritten. Two FOR questions were answered after discussing the effects portion of the c/e map- ‘Changes in Johnny’ from class yesterday. Two cause/attorney maps were set up. The first was from the POV of a prosecuting attorney and a second POV as a defense attorney. Only the first map was completed in class today.     

    HM: CWJ #3- revise your CWJ 1 or 2 from class today and rewrite as CWJ #3. WW 9-12 due tomorrow. You should only need to complete the lesson 11 and 12 words if you completed 9 and 10 last night.  

    CWJ #3

    ‘Changes in Johnny’ FOR questions

    Attorney maps


    Wednesday, March 13:  

    Class: WW 9-12 due/corrected and collected. MM 6.1a completed. Students also completed MM 6.1b and 6.3b fixing the run-on senetnces and any errors noticed. Page 9 in the composition book was used.   We completed a defense attorney cause map (it was self-defense). The introduction to the narrative prompt- ‘Is Johnny guilty?’ was given.  A visualization will begin tomorrow. Students used the remaining of the period to work on the rewriting/revison CWJ #3.

    HM:  Select a quote from your sticky notes and complete a DEJ response for Chapter 4--use Word template provided or handwrite this. 

    Defense attorney cause map

    DEJ Template 

    Thursday, March 14:

    Class: CWJ #3- color-coded media questions and placed a star at the precise/showing language. We completed a ‘Visualization’-What Really Happened? Johnny spoke to his attorney. A sensory tree map was completed using the visualization/concrete and figurative language set at the scene.

    HM:  Select a quote from your sticky notes and complete a DEJ response for Chapter 4 (this is your second of two)--use the Word template provided or handwrite. Ch 4 STEAL map- other character of your choice.

     ‘Visualization’ and Sensory Tree Map 

    DEJ Template  

    STEAL map 

    Friday, March 15: end of quarter 3

    Class: MM 6.2a and b while I checked WW 9-12 taped-in f/c. It was last call for late/potty passes and assignments. We set-up a flee map, filled in the ‘Just-Before’ moments (AKA-Jet moments) using the sensory tree map from class yesterday, and began ‘hovering like a helicopter’ in the main event with the first Media questions. Second period did not begin the MQ’s today.  

    HM: complete Chapter 5 reading/sticky notes by Monday. Audio available on class website.

    PPT slide from class today- flee map set-up, just before/jet, main event/helicopter, media question #1

    Quarter 3 Week 9 of 10: March 4-8, 2019

    Period 7

    Monday, March 4:

    Class: The planner was copied. Creative Writing Journal #1- media questions (CWJ). The Outsiders (TO)- introduction using Prezi. We began reading Chapter 1- as I read aloud students were asked to, sticky note anything they learned about the characters.  Hinton is a character writer – she wants you to know everything there is to know about them.  The first three chapters is basically her letting us get to know them all. Also, students were asked to sticky note anything that speaks to them or to teenagers today.  Hinton was a teenager writing about teenagers for teenagers at the time.  As we read this book, you will be keeping a Double-Entry Journal connecting yourself and our world to the world in The Outsiders. Instructions will be provided for the Double-Entry Journal (DEJ) on Tuesday.  For today, just sticky note.

    Due today/collected: “Scary Truth” article with 20+ NF SP annotations, debate prep with 10 for and 10 against the 16-years age restriction, and two final drafts in MLA format with checklist attached to one copy.

    Creative Writing Journal #1-media questions

    HM: finish reading chapter 1 and continue sticky-noting- See above. The class webpage has Chapter audios for you. WW 12 E due Friday.

    Tuesday, March 5:

    Class: Creative Writing Journal #1-media questions: while I collected late work, students added to their journal from yesterday. The ‘STEAL’ character analysis and maps were introduced. We color-coded the describing bubbles on the two maps (Ponyboy and one other character of their choice) by chapter: chapter 1, blue; chapter 2, yellow; chapter 3, pink. Together we completed two descriptors with evidence from the text and a few ‘Looks’. Using their sticky notes students had some time to continue working on Ponyboy STEAL map- finish Pony and complete a character of choice as homework.

    Next, the Double-Entry Journals (DEJ) were explained and set-up. An example was read aloud. Students began one of two journals-finish as homeworkStudents can handwrite their DEJ’s, use the template provided on the website, or find one Google Docs.

    HM: finish Double-Entry Journals (DEJ) and STEAL maps for Chapter 1. Begin reading Chapter 2 and sticky note. Tomorrow is a Chapter 2 work day.

    Double-Entry Journal Template

    *you can edit/type into the template.

    *you need to save and print when done with the first three chapters

    STEAL Map

    STEAL explanation

    Wednesday, March 6:  

    Class: WW 12 Study Guide was passed out and time was given to begin. If the f/c were not taped into the composition book, students need to complete this at home. Today was a work day: chapter 2 read/sticky note and/or complete Double-Entry Journals and STEAL maps for chapter 2.

    HM:  WW 12 E and s/g due Friday. Read and sticky note Chapter 3.  We will be reading a portion of Chapter 4 in class tomorrow.

    WW 12 s/g

    Friday, March 8:

    Class: WW 12 E was collected and S/G was corrected and collected. Students completed WW 12 Test. After the test students had the remainder of the period to work on the following: TO Chapters 1-3 Double Entry Journals and/or STEAL maps due Monday, read/sticky chapter 4, chapter 4 DEJ and/or Chapter 4 STEAL maps.  

    HM: Chapters 1-3 STEAL maps and DEJ’s due Monday, complete Chapter 4 reading/sticky notes by Monday.   

    Chapters 4, 5, and 6 STEAL maps Ponyboy plus a character of your choice)

    DEJ's Chapters 4, 5, and 6 template

    Quarter 3 Week 8 of 10: February 18-22, 2019

    Period 7

    Monday, February 25:

    Class: The planner was copied. WW Lesson 12 was introduced; students began their f/c. The introduction to NF SP was completed and we began annotating AOW 1-“The Scary Truth” by Becky Mansfield.

    HM: WW 12 f/c

    Tuesday, February 26: substitute today


    HM: finish annotating article. You need at least 20 annotations with AQ responses. Prepare for debate (add age restriction of 16) – brainstorm as much as you can for both sides.

    Wednesday, February 27:  

    Class: Mechanics Matters 5.2a/ 5.3b. WW 12 f/c check. Rules for the Pop-Up debate were discussed. Pop-Up debate-Should there be an age restriction of 16 years for cell phones? A reflection was written and turned in at the bell.

    HM: complete WW 12 A-D.

    Thursday, February 28:

    Class: WW A-D due/corrected. We discussed the effects/ ‘sacrifices’/ 'gains' of cell phone and/or social media usage.  An overview of the two-paragraph argumentative response sequence and template was reviewed. Today we focused on the first paragraph sequence/template– “they say”. Most students completed the first draft paragraph in class.

    HM: complete paragraph 1 of the 2-paragraph response. We will begin paragraph 2 tomorrow. Make sure your MM packet is complete; it’s due tomorrow.

    PPT- two-paragraph argumentative response sequence and paragraph 1 template.

    Friday, February 29: Library to check out our next novel, The Outsiders.

    Class: Mechanics Matters due/collected. We reviewed the criteria checklist for the two-paragraph response due on Monday, March 4th and went over what else will be collected: “Scary Truth” article with 20+ NF SP annotations, debate prep with 10 for and 10 against the 16-years age restriction, and two final drafts in MLA format with checklist attached to one copy. Two-paragraph response continued- we went through the sequence and template for the second paragraph – “I say”. Classes had time to begin writing their second paragraph.  

    HM: complete Two- paragraph response.   

    PPT slides for paragraph 2

    Quarter 3 Week 7 of 10: February 18-22, 2019 

    Period 7

    Monday, February 18:



    Tuesday, February 19: Meet the Bulldog Assembly rescheduled.

    Class: The planner was copied. “SOS” analysis packet due; students gave themselves a preliminary score for each section of the TP-CASTT. OM w/ Top Ten due; the Open Mind and Top Ten was glued down to a piece of black construction paper for a matted finish. Mechanics Matters 5.1a was completed.

    HM: No WW lesson this week. If you didn’t finish the MM 5.1a lesson, complete it tonight.

    Wednesday, February 20:

    Class: Nonfiction was defined with a PPT and a video (see below Nonfiction Signposts were introduced- Three Big Questions with notes copied into composition book and the first two Nonfiction Signposts with notes and videos.

    HM: Mechanics Matters 5.1b


    Thursday, February 21: snow day/school cancelled

    Friday, February 22:snow day/school cancelled


    Quarter 3 Week 6 of 10: February 11-15, 2019 

    Period 7

    Monday, February 11: snow day/school cancelled

    Class: no class today

    HM:brainstorm for OM.

    Tuesday, February 12:

    Class: The planner was copied. Mechanics Matters Unit 5 introduced and noted taken (page 8 in composition book). WW books returned and Lesson 11 E due Thursday. OM project work day.

    HM: WW 11 E due Thursday. OM project.

