Friday, Dec. 6th

    Reading Test on "Kids in Business" today and Spelling Test.

    Chromebooks - practiced math facts in Reflex that you can also so at home!!!!!

    We went to the Library and took AR quizzes.

    We worked on Math problems in "long division" in Practice book Lesson 4.10 problems 5-8. Will return on Monday.

    Read 30 minutes or more every day when possible to be a "great" reader!

    Information on Science Fair went home and more on Monday.

    Weekly Reports will go home on Monday with returned work, assignments, tests, etc.

    Have a great weekend and stay warm!

    Two more weeks until Christmas/Winter Break!


    Thursday, Dec. 5th

    Math - we worked on Lesson 4.10 and started long division today.
    No assignment. We will work more problems in class on Friday.

    Reading - we reread "Kids in Business" - Reading Test tomorrow.

    Spelling Test tomorrow.

    Assignment - Spelling worksheet page 68-69 due tomorrow if not completed in class.
    Grammar workheet on capitalizing pronouns due tomorrow.

    *Weekly spelling sentences (10), 5 times each, and Vocabulary is due tomorrow.

    Read 30 minutes every day after school:)


    Wednesday, Dec. 4th

    Music this morning with Mrs. Nettles working on Go West songs!

    Chromebooks - working on Reflex Math program - helps with Math Facts. Its is also available online at home!!!!

    Math - corrected Division worksheet BD-1 (Basic division #1)
    Assignment - BD #2

    Reading - Lots of time to Read Library or AR books in class and take AR quizzes. Read for 30 minutes every day after school.h Reattps://mathantics.com/lesson/basic-division

    Science - Read Lesson "Igneous Rocks" (from volcanoes) - Worksheet tomorrow.


    Tuesday, Dec. 3rd

    Math - Division practice worksheet with about 10 problems that include remainders.

    PE today with Mr. Boyd:) Hoola hoops

    Vocabulary words from the Reading Writing Workshop textbook on page 92-93. Write the definition and sentence from the glossary. Due on Friday with 10 sentences and 5 times each.

    We will have a Reading Test over "Kids in Business" after rereading and reviewing the story and vocabulary.

    Read 30 minutes every day after school!

    *We had Movie Day Incentive using Tiger Paws today.

    *Music tomorrow - practicing songs for "Go West" Music Program!


    Monday, Dec. 2nd

    2 - Hour Delay today due to ice and snow

    Students had time to Read this morning and take AR quizzes on computers.

    We started practicing basic division problems and Math Facts. We started the review for Chapter 4 and the instructions for Chapter 4 Lesson 1 "Estimating Quotients Using Multiples" pages 141-143 in class together.

    Students need to work on their Math Facts at home!!!!! and at school. I am letting students use a Multiplication Chart, but after Christmas holidays students will need to know them by heart through 2-10s. Please go to the Dollar Store and buy some Flash Cards.

    Spelling Word List went home today for this week.

    We read from Riding Freedom at end of the day.

    *Read 30 minutes every afternoon and work on Math Facts too! either or.


    Friday, Nov. 22nd

    Flag salute and Pie Face Run this morning.

    Math - Chapter 3 Test today.

    Library at 12 noon.

    Pumpkin Pie party! Thank you for your support! It was awesome we had 6 pies altogether and lots of goodies!

    We went outside at 1 pm to let the winners of the Pie Race throw a cream pie in Mrs. Castellanos face. She was a real trouper as they say!

    Weekly Reports went home that cover the last two weeks.


    Thursday, Nov. 21st

    Math - we corrected Lesson 3.6 practice and reviewed using Chapter 3 Test review.
    *Chapter 3 Test tomorrow before our break.

    Reading - "Kids in Business" questions 1-4 worksheet.
    We are getting ready for a reading test.

    Spelling Test Friday.

    *Spelling sentences and 5 times each due tomorrow.

    We have the Pie Race tomorrow morning.

    Library at 12:00 noon Friday.

    Minimum Day Friday - School gets out at 1:25 pm


    Wednesday, Nov. 20th

    Hello Rain!

    Math - we took a pop quiz that covered Lesson 3.5 multiplying 2-digit numbers.

    Assignment - Lesson 3.6 in Practice book after working problems in Go Math textbook 3.5. We also watched the review video for this chapter. Work problems 2-7 and many finished. Need to Estimate too.

    We are getting ready the Math Chapter 3 Test on Friday.s://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0_j

    Music today with Mrs. Nettles. Some students were not paying attention and we are getting ready for our "Go West" Music Program for 4th grade in early February.

    We will have limited time when we return from Christmas Break. Students need to learn the songs and the gestures so our parents and families will enjoy the program. It's a good one.

    Spelling worksheet covering definitions, spelling, word usage in a sentence for Thanksgiving words.

    *en (10) sentences and 5 times each is due Friday:)

    Read 30 minutes every afternoon or evening. Get those AR points.

    Dress for cold and wet weather!


    Monday, Nov. 18th

    Math - Warm-up worksheet Week. 4.4

    Lesson 3.5 in Go Math Textbook (we worked problems together)

    Assignment was Practice Book worksheet Lesson 3.5 Page 55 (problems 2-9).

    Reading - Riding Freedom Chapter 8.

    Practice run for the Pie Challenge this Friday.

    Short PE today at end of day.

    PE tomorrow with Mr. Boyd.



    Friday, Nov. 15th

    Math - today we worked in class on Mid-chapter check and students should have finished. Otherwise the worksheet needed to go home from the Go Math Textbook.

    Reading - "Kids in Business" and took notes on Main idea and key details.

    Library today!

    We had lots of time for AR Reading today and students took quizzes.

    Chromebooks this afternoon.

    Progress Reports went home today - I can make you a second copy if needed or take a photo for yourself..

    Weekly Reports were not finished on time so will send home on Monday. Only about half of them are being returned? Will update you on AR points and goals.

    Have a good weekend!


    Thursday, Nov. 14th

    Math - warm-up with 6's Practice Test worksheet

    District Writing Assessment worked on most of the day.

    AR Reading for 30 minutes 2-2:30 pm

    2:30 - 3 pm work on Science "Minerals" writing frame worksheet

    Work on Spelling sentences and 5 times each.

    Spelling Test tomorrow.

    Read 30 minutes every day after school! Get those AR points.

    Friday is last day to turn in money donations for Salvation Army dinners. Help! and also Thank you to those have contributed.


    Wednesday, Nov. 13th

    I had to go to Bakersfield right after school let out.

    We worked on the District Writing Assessment today - Response to Literature on Riding Freedom. We are working on it together.

    Math - Multiplication worksheets on 6's.

    Science - we read lesson on "Minerals" - writing frame tomorrow.

    Spelling sentences and 5 times each.

    Read 30 minutes after school everyday.

    Finish District Writing Assessment on Thursday.


    Tuesday, Nov. 12th

    Math - Lesson 2.4 "Partial Products" Practice Book P53( problems 2-7)

    Spelling word list went home.

    We are working on the District Writing Assessment for Quarter 2 this week. "Response to Literature."

    Soc. Studies - finish the crossword puzzle if you did not get completed last Friday.

    Read - 30 minutes every day after school.

    Only a 4 day week!

    Progress Reports on Friday!


    Monday, Nov. 11th

    Veteran's Day - Holiday - No School