Friday, Sept. 13th

    We had a good day.

    We worked on Grammar worksheets  and writing sentences that were fragments. They were due in class today.

    We did some paragraph writing after doing some brainstorming with "Think Maps".

    We worked on late work or missing assignments today.

    Had a birthday party and cookies from a guest.

    We went to the Library and then to PE.

    Weekly Reports went home, but did not have AR pts on them.

    Also the Parent Conference Letter went home so that you sign up for a PC during the week of Sept. 13-23rd.

    Have a good weekend.


    Thursday, Sept. 12th

    We finished Math assessments for Moby Max in the morning.

    Read core literature The Big Wave.

    Reading - worked on about half of the Writing Frame worksheet for "World of Change" from our Reading WW text.

    Assignment - Spelling worksheet page 22-23 due tomorrow.

    Students had about an hour to finish work in class today.

    Finished the day with Social Studies Week 2 "Dividing the Earth" we will be studying about maps, continents, oceans, equators, latitude and longitude.

    Spelling Test tomorrow. 5 times each and Vocabulary definitions and sentences are due Friday!

    Also sending home information on Parent Conference week that starts on Sept. 23-27.


    Wednesday, Sept. 11th

    We collected the Math Lesson 1.4 worksheet today.

    *We worked on Math Assessments using Moby Max software and Chromebooks

    Assembly in the afternoon for 30-40 minutes for Fall Fundraiser.

    Music was moved to Thursday morning.

    Went to PE and played Jailbreak on the grass field after the assembly.

    We turned in our Math assignment from yesterday along with the Science worksheet on Plants and Sunlight.

    *Work on Vocabulary and 5 times each due on Friday.

    Read, Read, Read to AR points. Read 20-30 minutes every day after school!


    Tuesday, Sept. 10th

    Math - warm-up worksheet for "multiply 7's"

    Corrected Lesson 1.2 practice book worksheet from yesterday. Many students lost morning recess to finish their work?

    Lesson 1.4 reviewing "Rounding" Practice book page 9-10 work both sides of worksheet. Many students will need to finish at home or in TEAM.

    Reading - we read "World of Change" in the Reading Writing Workshop textbook. We discussed the vocabulary. This is an "expository" story that is factual - science about weathering, erosion, and deposition.

    Vocabulary words (8) this week go with this story and the one that follows in the Reading Anthology textbook. Always 8 words for each story.

    Vocabulary definitions and the sentence from the glossary are due on Friday.

    Science - worked on the "writing frame" or fill in the blank worksheet from yesterday, but there were still about 4 questions left to do. This is homework!


    Monday, Sept. 9th

    - we reviewed using white boards "standard form," expanded form, and written form from Lesson 1.2.

    Assignment is Practice book page P5 (problems 2-8) and page P6 problems 1 and 2 at the top.

    Spelling word list was handed out. 5 times each will be due on Friday and we will have Vocabulary this week also due on Friday.

    Assignment - Spelling worksheet today was page 20-21.

    We started Science today and read Lesson 1 "Plants and Sunlight" and we started the Writing Frame or fill in the blank worksheet. We will finish in class tomorrow.


    Friday, Sept. 6th

    Math - we corrected Lesson 1.7 from yesterday, subtracting whole numbers and estimating.
    Started looking at the Math Chapter 1 Review/Test and for next week.

    Spelling worksheet pages 16-17. This is homework if not completed in class.

    Spelling Test today. (evening - freedom) - "long e"

    We practice hand writing today, not capitalizing common nouns and gong through the letters in the alphabet lowercase mainly.

    Library at 2 pm on Fridays.

    Weekly Reports had a technical issue and will go home on Monday. My apologies. I can send information via Dojo if you want. Most students completed their work this short week.

    Once again we are having a lot of talking issues and even Mrs. Eppler, the librarian, had to ask students to stop talking while she was giving instructions. Some students had to sit in the hallway.

    Have a good weekend!


    Thursday, Sept. 5th

    Math - Lesson 1.7 "Subtracting Whole Numbers" pages 32-33 problems 5-11 on lined paper. Students also have to show the estimating.

    Warm-up Math worksheet 2's and 3's skip counting and Multiplying with 6's. These were warm-ups for math first thing this morning.