    Open Mind Project

    Wednesday, February 13:  Sweetheart Dance

    Class: Students taped-in WW 11 f/c to pages 100-101. S/G was passed out and time given to work/complete the front (need to complete the back at home). Final in-class work day for OM project. Top Ten reminder: format, explanation, etc. Copy paper was provided for Top Ten. “SOS” analysis packet was reviewed-what do you still need to complete?

    HM: study guide for test tomorrow, E is due, and continue your OM project. Begin working on Top Ten-single sheet of blank paper (typed/blue/black ink)

    How will your "SOS" analysis and OM be graded? 

    Thursday, February 14:

    Class: WW 11 E and WW 11 S/G were collected. WW 11 Test completed. Students used the remaining of the period to work on their OM project with Top Ten explanation.   

    HM: “SOS” analysis packet and OM w/ Top Ten due Tuesday. Remember it is a four day weekend-no school Friday nor Monday.

    Friday, February 15:  no school today nor Monday


    HM: OM project w/ Top Ten.

    Quarter 3 Week 5 of 10: February 4-8, 2019 

    Period 7

    Monday, February 4planner copied

    Class: WW Lesson 11 was introduced, due dates assigned, and f/c begun. We completed the Open Mind project introduction.  Tomorrow students will have a project work day to begin illustrating the song and its message.

    HM: Begin a brainstorm of images for your OM.

    HM: WW 11 f/c due Tuesday, 02/05; A-D due Thursday, 02/07; E due Tuesday, 02/12; Test on Thursday, 02/14, brainstorm images for OM, bring materials for OM work day tomorrow

    Open Mind Project

    Tuesday, February 5: snow day/school cancellation



    Wednesday, February 6: snow day/school cancellation



    Thursday, February 7:

    Class:  WW 11 f/c check. Mechanics Matters 4.3 was completed.  Class had a work day to brainstorm their Open Mind project while listening/viewing "SOS" videos. 

    HM: WW 11 A-D and MM Unit 4 due tomorrow.

    Friday, February 8:   

    Class: WW 11 A-D and MM Unit 4 due today. Work day for OM project.


    HM: OM project

    Quarter 3 Week 4 of 10: January 28-February 1, 2019 

    Period 7

    Monday, January 28: 

    Class: The planner was copied. Mechanics Matters 4.1a was completed.  We listened to the original “Sounds of Silence” lyrics by Simon & Garfunkel to get a feel of the song again. We completed the paraphrase ‘P’ portion of the -TP-CASTT that we didn't finish last week. Then began looking at the connotations of the words- ‘C’ portion of the analysis. Connotation slide below.

    HM:  WW 10 E due Wednesday


    Connotation PPT Slide

    Tuesday, January 29:

    Class:  Mechanics Matters 4.1b was completed.  Each class period completed the ‘C’ portion of “SOS”-TP-CASTT analysis.

    HM: E due tomorrow

    Wednesday, January 30: assembly schedule for awards

    Class: WW 10 E was turned in. WW 10 s/g was reviewed after the f/c were taped-in on pages 98-99 (table of contents updated).  The ‘A’ of “SOS”-TP-CASTT was completed for three different cover versions of the song. This entailed the students selecting three words to describe the tone and three words to describe the mood of each song as it was played. These were discussed and compared between the versions.

    HM: Complete the WW 10 study guide. Test tomorrow.

    WW 10 s/g

    Listen, don't view. We will be viewing these next week. Don't be a spoiler. :) 

    1. Simon "SOS"

    2. Nouela "SOS"

    3. Disturbed "SOS"

    Thursday, January 31: Movie field trip for qualifying students (academics and behavior)


    We completed the ‘S,’ and ‘T,’ portion of “SOS” TP-CASTT. Students need to finish ten 6-word memoir titles as homework

    HM: finish titles and study for WW test

    'S' shifts

    'T' title

    Friday, February 1:   

    Class: WW 10 s/g collected from those who were on the field trip yesterday. Mechanics Matters 4.2b completed and checked for accuracy. WW 10 quiz.  Period 1 & 7 completed the analysis portion of “SOS”-TP-CASTT.  Period 2 completed the ‘S,’ and a portion of the ‘T’. Period 3 completed the ‘S’ and began their ten 6-word memoir titles and need to finish the rest as homework.  Period 4- Period 2 completed the ‘S,’ and a portion of the ‘T’.

    HM: Period 1 & 7-make sure your FOR on the c/e map is complete. Period 3-finish your 6-word memoirs.

    "SOS" TP-CASTT   'S'

    "SOS" TP-CASTT   Title

    "SOS" TP-CASTT  Theme

    Quarter 3 Week 3 of 10

    January 21-25, 2019 

    Periods 1, 2, 3, and 4

    Monday, January 21: No school today in remembrance of MLK, Jr.

    Class: none

    HM:  none

    Tuesday, January 22: planner copied

    Class:  Planners were copied. WW 10 words introduced. A-D explained and due dates filled- in on the intro page of the lesson. We completed the self-assessment of the final draft. Last day essays were accepted with a late pass for credit.

    HM: complete WW 10 f/c and begin A-D

    Wednesday, January 23: 

    Class:  WW10 flashcards were checked for completion and reviewed.  Students began a peer assessment of the "HB"/AH essay.

    Homework:  Complete WW10 A-D.  It is due tomorrow.

    *Grades have been updated in Aeries.*

    Thursday, January 24:

    Class:  WW 10 A-D was checked for completion. Peer assessment of the “HB”/AH essay continued.


    Friday, January 25:   

    Class: Mechanics Matters Unit 4 introduced. This page was taped in the composition book page 7. Tone and mood was discussed in relation to our previous novels, short stories, and films this year. The pages were taped into pages 60-62.  “The Sounds of Silence” was introduced using the TP-CASST method- classes completed the ‘T’ and ‘P’ portion.    See below for handouts and the PowerPoint slide for “SOS”-‘T’ and ‘P’.

    HM: none

    Tone and mood handouts for composition book.


    “SOS”- ‘P’

    Quarter 3

    Week 2 of 10: January 14-18, 2019 

    Period 7

    Monday, January 14: 

    Class: Planner was copied and resources were taped into composition book. Final draft requirements were discussed and inserted into the back inside cover of the composition book. Each student needs to turn in a total of four copies of their final draft Thursday, 01/17/19 following the format provided on the final draft instruction sheet. Student numbers for the essay were provided. The opening paragraph was reviewed and two resource pages inserted (pp 56-57). Four closing paragraph resource pages were inserted-‘triggers’ and ‘how’- So What? So Why? These were discussed; a sample closing paragraph was read aloud, and marked-up following the guidelines of the rubric. Students had time to begin writing their closing paragraph for the remainder of the period.

    HM:  complete WW 9 E and work on your final draft of your essay/revisions-use the rubric


    Opening resources for composition book

    Closing resources for composition book

    Final draft requirements 

    PPT Slides- closing, sample, requirements


    Tuesday, January 15:

    Class:  We completed the self-assessment of the rough draft. Questions were addressed/answered. Film- 2081: students were asked to identify a minimum of 15 plus differences between the short story, “Harrison Bergeron” and the film version, 2081. Additionally, students were asked to recognize parallels between the story/film and the story “Sleeping Beauty” and/or the story of the Crucifixion?

    HM: continue your final draft of your essay/revisions-use the rubric and your composition book. Your final draft is typed or in blue/black ink following MLA format-due Thursday, 01/17/19. Make sure you have all four copies with you prior to the start of class. All prewriting will be turned in Thursday-maps and rough draft.

    WW 9 E due tomorrow.



     Works Cited page

    Wednesday, January 16:

    Class: WW 9 E was collectedWe were in the computer lab for the CAHKS. Students had three choices after the survey: work on WW 9 study guide, type/handwrite essay, or read.  

    HM: Your final draft of your essay is due tomorrow. Make sure you bring in four copies-see your final draft instructions in the back of your composition book. All prewriting will be collected tomorrow: maps, rough draft-assessed with rubric scored and attached.


    Thursday, January 17:

    Class: All prewriting-maps and assessed rough draft were collected. Students gave themselves a score they believed they deserved/earned prior to turning in their work. Their final draft - 4 copies- were paper-clipped together and a self-assessment was begun on the one with their name and number. This will be completed in class Tuesday. Students were reminded that I will not be in class tomorrow; therefore, those without their work today (late essay) will not turn it in to the substitute tomorrow. Late is late, whether it is Friday or Tuesday.

    HM: study for test-use f/c and/or s/g.

    Study Guide


    Collected today/point value


    Friday, January 18:  Substitute today-essays are not to be turned in today while I am gone. All late essay’s MUST be self-assessed and require a late pass on Tuesday.

    Class: WW 9 study-guided corrected.  WW 9 Test. Tape in WW 9 flash cards into composition book after the test.  Begin WW 10 f/c if time permits.  

