Mr. Geber  (English)



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Mr. Geber (English)

THEMA 10 and English 09: Projects and work that were assigned before the "physical-school-closure" happened are all TBA at this point.

English 09: Before the "physical-school-closure" happened, you should have finished a Free-reading book. If you are not done yet, make sure you finish, so that you are not behind. Keep Reading!

THEMA 10: I would encourage you to read either a non-fiction book that has to do with the technology/ engineering field or a Science Fiction Novel.

Our class should be making the 'online distance-learning' shift to "Canvas" soon.

We should have more direction after April 14th. However, in case they are needed for later, here are the Google Classroom codes for each period.

Google Classroom Codes:

Period 1: tiheivt

Period 2: jbio3di

Period 3: gww5q7o

Period 5: ezvdjom

Period 6: bc3ng7h

All google.classroom pages are currently empty and are just placeholders.