Questions & Notes

  • Volunteers-Yes!  I love having parents help in the classroom and on field trips.  Please make sure you meet all the District requirements before you join us, though. Come on in to schedule a time to help. Safety first.

    Birthdays-I love the idea of you bringing a wrapped "Birthday Book" for me to read a part of for your child's birthday (and then your child may take it home). Goodies bags (without food) are also fine with me and we will pass them out just as we leave for home.  I will provide a Birthday Crown for your child and we will sing "Happy Birthday" in class ,if they like.  We might even have a whole class birthday party, at the end of the year, to go along with one of our reading stories.

    Bathroom breaks-Your child is highly encouraged to use the restroom at recess.  Otherwise, our room becomes a revolving door throughout instruction time.  With that said, if your child has a special need or circumstances please talk with me personally and we will work something out.

    Field Trips- Yes! as PTG bus funds provide. In the past, we have visited Murray Farms and California State Park Red Rock Canyon, as well as an end of the year swim or park day. CALM goes really well with 1st grade Science Standards, too.

    Special thanks to those who have offered to help with any needed supplies!  We can always use extra pencils & kleenexes.  Six sets of 1st grade size headphones which will plug into our i-pads would be greatly appreciated, too.

    Any other school questions?? Please e-mail me at and I'll try to post your answer here or email you back personally.