Current Daily Schedule

  • 8:45-8:55 Students arrive on campus, place backpacks and lunchpails on hooks outside door, place homework folders and planners in the basket by the door, use the restroom and get drinks, and proceed to the playground until the bell rings.

    8:55 Bell rings and teacher greets students at room 25's line, on the playground blacktop, where students are quietly and respectfully lining up.

    9:00 Class enters room 25, bringing in labeled water bottles and labeled safe snack bags, if water and snack are preferred.

    9:00 Students place chairs at seats and begin folder work, as VIP takes Lunch Count, and teacher takes attendance.

    9:10 Flag salute and announcements are broadcast over the intercom.

    9:15 Reading Instruction Begins

    10:25 Story and Snack

    10:30 Recess  Teacher's relief break. 

    10:50 Teacher picks students up from blacktop and all enter the room. RTI Reading centers begin (Teacher instruction, Aide reinforcement, student seatwork, student self directed centers)

    11:30 ELD Instructions and student independent reading/centers

    12:00 Lunchtime/Recess (Teacher marks planners and places papers to go home in them.)

    12:50 Teacher picks students up from blacktop. Math lesson begins on the rug (most days) and completes at seats, or in centers. (High school mentor is here from 1:30 to 2:30. M, T, Th, F)

    2:00 Recess (Teacher helps individual students or small groups, as needed, as well as adjusting planners as needed.)

    2:20 Physical Education Mon.-Thurs. Friday Activities

    2:50 Math Intervention

    3:10 Prepare for home. Materials are put away, floor cleaned, papers handed in as needed. Homework folders are passed out to be put in backpacks and taken home.

    3:17 Dismissal (Note: this may be from the the playground, or field, or the classroom depending upon the activity we are engaged in before dismissal)  Students know to walk directly to the place they are to meet parents at dismissal time and I will always walk those students who meet parents back to the classroom before proceeding to my afterschool duty area.