    HM: none

    Quarter 3

    Week 1 of 10: January 7-11, 2019 

    Period 7

    Monday, January 7: planner copied/due dates written into WW books

    Class: Three quarter three late work/potty passes were passed out. Students were asked to write their name in ink on these and place them in a safe place. These will not be replaced if lost/stolen. We completed a WW 9 vocabulary and A-D introduction. Flash cards were started. “Dude” a student written passage was read aloud and transitions were identified and highlighted. These transitions were appropriately placed on the branches of a transitions classification map. We will wrap up this activity tomorrow.  

    HM:  review your elaboration map from “HB” and AH- is it done? What about the opening paragraph? Complete WW 9 f/c.

    "Dude" transition practice

    Tuesday, January 8:

    Class:  WW 9 f/c were practiced with a partner while I checked them for completionWe completed the “Dude” transition tree map begun yesterday. Next, we backwards mapped reason 1, the opening, and closing of “Dude” similarly to the elaboration maps for Among the Hidden and “Harrison Bergeron.”  Reason two and three were to be completed with their partner.  

    HM: Complete WW 9 A-D.

    "Dude" backwards map

    Wednesday, January 9:

    Class: Opening paragraph of essay was reviewed and we moved to the “Harrison Bergeron” elaboration map. “Talk off the map” to add transitions. Using a different color pen/pencil, we talked-off and added transitional words/phrases to each piece of the “HB” map (paragraph 2).  Did it sound correct? Appropriate? Next, the sentence was written off the map beneath the opening paragraph. We continued this process through the map/paragraph two. Students had time to work on this paragraph in class.

    HM: finish your rough draft of “HB” paragraph 2 and complete paragraph 3. We will write ATH off the map tomorrow.

    Thursday, January 10:

    Class: WW 9 A-D due/collected. Students ‘talked-off’ adding appropriate compare/contrast transitions and ‘wrote-off’ from their Among the Hidden map. This is paragraph #4 the essay. Complete paragraph #5 in the same manner tonight.

    HM: complete paragraph 4 and 5. Rough draft (opening through the paragraph 5) due tomorrow.

    Quarter 2 Final Week

    December 17-20, 2018

    Periods 1, 2, 3, and 4

    ****Turn in your Among the Hidden books by Thursday, December 20th ****

    Monday, December 17: planner copied

    Class: Students had 15 minutes to work on WW 5-8 review while I checked their Wordly Wise quarter 2 (Lessons 5- 8) f/c in their composition book. Elaboration map- Parallels to Among the Hidden how/reason #1 with evidence (quote/s).

    HM:  Finish parallel how/reason #1 with evidence (quote/s).

    HM: WW 5-8 review due Tuesday, 12/18/Thursday, 12/20 for Periods 1, 2, and 3 and Wednesday, 12/19 for Periods 4 and 7.

     Elab. Map Parallel #1 

    Wednesday, December 19:

    Class: WW 5-8 review collected. Analogy map- HB parallels to AH was collected. This map had the brainstorm of sacrifices on the back. Sequence map- Noises with FOR- setting was also collected. The elaboration map was completed today-parallels to Among the Hidden how/reason #2 with evidence (quote/s). The opening paragraph was written today using a simile as a hook and a template. See slides.   

    HM: make sure your elaboration map is complete-both sides. Opening paragraph rough draft using template.


    Elab Map Parallel #2

    Opening Paragraph


    Thursday, December 20:

    Class: Quarter 2 late/potty passes collected. WW 5-8 review graded. WW books left here on the shelf. Students had time to wrap-up either their elaboration map and/or opening paragraph-no homework over break. Students removed stivky notes from their Among the Hidden books and returned it the library if their quotes were completed on their map. Some students chose to leave their completed prewriting (map and opening) here at school in the bin for 'safekeeping'. 

    HM: none. Enjoy the Holiday Season with your family and friends. Merry Christmas and see you next year!

    Friday, December 14: no school today



    Quarter 2 Week 8 of 8

    December 10-14, 2018

    Period 7

    Monday, December 10: 

    Class: Wordly Wise Lesson 8 f/c were practiced after copying their planner. We completed a discussion in the Frame of reference on their sequence map of noises: setting/television as a powerful force. Next, we identified common relationships/parallels between the novel, Among the Hidden and the short story, “Harrison Bergeron.” We showed these relationships using an analogies map (Bridge map). Students need to have a total of eight parallels. On the back of the paper, we brainstormed the sacrifices that were made in “Harrison Bergeron” using a defining map (circle map).

    HM:  Finish identifying parallels-you need eight. Big Ideas and Similes are due tomorrow. These are on the front and back of one paper.

    HM: Start working on WW 8 E due Wednesday, 12/12. If you need help, you can come to tutoring tomorrow afterschool from 2:30 to 3:30. WW 8 test on Friday, 12/14. This is the last test of the quarter.  

    Among the Hidden parallels to "Harrison Bergeron" analogies map

    Sacrifice brainstorm

    Tuesday, December 11

    Class:  The Big Ideas and Similes analogies maps were collected. Together we identified and circled sacrifices in the brainstorm map from “HB” that also occurred in ATH. These similarities were the ribbon to our expository writing prompt: How do Kurt Vonnegut and Margaret Peterson Haddix warn their readers of the potential drawbacks of an all too powerful government?  We dissected the prompt into its parts and created a thinking map that supported the prompts question. Most students completed the ‘sequence of effects’ map in class.  

    HM: Finish the sequence of effects map. WW 8E due tomorrow- make sure you are restating the questions in your answers, using WW’s, and parenthetical citations.

    Prompt and Sequence of Effects map

    Wednesday, December 12:

    Class: WW 8 E due/collectedSequence of effects map was reviewed. This sequence of effects map and a handout/format of the elaboration map was stapled to piece of large white construction paper. The construction paper was folded into four columns matching the elaboration map. Students in groups practiced ‘Global and distinctly different ideas’ by naming the idea based on given examples. Next, the elaboration map was introduced. Student chose one of their two big ideas from their sequence of effects map and wrote it on the construction paper. Together, using definitions, the idea was clarified.  “HB” example 1 and evidence for example #1 was explained. Students began adding ideas to their paper and should work on this tonight.

    HM: work on elaboration map- “HB” example 1 and evidence

    Elaboration Map


    Thursday, December 13: substitute today 5th through 7th 

    Class: WW 8 S/G and f/c tape-in composition book. Finish elaboration map- “HB” example 1 and begin “HB” example 2.

    HM: Study guide and unfinished portion of elaboration map

    Elaboration Map


    Friday, December 14: substitute today

    Class: WW 8 S/G due. WW 8 Test. Elaboration map- finish “HB” example 2 and evidence

    HM: WW 5-8 review due Tuesday, 12/18 for Periods 1, 2, and 3 and Wednesday, 12/19 for Periods 4 and 7.  WW Lessons 5-8 f/c tape-in will be checked Monday.

    Elaboration Map



    Quarter 2 Week 7 of 8

    December 3-7, 2018

    Period 7

    Monday, December 3: copy planner

    Class: Wordly Wise Lesson 8 vocabulary introduction and f/c assigned-due tomorrow. We wrote notes in our composition book page 188 regarding analogies. These notes should be used when completing WW 8 Part D; a ‘relating factor’ should be written into your book for each analogy/question. Satire and a dystopian-like society was defined. We completed a first read/listen of “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut. We listened to ‘get the gist’ of the story and also marked and Signposts noticed (blue pen/highlighter). A minimum of 15+ SP should be identified and 5 Anchor Questions on the back of the story answered.  

    HM:  Finish identifying a minimum of 15 Signposts and answer 5 Anchor questions.

    HM: You should be adding the ‘glitter and glamor’ to your Among the Hidden Graphic Essay project. Otherwise, it is completed in all other areas. Due tomorrow. 

    HM: WW 8 f/c due Tuesday, 12/4; A-D due Thursday, 12/6; E due Wednesday, 12/12. Study guide due and test on Friday, 12/14. 

    "Harrison Bergeron" audio link

    Tuesday, December 4

    Class:  Students discussed found Signposts while projects were collected and f/c checked for completion. The comments in AERIES will state if your child DID NOT turn in their project today.  We continued our close read of “HB” looking for/sharing additional Signposts. Five anchor questions should be answered. We added an additional layer to this close read: big ideas. We set up an analogies map and completed three of these together in class. Students should complete this analogies map at home tonight through page three of the story.

    HM: finish the analogies map through page three of the story. Answer 5 Anchor Questions.

    Big Ideas Analogies Map 

    Wednesday, December 5:

    Class: Students discussed in groups the Big Ideas and Signposts they identified on pages 2 and 3 of “HB.” As a class, we dissected each paragraph of page four together for SP’s and BI’s. Students are to finish as homework pages 5 and 6 tonight in the same manner. Another layer was added to this close read: similes. We set up the analogies map with two relating factors and completed an example from paragraph 6 together. Groups had some time in class to hunt for at some more similes together. The map should have seven similes. 

    HM: WW A-D due Thursday, 12/6. Finish “HB”.  

    Similes Map

    Thursday, December 6a snowy-good time

    Class: WW 8 A-D corrected and collected. Declaration of Independence activity and the Quickwrite was collected. We completed a second simile example together and added it to the Analogies Map. Students had time to locate and determine the meaning of similes in groups- finish as homework tonight. A sequence map was begun to recount the noises broadcast by the government and their increased intensity and violence. We located the first three ‘noises/sounds’ and discussed the use of and purpose for the specific noise used. We will continue tomorrow.  

