• Snacks are a chance for your child to receive a small burst of food energy just before or after recess.  They need to be nutritious and not just empty calories and should be able to be eaten in about 5 minutes.  Fresh fruits and vegetables, cheese and yogurt, popcorn, goldfish, graham crackers (or other crackers of limited sugar), and dried meats are all appropriate snacks.  Please no Poptarts, cookies, candy, donuts, etc.  Fruit rollups and granola bars can be fine, if they are more fruits and grains rather than confections and sugar. 

    ***Idea: Label a small zip lock bag with the word SNACK and your child's name, to be reused, for classroom appropriate snacks. 

    Your child may still bring all foods (except soda and candy) to enjoy for lunch in the cafeteria!  

    Water bottles may be brought to class and stored as they come in to class.  Please label your child's water bottle with their name or "in class" number so your child knows which is theirs.  Water rather than sports drinks are highly encouraged as sport drinks tend to be sticky and will ruin our year old carpet. Thanks!