Did You Know

  • SCHOOL BUS DRIVERS must Successfully complete 20 hours of classroom

    PHYSICAL EXAMINATION: It is the drivers’ responsibility to have a physical examination by a doctor. It is the drivers’ responsibility to hold and maintain a current medical certificate at all times.

    DEPARTMENT OF MOTOR VEHICLES must pass written examinations to include Class B endorsement, Class P endorsement, and Air – Brakes and an “S” endorsement for school bus.

    CALIFORNIA HIGHWAY PATROL: Prospective drivers must interview through CHP. To complete this interview you will also be required to be fingerprinted for a criminal back ground investigation.

    SCHOOL DISTRICT: Must clear a pre-employment drug screen test and another fingerprint back ground check. District also requires random drug and alcohol testing.

    CALIFORNIA HIGHWAY PATROL: Will issue all written examinations, Laws and Regulations and First – Aid test.

    SCHOOL DISTRICT TRAINING: Behind the wheel training starts at this time. This course shall include at least 20 hours of applicant behind the wheel training.

    CALIFORNIA HIGHWAY PATROL: CHP shall test each driver’s ability to perform a pre-trip inspection, and demonstrate their ability to drive the school bus in a safe and competent manner.

    Every Driver must pre-trip their bus BEFORE transporting students.

    Every Bus is inspected “in-house” every 3000 miles OR 45 days, which ever comes first.

    Every bus is inspected every 13 months by CHP. This includes but not limited to, all equipment, gauges, and lights, doors, interior and exterior of the bus, air brake system, undercarriage, tires, engine components, frame and suspension.

    Terminal inspections are also required by law every 13 months by CHP, which include all preventive maintenance safety records and repairs on each bus, driver records, certificates and required training hours each year, driver logs and driving hours also required by law. Records and results of random drug test throughout the year.

    Daily, we run 10 regular ed. routes and 4 special needs routes. Routes begin as early as 5:30 AM and run as late as 5:00 PM. We transport on an average of 1320 students and 70 special needs students daily. Annually we drive about 437,649 miles and cover 550 square miles daily.