    HM: Your 15+ Signposts and 5 Anchor questions from Monday/Tuesday should be done. The Big Ideas analogies map with two examples each (class Tuesday) needs to be wrapped up. Tonight finish the similes map, a total of seven, from class Wednesday/Thursday. Don’t fall behind. These will be collected next week.


    Big Ideas Map

     Similes Map

    Sounds Sequence Map

    Friday, December 7:

    Class: WW book were returned and time was spent reviewing the next story-WW8E, due on 12/12. We completed the recount of the escalating noises in the sequence. A peer discussion of the Frame of reference: setting/television was begun, but will be completed on Monday.

    HM: WW 8 E due Wednesday, 12/12. Study guide due and test on Friday, 12/14. 

    Sounds Sequence Map

    "Harrison Bergeron" link

    Quarter 2 Week 6 of 8

    November 26-30, 2018 for Period 7

    Monday, November 26: copied planner

    Class:  WW books were returned and students either practiced their f/c or set-up WW7E. We taped- in TM text structures and signal words into page 46, TM map combinations page 47, elaboration strategies-Maggie and Dude  pages 53-54. These will be utilized during mini-lessons throughout the week and school year. Graphic Essay project ‘q and a’. Project paper passed out. A pre-reading activity was begun starting with the Declaration of Independence- agreements (+), disagreements (-), question(?), and comments. Students also defined the following: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness according to the authors of the document. We will continue tomorrow.


    HM: Complete WW 7 E-due Thursday, 11/29. You can go to tutoring Tuesday for help with any unanswered WW7 questions or to work on your project. Among the Hidden Graphic Essay - work on a little bit each night and before you know it, you will have a masterpiece.  This is due next week Tuesday. 

    Tuesday, November 27: 

    Class: Transitions- Family Vacation Cloze activity. Transitions were identified as to their purpose/function and color-coded. A short passage was read. Appropriate and varied transitions were selected based on their purpose/function and placed into the passage.   Students shared their definitions for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Part 2 of the question was shared aloud as well.

    HM: AtH Graphic Essay project. Make sure you have your WW 7 f/c and tape tomorrow. You will have a substitute, so be on your best behavior.

    Wednesday, November 28: substitute today. 

    Thursday, November 29:

    Class: WW 7 E was collected as was the transitions worksheet. We reviewed yesterday’s vocabulary handout for our upcoming short story, “Harrison Bergeron.” It is due tomorrow.  Each class finished the Declaration of Independence. Students generated a definition for equality using a circle map; three forms of equality were discussed and added. Periods 1 through 3 also discussed the importance of completion and whether they agree or disagreed. Period 4 will continue here tomorrow.   

    HM: AtH Graphic Essay project. Finish your study guide. There will not be a WW test tomorrow.

    Friday, November 30:

    Class: Study Guides were corrected and collected. Vocabulary for “Harrison Bergeron” was checked for accuracy; students evaluated their inferred definitions with a plus, check, or minus before turning in the worksheet. We completed ‘the competition is necessary’ (agree/disagree) explanation and class discussion. The social divisions found in Among the Hidden were discussed as a class activity on the board, and a five-minute Quickwrite was completed.


    HM: The Among the Hidden Graphic Essay project is due Tuesday.  

    Quarter 2 Week 5 of 8

    November 12-16, 2018

    for Period 7

    MondayNovember 12: Veteran’s Day

    Class: no class today       


    Tuesday, November 13:  copy planner

    Class: MM 2.7 was completed. WW 7 was introduced and students had time to work on/complete their f/c. Graded work was returned and placed in a folder. Students were asked to take this out of their backpacks when they got home.

    HM: Tonight read Chapters 18-20 and sticky-note what you notice-SP’s and BI’s. Finish/study WW 7 f/c-due tomorrow.

    Wednesday, November 14:

    Class: WW 7 f/c due- f/c checked for completion while students practiced with their neighbor. MM Unit 2 part b’s- 2.2b and 2.4b only were completed. We reviewed some ideas/examples from Among the Hidden that support big ideas. In addition, the elaboration plan with FOR (blue paper) was further discussed with an explanation and an example provided on the board on how it can be filled in and what a ‘plan’ could look like.  Each class had between 15-25 minutes to read and sticky note (chapters 21-25) or work on the graphic essay project if the reading is complete.


    HM: Read Chapters 21-25. Sticky-note Signposts you notice, as well as, Big Ideas. OR You should plan-create the elaboration map with a frame of reference (FOR).  WW 7 A-D due tomorrow.

    Graphic Essay Elaboration Map/Plan Set-Up

    Thursday, November 15:

    Class: WW 7 A-D was self-corrected and turned inWe connected some additional examples with big ideas/themes and tell-me more’s. We placed them into a elaboration map on the whiteboard and practiced talking-it off the map. Classes had twenty to twenty-five minutes to read and sticky note chapters 26-30 or work on the graphic essay plan if they had already finished reading. The elaboration map includes a frame of reference (FOR). Those not finished reading were reminded that they need to tonight.        


    HM: finish reading chapters 26-30. Sticky-note Signposts you notice, as well as, Big Ideas. Make sure MM Unit 2 is complete. It will be collected tomorrow.


    Graphic Essay Elaboration Map/Plan Set-Up

    Global Ideas, Themes/Big Ideas, and Examples found in AtH

    Friday, November 16:

    Class: MM Unit 2 duePaper for graphic essay poster was passed out. Students created/continued creating their plan-elaboration map. It was expected that the three big ideas/themes, examples, and tell-me-more’s were filled in (words/phrases only, sentences not required for the plan/map) by the end of the class period.   


    HM: Did you finish reading Among the Hidden as required Thursday, 11/15? Work on your Graphic Essay Poster? Due Tuesday, December 4th. Enjoy your Thanksgiving break with family and friends.   

    Graphic Essay Poster Project

    Quarter 2 Week 4 of 8

    November 5-9, 2018

    Period 7

    Monday, November 5: students copy planner

    Class: WW 6 f/c practice. Pre-reading activities for Among the Hidden: agree and disagree statements in groups with two individual reflection questions. We had time to start ‘possible sentences’ and ‘questions I still have.’ We will finish tomorrow during book check-out.


    *Bring a new zip-loc baggy to school for novel and earn extra credit points. Have your ID card with you tomorrow or you won’t be able to check out your book.       

    HM: Complete WW 6 E tonight.

    Pre-reading: ‘possible sentences’ and ‘questions I still have.’  

    Tuesday, November 6: 

    Class: MM 2.5a was completed. Pre-reading activity for Among the Hidden ‘possible sentences’ and ‘questions I still have’ were completed and shared with the class. Students checked out their novel Among the Hidden and received extra credit today for coming to class with their ID card and zip-loc storage baggy. Students were shown how to get to the class webpage for ATH and listen to the chapter audios (speed up/slow down and turn on the subtitles).  Link below.  As students read, they will need to sticky-note Signposts noticed, as well as, Big Ideas. Students should use their blue bookmark as a guide. Chapter 1 was read aloud and sticky-noted. Students were told that there will be assigned chapters each day. The book will be completed by Thursday, 11/15. If you read ahead, don’t be a spoiler-those only belong on cars not in the classroom.

    HM: Tonight read Chapter 2-5 and sticky-note what you notice-SP’s and BI’s.

    Pre-reading: ‘possible sentences’ and ‘questions I still have.’  

    ATH audio links by chapter and project information.

    Wednesday, November 7:

    Class: WW 6 E due/collected. Each class had time to work on/complete the front side of the WW 6 s/g and tape-in their f/c to pages 90-91 in their composition book. Students revisited and revised, as necessary, their ‘possible sentences’ and questions from Monday-these were collected. ATH Graphic Essay Poster Project was introduced. We will finish the intro tomorrow.    

    HM: Read Chapters 6-10. Sticky-note Signposts you notice, as well as, Big Ideas.  Complete the s/g before class Friday.

    Thursday, November 8:

    Class: MM 2.6a was completed. We finished the ATH Graphic Essay Poster Project introduction. Students read for the remainder of the class period.  

    HM: finish reading chapters 11-15. Sticky-note Signposts you notice, as well as, Big Ideas. Review your s/g for tomorrows test 

    Friday, November 9:

    Class: WW 6 s/g was corrected and collected. Students completed WW 6 TestThe remaining of the period was spent reading. Students were advised that next week we will be finishing the book and using class time to plan their graphic essay poster. Materials may be brought to class for the poster.


    HM: read through chapter 17 or more :)  Sticky-note Signposts you notice, as well as, Big Ideas.

    Quarter 2 Week 3 of 8:

    October 29- November 2, 2018

    Period 7

    Monday, October 29: 

    Class: Time was given for students to copy this weeks planner. WW 6 vocabulary was introduced and we went over parts A-D. We reviewed the expectations on their handout by highlighting/color-coding the paragraph format, elaboration map, and example paragraph. Students began their own elaboration map using their opinion, clarification statement/ideas with these expectations in mind. Everyone was reminded to finish it as homework if they didn’t finish the map in class.      

