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    Due Friday, June 19, 2015 at 1:00 p.m.

    Financial Services Request for Qualifications
    Attachment B - Board Policies

    Due Friday, June 12, 2015 at 1:00 p.m.

    Architectural Services Request for Qualifications


    1. Question: Page 1 states that the submittal shall include One(1) unbound copy and One Electronic copy. In Article III, Requirements of Submittal of Qualifications, paragraph A. it states to provide (5) bound copies, One(1) Unbound copy and One ( 1) Electronic copy. Please clarify which is required.

    Answer: (5) bound copies, One (1) Unbound copy and One ( 1) Electronic copy of each proposal are required.

    2. Question: On Tab 7 of the Submittal it states we are to submit our comments to the proposed Agreement in submittal. Would you also want those in a pre-submittal question or just in our package?

    Answer: Please submit all comments to the proposed Agreement with the submittal package.

    3. Question: The RFQ is not asking for a proposed fee. Will that be negotiated at a later date depending on a specific project the architect may be awarded at the time of award or was it intended to be submitted at this time?

    Answer: Proposed fees will be negotiated once a specific project is considered for award to an architect. Architects considered for a specific project will be asked to submit a proposed fee at that time.

    4. Question: Does the District have list of probable projects?

    Answer: At this time the first project will be the construction of a permanent sixth grade center. The district is also investigating a bond for 2016.

    5. Question: Rather than having the submitting architects provide the statement found on page 8, perhaps you might want to eliminate it and suggest that the attached agreement is the intended instrument and that the selected architect(s) shall work with the District to craft appropriate and fair agreements based on the project assigned and modify the draft agreement accordingly.

    Answer: Per the District’s legal counsel’s advice, respondents to the RFQ should submit the statement found on page 8. As noted under the “Tab 7” requirements, however, proposers are required to submit any specific exceptions or conditions to the proposed Agreement with their SOQ. If there are any proposed changes to the Agreement, they should be specified in the SOQ.

    6. Question: Can another California Licensed Professional, such as a Civil Engineer or Landscape Architect, submit a prime package for this RFQ?

    Answer: Yes, a California Licensed Professional, such as a Civil Engineer or Landscape Architect, may submit a SOQ for this RFQ.

    7. Question: Per SOQ Requirements – Tab 2, Bullet 10 (page 9 of 13) has requested “Certificate of Insurance identifying the firm’s current insurance coverages”. However, Appendix A, Article 30 Exhibit E contains the insurance requirements, but the limits are not filled in on the sample. Please provide this information so that we can ensure that the required coverage is obtained.

    Answer: The request for the Certificate of Insurance is for the firm’s “current insurance coverages.” A copy of the firm’s certificates should be submitted showing the current types of insurance that the firm has and the corresponding limits as of the date of submittal of a SOQ. Appendix A to the RFQ is the form of Agreement that will be in place once an architect is selected for a specific project. Exhibit E will contain the insurance limits for the specific project and limits will be set depending on the scope of work awarded at that time.