• Dear prospective volunteer:

    We are grateful for your interest in volunteering. You and the many other volunteers at work on our various District programs and projects have the power to improve the quality of education in our District.
    We also want to make you aware that we have established program policies and procedures. Depending upon the type of assignment you undertake, the procedures may include fingerprinting and background checks, and DMV record review, among others. We will make you aware of any such requirements at the time of your assignment.
    Again, thank you for your willingness to work toward improving our District. We look forward to welcoming you to the volunteer program.
    Stacey Larson-Everson
    Prospective Volunteer Forms:

    Authorization for Release of Driver Record Information

    Procedures to Become a Volunteer

    Volunteer Application


    Administrator/Teacher Volunteer Request Forms:

    Volunteer Request Form

    Volunteer Request Fillable Form