    HM: Make sure elaboration map is completed: 2 examples with three tell-mores for each including a c/e and/or c/c.  

    HM: WW 6 due Tuesday, 10/30. A-D due Thursday, 11/01.  E due Wednesday, 11/7 and study guide passed out. Study guide due and test Friday, 11/09.

    Color-coded handout

    Elaboration map

    Tuesday, October 30: 

    Class: WW 6 f/c were practiced/checked for completion. We reviewed the rubric for the elaborative paragraph.  Using the completed elaboration map, students began their rough draft following these steps: ‘talked-off’ the map, added an appropriate transition (pages 50-52 in composition book), talked it again and asked/answered “does it sound right?” Next, they ‘wrote-off’ the map (rough draft) and made sure to cross off the elaborative map as each box was completed. If the rough draft wasn’t completed in class, it needs to be finished as homework.

    HM: finish writing off the map- rough draft due tomorrow.

    Talk-off, write-off PPT Slide 

    Wednesday, October 31: minimum day/staff development

    Class: Requirements for the final draft were reviewed: MLA format and 2 copies (one for your portfolio and one to assess), due on Friday. Using the rubric (pink paper passed out yesterday), student’s located/marked-up their paragraph according to the criteria and gave themselves a rough draft score. The mark-ups were color-coded and labeled just like the elaboration map. This is your baseline score to understand where you can improve/revise your paragraph. There will be some time in class tomorrow to work on their final draft.  

    HM: Work on your paragraph improvements/revisions. Use the rubric as your guide and resources in your composition book.  

    *Marked-up paragraph with rubric and the elaboration map with transitions will be collected  on Friday with your final draft.



    Wednesday, October 31: minimum day/staff development

    Class: Requirements for the final draft were reviewed: MLA format and 2 copies (one for your portfolio and one to assess), due on Friday. Using the rubric (pink paper passed out yesterday), student’s located/marked-up their paragraph according to the criteria and gave themselves a rough draft score. The mark-ups were color-coded and labeled just like the elaboration map. This is your baseline score to understand where you can improve/revise your paragraph. There will be some time in class tomorrow to work on their final draft.  

    HM: Work on your paragraph improvements/revisions. Use the rubric as your guide and resources in your composition book.  

    *Marked-up paragraph with rubric and the elaboration map with transitions will be collected  on Friday with your final draft.



    Friday, November 2:

    Class: MM 2.4a was completed. WW books returned. Students followed the step-by-step process for completing a final self-assessment of their final draft paragraph using the blue rubric. The following was papercliped together and collected at the close of the period: elaboration map with highlighted name and transitions, rough draft with scored pink rubric stapled, final draft portfolio copy, and on the top of the stack was the self-assessed final draft with the blue, scored rubric stapled to the marked-up paragraph.


    HM: WW 6 E due Wednesday, 11/7 and study guide will be passed out. Study guide due and test on Friday, 11/09.

    Final Self-Assessment Rubric

    Quarter 2 Week 2 of 8

    October 22-26, 2018 for Period 7

    Monday, October 22: 

    Class: Today we focused on the other side of the cause and effect map-Effects of the change. Students brainstormed with their partner five+ effects from the five causes. We added the effect language/transitions to our composition book pages 50-51. Students practice talking their ideas off the map –cause, prompt, effect using different transitions.  Each class began writing the ideas off the map 3 different ways-see PPT slide- and finish as homework.   

    HM: finish writing your c/e’s off the map; begin WW 5 E

    PPT slide: Cause/Effect- write it off the map 3 Ways

    Tuesday, October 23: 

    Class: Students had time to work on WW 5 E, f/c practice, or wrap up their c/e sentences from yesterday. We reviewed each of the three sentences, highlighting the punctuation and transitions in each.  Elaboration practice continued today. Students compared and contrasted two characters of their choice using a compare/contrast map.  With a partner, they determined how the two characters are both alike and different-thinking of characteristics, experiences, values/morals, etc. Students utilized their resource section of their composition book pages 133-175 as a springboard. Compare/contrast transition language was added to the elaboration techniques tree map pages 50-51. The map, if incomplete, needs to be finished as homework.

    HM: finish your c/c map. WW 5E due tomorrow. Test on Friday, 10/26.


    Compare,Contrast map

    Wednesday, October 24:

    Class: Students taped in their WW 5 f/c into pages 88-89 and began their WW 5 S/G. WW 5E was collected. Each class practiced “talking” ideas off the compare/contrast map using appropriate transitions (page 50-51). C/C needed to be written it off the map four different ways- 2 contrasts and 2 comparisons; transitions and punctuation needed to be highlighted. Students were asked to finish this as homework. The writing prompt was reviewed and students went o their c/e map and selected one of the ideas to deal with for their paper. An example of an opinion statement including TAG and clarification statement using an appropriate transition was provided. Students should finish writing their own opinion/clarification statement tonight.


    HM: Finish your c/c map write-off, and opinion/clarification statement


    Compare/Contrast write off


    Opinion, Clarification Statement

    Thursday, October 25:

    Class: Students completed an opinion statement and clarification statement with transition. They practiced switching the statements and selected the one they preferred. We continued with strategies moving on to ‘examples’ and ‘additions’. We added examples transitions and addition transition to the elaboration techniques tree map (page 50-51). A handout was provided for the PPT slides, so students can refer to the steps as we go through them. An example paragraph with an opinion statement, clarification statement, and each of the strategies we have been practicing ( c/c, c/e, and newest example, addition) was shared. Students created an elaboration map and filled in their opinion, clarification ideas. They were asked to think of two examples they could use to support their statements by tomorrow.

    HM: review your s/g and come up with two examples that support your opinion.

    Handout-PPT Slides

    Friday, October 26:

    Class: WW 5 study guide was collected and WW 5 test completed. Students tallied their RT-SP and RT-BI and turned these in. Students self-assessed their cause/effect map and write-off’s, compare/contrast map and write-off’s. These, too, were turned in. Time was spent working on WW 6 flashcards after completing the WW5 test. We will continue with our RT- expository writing/elaboration map next week. 


    HM: WW 6 due Tuesday, 10/30. A-D due Thursday, 11/01.  E due Wednesday, 11/07 and study guide passed out. Study guide due and test Friday, 11/09.


    Quarter 2 Week 1 of 8: Period 7

    October 15-19, 2018

    Monday, October 15: 

    Class:  Mechanics Matters Unit 2 introduction completed. WW 5 new words introduced, Parts A-D reviewed, and students copied due dates into their workbooks. Good Words resources were inserted into their resource section of their composition book pages 179 through 187. Students created a tree map in their ‘Word Collector’ section with three branches (nouns, verbs, and feelings). They choose words from each of the resources that they think relate to the Titans and could be used to make their memoirs stronger/better. Each branch should have 15 plus words. Tonight students should revise memoirs, perhaps using these better/ more precise words. Late passes/potty passes for the quarter were passed out and the late work policy was reviewed.  

    HM: Complete WW 5 flash cards- due tomorrow. Finish/revise Remember the Titans memoirs X10 and best 1 to a final project with an illustration-due tomorrow. Journals 1 through 3 will be collected tomorrow after we complete Journal 4. 

    Late work policy

    Resources that were inserted today pages 179-187

    Tuesday, October 16: 

    Class: WW 5 f/c were practiced and checked for completion. Memoirs were collected while students completed their RT Word Collection tree map (15+ per branch) using their resources inserted yesterday and finished the MM Unit 2 practice. Students watched a short video, "I am not black; you’re not white" and completed  journal response #4. Journals 1 through 4 will be collected tomorrow.

    HM: WW 1-4 crossword review and check that Journals 1 through 4 are thorough.



    Journal 1


    Journal 2


    Journal 3



    "I am not black; you’re not white."    


    Journal 4

    Wednesday, October 17:

    Class: Mechanics Matters Lesson 2.1a was completed with a partner and corrected whole class. Journals 1 through 4 were collected. We will begin working with four more elaboration techniques in the next several days:  example, addition, cause/effect, and compare/contrast using what you know about the Titans as your focus for writing. Students were instructed that the writing prompt should guide the thinking map they will use organize their ideas/information. Students talked with their neighbors to determine the appropriate map for the prompt. After some discussion and dissecting of the prompt’s language, the expository prompt (writing to explain), will begin with a cause and effect map.  Classes created a cause map and brainstormed at least 5 causes that produced change in the film. We completed two causes together and the other three needed to be completed with their partner. If they did not come up with five, they were instructed to finish as homework. 

    HM: finish WW 5 A-D


    Cause map

    Thursday, October 18: Great American Shakeout today at 10:18 during 4th period and Meet the Bulldogs Assembly

    Class: WW 1-4 crossword and WW 5 A-D due; students corrected their WW 5 A-D and turned in their books.  Elaboration practice continued in. Students shared their ideas to a class map: ‘causes for change’ in RT. Students need five + on their map. We added the language of a cause map to pages 50-51 into our composition book elaboration strategies/techniques tree map. Using this ‘language’/transitions, students began to practice talking off the map, but we ran out of time. We will continue tomorrow and then write it off the map. 

