• If you are registered in the Cerro Coso class please check the Cerro Coso website for further instructions.


    Otherwise I have two suggestions for you:

    1.  Go back to the content we covered at the beginning of the semester. and review your homework.  You should be able to quickly, and easily, cover the content taught earlier but if you look at something and have trouble then spend time re-doing the problems assigned in that section.  Avoid the mistake of "reading over" your homework and instead attempt to do some of the problems without looking at your solutions or the posted solutions on the website.  The review will solidify the content for you, increase your confidence and prepare you more thoroughly for the upcoming sections. 
    2. Once you have completed the review, (and if we haven't returned to school) then you can attempt the problems listed on the Instructional Plans.  I will post the solutions for the remainder of the year so they are available now for your use.   
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