    HM: none


    Cause map

    Cause transition for page 50-51

    Friday, October 19:

    Class: Mechanics Matters Lesson 2.2a was completed. WW books were returned and the Part E expectations sheet was taped into the inside cover with example answers. Classes finished talking off the map their causes. The back of the paper was used to write off the map all five into complete sentences using good language and appropriate cause transitions.

    HM: make sure all five are written off-the map; begin working on WW 5E if you week coming up is busy.

    Quarter 1 Week 8 of 8: Period 7

    October 8-12, 2018

    Monday, October 8

    Class: Journal #3-Fight was completed today while I walked around and collected the “Lesson of the Dead” analysis. We continued watching RT- NN Signposts and big ideas. Before dismissal, students were reminded to work on WW 4 E as homework.

    HM: WW 4 E due Wednesday, 10/10. Make sure your journal is complete: roughly ¾ to a full page.

    Journal #3-Fight

    Remember the Titans - getting off the bus

    Rule it like Titans speech

     Remember the Titans - He's Taking Alan Out!  

    Tuesday, October 9:

    Class: WW 4 f/c were practice with a partner. We reviewed our bookmark of Signposts and big ideas. Each class continued the film- NN Signposts and big ideas were added to their handouts; students were to highlight in a different color than yesterday.

    HM: Complete the rest of WW 4 E


    Peace Train Remember the Titans  

    Titans Dance  

    Wednesday, October 10:

    Class: WW 4 E was turned in today. Students worked on their study guide while I checked taped-in f/c lessons 1 through 4 in their composition book.  Each class continued the film- NN Signposts and big ideas were added to their handouts; students were to highlight in a different color than yesterday.

    HM: study guide and answer anchor questions


     WW 4 study Guide

    Remember The Titans Scene: Leave No Doubt

    Remember the Titans - Not Another Yard

    Gary and Julius In Hospital

    Thursday, October 11:

    Class: Classes completed the film today- NN Signposts and big ideas on their handouts/papers. Some time was spent processing what we have watched the last two weeks. The 6-Word Memoir project was introduced. We modified directions on page 116 in their composition book for RT. Students will compose ten Remember the Titans memoirs and take their best one to a “project” due Tuesday. In others words, ten memoirs will be turned in on one side of their card and on the front of the card will be their best memoir using appropriate font and color with an appropriate picture/illustration. We brainstormed for seven minutes in each class period. After tomorrow’s WW 4 test, students will be given time to work on the next steps of their memoir and receive their project paper.   

    HM: 6-word memoirs step 2 and study guide


    RT 6-Word Memoirs

    Remember the Titans - Soul of a Man Speech  


     Fake 23 Blast

      Final Scene - Goodbye  

    Friday, October 12: Last day of Quarter 1. *Collected late/potty pass(es) for extra credit.

    Class: Wordly Wise books were returned. The s/g was collected and WW 4 Test completed. An index card was set-up for the memoir project. We went over the next steps on page 116 of their composition book to understand how to reach the depth of thought required. All students after the test, worked on their memoirs.

    HM: Memoirs X10 and best one to a final project with an applicable illustration due Tuesday.  

    Upcoming due Dates/homework: WW 5 f/c due Tuesday, 10/16. WW 1-4 review and WW 5 A-D due Thursday, 10/18. WW 5 E due Wednesday, 10/24. Test on Friday, 10/26.

    RT 6-Word Memoirs

    Quarter 1 Week 7 of 8: Period 7

    October 1-5, 2018

    Monday, October 1

    Class: Students were given time to copy their planner and were reminded that their WW 4 f/c are due tomorrow. Opening scene- Remember the Titans was collected.  A NN-Signpost and BI tracker sheet was passed out. Students were advised to have a goal of 15 Signpost notations and a goal of 15 big idea notations for today. *When students run out of room on their paper, they will use your own paper recreating the columns themselves or print from the link below. For students on independent study, we watched to the 21:31 minute mark of the film today.

    HM: Answer the SP anchor questions. Your goal is 15 SP and 15 BI- do your best. WW 4   f/c due Tuesday, 10/02.

    Signpost Tracker Sheet for Titans

    Big Ideas Tracker Sheet for Titans

    Upcoming HM: A-D due Thursday, 10/04; E due Wednesday, 10/10; s/g collected and test on Friday, 10/12. Last day of quarter Friday, 10/12

    Tuesday, October 2: PTO Bulldog Card Kick off Assembly & Tompkins Excellent Awards at 1:18

    Class: WW 4 f/c were practiced while I checked them for completion. Remember the Titans- Journal #1: Is it okay to sacrifice one for the greater good? We brainstormed prior to a six minute free-write response. Continued film- noting Big Ideas and Signposts answering anchor questions *students were given a goal of 5- 7 each. We stopped at 27:54. Answer the SP anchor questions at home. 

    HM: make sure you have responded to the journal question ~approx. a full page in length. Complete WW 4 A-D due Thursday

     Journal Response #1

     Lunch scene from Remember the Titans  

    Wednesday, October 3

    Class: Introduction to MM, Unit 2:  Clauses and Phrases- independent clauses through the subordinating conjunctions section was completed. The MM Unit 2 was added to pages 4 and 5 of the composition book. “Lesson of the Dead” scene analysis packet was passed out. As a class, we reviewed and discussed the provided visual images and language. We added inferred details, Signposts, and big ideas. Tomorrow, we will watch the scene with this key information in mind. The explanation portion will be assigned as homework Thursday night. 

    HM: make sure you have completed WW 4 A-D

    preview of  "Lesson of the Dead" Gettysburg ~optional ~

    Thursday, October 4:

    Class: WW 4 A-D was due and corrected.  Remember the Titans- “Lesson of the Dead” scene analysis packet reviewed and discussed some more. We began at the Bertier and Big Ju scene and watched through "Lesson of the Dead". The explanations should be worked on tonight as homework.

    HM: analysis of “Lesson of the Dead”- due Monday


     "Lesson of the Dead" Gettysburg

    Friday, October 5: Bus drills during homeroom today

    Class: WW books were returned and Part E assigned-due Wednesday. Part E expectations reviewed. Journal #2: Attitude is a reflection of leadership. Continued film- noted Signposts, answering anchor questions, and big ideas. 

    HM: “Lesson of the Dead” analysis due Monday.

    Upcoming homework dates: WW E due Wednesday, 10/10; s/g collected and test on Friday, 10/12. Last day of quarter Friday, 10/12.



    Journal #2

    Left Side, Strong Side

    Quarter 1 Week 6 of 8: Periods 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7

    September 24-28, 2018

    Parent Conference Week/ Minimum Days

    Tuesday, September 25: copy planner  

    Class: Students copied their planner, WW workbooks were returned and we spent time prepping part E/ reviewing expectations and due date. Finished Remember Part II- writing an opinion, clarification statement and reversing it. Both the tree map and statements were stapled together and turned inRemember Part III was read aloud. We began the opening scene of Remember the Titans –watched twice and then broke down the scene into its parts. A packet was passed out which displayed an image from each part of the scene; we identified the Signpost(s), Big Idea(s), bulleted the visual language, and together completed an explanation. We only completed through page 3-football practice. We only got to the ‘riot’ images.

    HM: Periods 4 and 7 Part E due Thursday, 09/27; s/g to be collected and test on Friday, 09/28

    Page 28-29, opinion, clarification statement, reverse it

    Thursday, September 27: 

     Class: Students practiced WW 3 f/c, taped them into their composition book pages 84-85, and updated their index page 79. The study guide was reviewed and several problems were completed whole class- due tomorrow before the test.  WW books were collected- WW3E due. We completed the analysis portion of the opening scene of Remember the Titans identifying Signposts, visual images, and Big Ideas as the scene was replayed several times. We completed an explanation together. Students were told to complete the remaining explanations as homework-due Monday.  

    HM: WW 3 study guide due tomorrow before the test on Friday, 09/28


    WW 3 Study Guide

    Friday, September 28: Periods-all

    Class: After students had some time to study with their neighbors, the s/g was collected. Students were reminded to complete the explanations as homework over the weekend. The WW 3 test was completed and WW 4 due dates were copied into their workbook. Those that needed flashcards were to get some. If time remained after the test, students worked on the opening scene, f/c, or read.

    HM: complete the opening scene packet

    Upcoming HM: WW 4   f/c due Tuesday, 10/02; A-D due Thursday, 10/04; E due Wednesday, 10/10; s/g collected and test on Friday, 10/12. Last day of quarter Friday, 10/12


    Quarter 1

    Week 5 of 8

    Period 7

    September 17-21, 2018

    Monday, September 17: copied planner; progress grades were emailed home today

    Class: WW 3 due dates were written into the workbook, words and definitions were marked up/reviewed, and A-D was introduced; extra credit was given for having the WW book in a baggy. We continued Remember: A Journey to School Integration Part 1- noting Signposts and answering the anchor questions. Students worked with a partner to associate one of their big ideas from page 44-45 in their composition book that exemplifies the text and photo “Girl with Doll.” This was written into an opinion statement on their green tree map. 

    HM: WW 3 f/c due Tuesday, 09/18; A-D due Thursday, 09/20; Part E due Thursday, 09/27; s/g to be collected and test on Friday, 09/28



    green tree map big ideas

    Opinion statement for green tree map/ big idea (sentence frame)

    Page 12-13

    Tuesday, September 18:  

    Class: Mechanics Matters Unit 1 Lesson 1.4 was completed and self-correted. The packet is due Friday. Students were told to complete any MM lessons that they missed due to a tardy, absence, or early check-out. WW 3 f/c were checked for completion and some time was given for practice. We reviewed “Girl with Doll” using the sentence frame that guided their response for the associated big idea. 

    Remember- Part 2 “The Open Gate” was read aloud and time was spent with their partner in discussion. A new green tree map was passed out for the Signposts. Students were advised that regular lined paper will be used for writing their Big Ideas. Students discussed, shared aloud, and completed the Signpost(s) and addressed the anchor question(s) for "Girls in Class" page 22-23. 

    HM: A-D due Thursday, 09/20; Remember Part 1 The Narrow Path is due Friday

    Part 2 green tree map

    "Girls in Class" page 22-23 

    Wednesday, September 19:

    Class: Students practiced their WW 3 f/c and were reminded Parts A-D are due tomorrow. Remember Part II- we continued noting Signposts, answering the anchor questions in partner discussions and sharing out whole class.

    HM: WW 3 A-D; make sure your MM Unit 1 packet is completed


    Page 22-23 SignPost: Notice and Note

     Page 28 SignPost: Notice and Note

    Page 35 SignPost: Notice and Note

    Thursday, September 20:

    Class: WW 3 A-D was corrected and collectedRemember Part II Signposts were completed and big ideas were discussed. This will be collected Monday/Tuesday next week. An introduction to elaboration was begun using clarification statements- we will continue tomorrow.  

    HM: Mechanics Matters Unit 1 packet and Remember Part 1 tree map are both due tomorrow


    Page 38: Signpost- Notice and Note

    Page 42-43: Signpost- Notice and Note

    Friday, September 21:

    Class: MM Unit 1 collected; Remember Part 1 green tree map collectedTough Boris was read aloud and students participated. Adjectives were used to describe him and clarification was practiced. We set-up an elaboration tree map and the clarification branch was completed (page 50-51 in composition book).  Students practiced talking off an opinion/ clarification statement using the “Kids with Signs” photo and began writing it off the map. Many will need to finish next week.

    HM: Part II green tree map due Monday/Tuesday; WW 3 Periods 1, 2, 3, Part E due Wednesday, 09/26; Periods 4 and 7 Part E due Thursday, 09/27; s/g to be collected and test on Friday, 09/28

    Elaboration-Clarification branch tree map- page 50-51 in composition book

    Talk-it-off the map/write-it-off the map Opinion/Clarification statement using Big Ideas

    Quarter 1 Week 4 of 8

    Periods 1, 2, 3, and 4

    September 10-14, 2018

    Monday, September 10: copy planner

    Class: Mechanics Matters Lesson 1.3b was completed; Signpost Tough Questions (TQ) was reviewed and discussed using their pink sheet page 31 in their composition books. A short video demonstrating the Signpost TQ and AHA- Cooler Self- was played (see link below). Partners discuss what was ‘noticed’ and the anchor question was addressed. Ideas were added to their tree map we started last week.  We reviewed and discussed Words of the Wiser (WW) page 30 in their composition book. We almost finished the video demonstrating WW- Reel Wisdom (see link below). We will finish and address the WW topics on the tree map tomorrow.  

    HM: WW 2 E-due Wednesday- work on half tonight and half tomorrow night; make sure you are caught up on your MM 1.1 through 1.3b and your yellow tree map


    Yellow Tree Map from last week. 

     Cooler Self demonstrating TQ and AHA

     Reel Wisdom demonstrating WW Signpost

    *we will finish last two minutes of Reel Wisdom Tuesday and discuss topics

    WW E Expectations/ Grading

    +____/30 points

    Effort- + ____________/ 15 points

    • ALL 15 questions answered in a complete sentence.
    • Restated the question into the answer.
    • Used a highlighted WW word in the answer.
      • all 15 words will have been used.
    • Capital first letter.
    • Punctuation at the end of sentence.
    • A highlighted paragraph citation.
    • 1 point per question = 15 points

    Accuracy + ____________/ 15 points

    • 5 points each questions checked
      • each class period different
      • 3 will be checked
    • Answer is accurate based on provided text.
    • Comprehension of text evident.
    • Provides correct paragraph citation at the end of answer. ¶#

    Tuesday, September 11:  

    Class: Students had time to practice their f/c and were reminded of the upcoming test Friday. Words of the Wiser (WW) was reviewed and Reel Wisdom- Lessons from 40 Films in 7 Minutes demonstrated this Signpost. Students marked on their tree maps reoccurring ‘topics’ they noticed, as well as, their favorite ‘life lessons’. The Signpost Again and Again (AA) was reviewed using their pink sheet from page 27 in composition book.  A short video, Destiny, demonstrating the Signpost was shown-see link below.  Partners discussed what was ‘noticed’ and the anchor question was addressed. Ideas were added to their tree map.  We continued the same process with Memory Moment (MM) on page 26 and watched Ratatouille Flashback (see link below).

    HM: complete WW 2 E and make sure your tree map is complete. The map will be collected Friday.


    Reel Wisdom- Lessons from 40 Films in 7 Minutes demonstrated the Signpost WW      

    Destiny, demonstrating the Signpost AA    

    Ratatouille Flashback demonstrating the Signpost MM    

    Wednesday, September 12: minimum day schedule for staff development

    Class:  WW 2 f/c reviewed and taped into composition book pages 82-83. WW 2E was collected. A second yellow tree map to review all the Signposts, minus MM, was provided. We briefly reviewed the composition book SP’s. We watched the short film demonstrating the Signposts- “French Roast” (see link below).  This was played twice in order to closely identify as many SP’s as possible. Students were instructed to answer a minimum of 10 anchor questions using the back of the map. We created a tree map on the back specifically for the AQ’s. Both sheets/ yellow tree maps will be collected Friday, 09/14.

    HM: watch “French Roast” again and answer the anchor questions, a minimum of ten.

    "French Roast" Tree Map 

    “French Roast” review of Signposts, minus the Memory Moment. 

    Thursday, September 13:

    Class: WW 2 s/g was discussed and will be collected tomorrow before the test. A divider page for “Writing and Elaboration Strategies” was inserted into the composition book page 43 (period 1 we will do this tomorrow).  We inserted into the composition book page 44-45, discussed, and drew a symbol to represent each of the Big Ideas we will cover in our first unit of the year and throughout the school year. These ‘Big Ideas’ will be a focal point in our reading, discussions, and writing. We listened to an introduction by Toni Morrison of her book Remember: A Journey to School Integration. Part I: The Narrow Path was read aloud and students ‘noticed’ Signposts and noted the ‘anchor question’ for each. Each class period will pick up where they left off tomorrow with the Signpost and Big Idea to conclude Part I of the book.  

    HM: study guide for WW test; both yellow tree maps due tomorrow

    Wordly Wise 2 Study Guide

    The introduction by Toni Morrison of her book Remember: A Journey to School Integration can be found at the following website and played using 'quicktime.'  



    Green tree map Signposts

    Page 8-9

    Page 12-13

    Page 14-15

    Friday, September 14:

    Class: The NN yellow Signpost tree map and the “French Roast yellow tree map was collected. Students had time to review their Wordly Wise Lesson 3 study guide before it was collected and taking the test. WW workbooks were passed out, names were printed on the three edges of the book, and students were informed that extra credit was available to those that had their workbook in a baggy by Monday. Many students completed or nearly completed their WW 3 f/c today after the test.

    Upcoming HM: WW 3 f/c due Tuesday, 09/18; A-D due Thursday, 09/20; E due Wednesday, 09/26 for period 1, 2, and 3; E due on Thursday, 09/27 fo rperiods 4 and 7; the study guide will be collected and test given on Friday, 09/28

    Next Week: We will finish reading Remember: A Journey to School Integration noting Signposts, Big Ideas, and practicing elaboration writing strategies. We will begin the opening scene of Remember the Titans I and finish Mechanics Matters Lesson 1.4.


    Quarter 1 Week 3 of 8: Period  7

    September 3-7, 2018

    Monday, September 3:

    Class: No school today


    Tuesday, September 4:   copy planner

    Class: WW Lesson 2 intro to the words and definitions- students had time to make f/c and will need to finish as homework tonight. We went over the directions and did examples on sections A-D-due Thursday. Notice and Note (NN) SignPost handouts for both fiction and nonfiction were taped into the composition book (see a friend for page numbers or me during homeroom or lunch if you were absent). We will start the intro to these tomorrow. Reverse Poem final questions were answered and all prewriting papers were put in order-these will be collected tomorrow. Period 2 didn’t put theirs in order *see below.   

    HM: Complete WW 2 f/c- due tomorrow. Reverse Poem in MLA format, typed/ blue/black in and all prewriting due tomorrow

    Prewriting order: template, two tree maps, Simon Sinek TedTalk notes (4 sections using BHH), topic brainstorm

    Wednesday, September 5:

    Class:  Students completed a preliminary grading of the prewriting using a score sheet stapled to their packet- this was collectedFinal Reversal Poems were glued/taped to black construction paper and collected with their rubric attached. WW2 flashcards were checked for completion while students had some time for practice. The Notice and Note Aha Moment Signpost on page 28 of their composition book was introduced as a reading strategy. A clip from “Clueless” was used to implement the strategy- students ‘noted’ the Aha moment on their tree map and answered the anchor question-“noted-it”. We will continue tomorrow with more Signposts.

    HM: Complete Sections A-D before class tomorrow.

    Thursday, September 6:

    Class: Students corrected their WW 2 A-D and these were collected. We continued Notice and Note Signpost introduction- Contrast and Contradiction using Best Commercial Ever!! marking ‘Notice’ and ‘Note’ on the tree map. Students reviewed AHA and CC with The Present doing the same on their map.

    HM: none

    Friday, September 7:

    Class: MM 1.3a was completed; WW1 and WW2 were passed back.  We went over WW1E together so that students would understand how it was scored and what, if anything, they needed to work on.  We began WW2E together to ensure that all students had a good start on it.  It is not due until Wednesday.

    HM: begin WW 2 E; working on just a few questions each day will be a great help.


    Quarter 1 Week 2 of 8: Period 7

    August 27-31, 2018

    Monday, August 27:

    Class: Introduced WW 1 E-passage and questions introduced (read and mark-up the text tonight). We finished Simon Sinek-Ted Talk Part 3 (Impatience) and Part 4 (Environment) using the BHH note method (page 25 in composition book as reference).

    HM: WW lesson 1 E read and mark-up text. *don’t answer the questions yet. We will go over how to respond/answer tomorrow. Make sure your BHH notes are thorough. 

    Tuesday, August 28:  

    Class: Requirements for WW 1 E-passage and question responses were introduced and three questions were completed together in class (due Wednesday); we added topics to the brainstorm using Simon Sinek’s talk, and classified these. Students were asked to select two topics/big ideas and create a tree map of ten positive and negative branches; we will begin the Reverse Poem template tomorrow. Several resources were added to composition book starting on page 171-178 today.

    HM: Complete 2 topic/big idea tree maps and the rest of WW 1E.

    WW1E Passage:  “A Poet of the People”

    +____/30 points

    Effort- + ____________/ 15 points

    • ALL 15 questions answered in a complete sentence.
    • Restated the question into the answer.
    • Used a highlighted WW word in the answer.
      • all 15 words will have been used.
    • Capital first letter.
    • Punctuation at the end of sentence.
    • A highlighted paragraph citation.
    • 1 point per question = 15 points

    Accuracy + ____________/ 15 points

    • 5 points each questions checked
      • each class period different
      • 3 will be checked
    • Answer is accurate based on provided text.
    • Comprehension of text evident.
    • Provides correct paragraph citation at the end of answer. ¶#

    Wednesday, August, 29:

    Class: WW 1 E was collected. WW f/c were taped into composition book pages 80-81 and the study guide was introduced- it will be collected Friday before the test. We highlighted the reverse poem template with pink (positive) and yellow (negative) and examined the topic tree maps highlighting them as well. Students were shown how to utilize these positive and negatives into their templates. Most classes had time to get started on one or both of their templates/topics.  

    HM: Complete draft of Reverse Poem-both topics.

    Thursday, August 30:

    Class: Completed MM 1.2a and had some time to work on their study guide for tomorrows test. The reverse poem rubric and expectations were explained; an example poem in the proper MLA format was provided. A resource for MLA first page formatting and works cited formatting was taped into page 199 and 200 and marked-up for specifics. Students were instructed on the due date for the poem-Wednesday and that all prewriting will be collected the same day which includes the brainstorm circle map, Simon Sinek TedTalk notes, both tree maps, and the completed template. *Time after the test tomorrow will be used to work on the Reverse Poem and answer any individual questions.

    HM: test tomorrow-study your guide or f/c; work on your Reverse Poem due Wednesday.

    Here's a YouTube: Microsoft Word: How to Set Up MLA Format 2013

    Friday, August 31:

    Class: Periods 1 through 3 added to their composition book MLA formatting for paper on page 198 in blue/black ink. All classes were shown how to set up a word doc in MLA format (header, heading, title, font in Times New Roman 12 size). Time was provided to study their study guides before they were collected and the Wordly Wise Lesson 1 test was given. Students worked on their Reverse Poem at the completion of their test.   

    HM: enjoy your three day weekend. Your Reverse Poem and all prewriting is due on Wednesday, 5 September. Do not wait til Tuesday night to get your final completed. 


    Quarter 1 Week 1 of 8: Period 7

    August 20-24, 2018

    Monday, August 20:

    Class: We reviewed an 8th grade Six-Word memoir video compilation. Students brainstormed about themselves in collector section of composition book pg 117-118-we followed resource sheet page 116. Students need at least ten memoirs completed by Wednesday. Choose 1 memoir for display including an illustration (due Friday) - paper was passed out for this. Introduction of Wordly Wise Lesson 1-we set-up flash cards (due tomorrow). Sections A-D will be introduced tomorrow and due Thursday.  

    HM: WW lesson 1 flash cards due tomorrow, 6-word memoirs (prewriting check and ten 6-word memoirs due

    Tuesday, August 21:  

    Class: The modeling of Sections A-D in Wordly Wise was completed and students were asked to complete A & B tonight and C & D Wednesday (A-D is due Thursday). Sometime was given to work with their partner on the WW while I checked their flashcards for completion. Reversal Poem introduction-“Apathy” by by Arik Durfee. Students wrote down and shared their initial reaction(s). We will continue tomorrow.  

    HM: Work on WW1 A& B (A-D due Thursday); brainstorm and ten 6-word memoirs due tomorrow; 6-word memoir with image due Friday.

    Wednesday, August, 22:

    Class: Mechanics Matters Unit 1 lesson 1.1a was completed using page 3 of composition book while I checked memoirs-memoir prewriting (5 points), 10 completed (10 points), and one chosen for project (project progress check). Students had time to practice their flash cards, work on WW A-D, and memoir project. “Apathy” and “Lost Generation” reverse poem videos were watched and discussed. Why do they work? A problem brainstorm was started and students were asked to come up with at least ten ideas by tomorrow.  

    HM: Complete the brainstorm of topics- problems that can be fixed *10+; WW 1 A-D due tomorrow.

    Thursday, August 23:

    WW 1 A-D was self-corrected and collected. Time was spent discussing topic brainstorm for Reversal Poems and topics found within “Apathy” and “Lost Generation”. We set-up a notes page using Book, Head, Heart (resource page 25) and began part 1 of 4 of a Simon Sinek-TEDTALK. Students had time to share their B's with their neighbor and write our their thoughts for H and H. We will complete Simon Sinek tomorrow.  

    HM: Memoir with image project due tomorrow.

    Quarter 1 Week ½ of 8: Period 7

     August 15-17, 2018

    Monday and Tuesday:   teacher work days 

    Wednesday, August, 15:

    ClassStudents began a ‘Back to School’ survey. A welcome letter was passed out and briefly reviewed. Students were asked to thoroughly read, sign, and return it by Friday, August 17th with a parent signature.  Students participated in an activity that got them out of their seats, interacting with me and their classmates, and clarifying their needs as students in order to be successful this school year.

    HM: Welcome letter to be read and signed. Complete your survey. Both due no later than Friday. Sign up for REMIND. Bring a gallon-sized zip loc bag and Scotch tape to school tomorrow if you have already at home; otherwise, bring to class by Monday.

    Thursday, August, 16:


    Completed student survey and signed welcome letters were collected. A get to know the room, expectations, and procedures PowerPoint was provided. Students received their composition book. Only one will be supplied this year, so you must keep track of it and protected in a zip-loc bag. We numbered the pages together and students were asked to finish the numbering at home (200 pages total). Our classroom sign language was introduced and key was taped into composition book inside cover.

    HM: if you haven’t turned in your signed welcome letter and ‘Back to School Survey’ it is due tomorrow for credit. Finish numbering the pages in your composition book.


    Friday, August, 17: assembly schedule today for Bulldog Basics


    Collected survey and signed welcome letters; Mechanics Matters divider and Unit 1 taped into composition books; I read aloud The Word Collector and introduced 6-word memoirs. Students taped in their “Word collector divider and resource page. Class periods 1, 2, and 3 had some time to brainstorm words about themselves on page 117.  We also watched a video collection of 8th grader memoirs. All classes will continue on Monday.  

    HM: have supplies in backpack ready to go for next week ~ enjoy your weekend~