    Reading Test today over "Princess and the Pizza"

    Hurricane worksheet for Reading. Answer question using informational chart.

    Spelling Test tomorrow on this weeks words. 5x each is due for each word.
    No vocabulary this week. We will start fresh on Monday.

    Please work on Math Facts everyday - start with 3's or 4's and used flash cards. Put them in order by numbers or have students write them on paper.

    We worked on computers today on Moby Max which is accessible at home.


    Wednesday, Sept. 4th

    Math - Math Facts 0--5 worksheet practice

    We corrected yesterdays assignment and turned in.

    Lesson 1.7 "Subtracting Whole Numbers" we started and will have assignment tomorrow.

    We reviewed for the Reading Test "Princess and the Pizza" and will take test tomorrow.

    We worked on Grammar - complete and fragmented sentences - nouns and verbs.

    Spelling assignment worksheet due tomorrow pages 14-15. Most students need to finish at home.

    5 times each for Spelling words is due Friday.

    Picture Day was today and our students were on their best behavior. Even the helpers and parents from PTG told me how good all our class was while waiting patiently in line.

    Also, the Music teacher Mrs. Nettles said that class got a 4/5 for good behavior. So seeing some improvement.


    Tuesday, Sept. 4th

    Math - we corrected Math Facts 4's and 5's practice worksheet today.

    Lesson 1.6 "Add Whole Numbers" page 29 problems 5-10. We did pages 27-28 and Share and Show in class together. Students need to ESTIMATE TOO and FIND THE SUM:)

    *Spelling Test today that we was planned for last Friday. We reviewed before taking the test.

    New Spelling word list went home for this weeks words. Will send in a few minutes.

    We spent time going over Handwriting practice and a video showing proper way to your hold your pencil correctly (tripod) and a handout that shows the right and wrong way to hold your pencil. We practice doing some exercises for relaxing while holding the pencil instead of holding too tight.

    We will be reviewing for a Reading Test over "Princess and the Pizza" tomorrow going over the vocabulary and possible questions. We were supposed to take last Friday, but due to substitute shortages we were not able to do this.

    Picture Day is Tomorrow!!!!!


    Monday, Sept. 2nd

    No School - Labor Day Holiday


    Friday, Aug. 30th

    We were short substitute teachers today so we had 6 students from another 4th grade in our class.

    Math - we worked on white boards to review "Rounding" (please watch Rounding video) as many students hopefully got it today.

    We had Art after recess until lunch - we drew hot air balloons using marker technique from an Art video we watched. They turned out great! Wow!

    We had "Library" today and checked "one" AR book per student.

    PE to end of day after clean up - Rockem, sockem, taco

    Have a good Labor Day weekend!


    Thursday, Aug. 29th

    Math - we corrected Digital Value worksheet.
    Will go over 4' and 5's worksheet Friday.

    We did the Mid-Chapter Review in Lesson 1 of the Go Math textbook in class.

    Language Arts - we took notes in composition book on "sequence" and discussed the
    Dragon story again. How a sequence or really summarizing a short story.

    Tomorrow we will have reading test/quiz on "Princess and the Pizza" after a thorough review and going over the vocabulary.

    *Spelling Worksheet page 9-10

    Spelling Test tomorrow, 5 times each is due (No vocabulary is due). We will start on Tuesday with new vocabulary for the next story.

    Color Run Today! Wow we had laps up to 17 or 18. I am super proud of our students!!!!!!


    Wednesday, Aug. 28th

    Math - we corrected work and assigned a Digital Value worksheet. Also warm-up for Math facts for 4;s and 5's.

    Reading - Questions 1-4 on "Princess and the Pizza. (We did 2 questions in class. They need to answer 3-4 on their own) I gave them a lot of hints.

    We had Music today and Mrs. Nettles said their behavior was much better:)

    PE this afternoon - kickball on the grass (introduction)

    Spelling 5 times each is due on Friday.

    Color Run is tomorrow afternoon.


    Tuesday, Aug. 27th

    We worked up until the bell rang so some students did not write in their planner - but here it is for you.

    Math practice worksheet warm-up for 2's and 3's done in class. Most everyone is finished.

    Assignment - Lesson 1.4 "Rounding" Practice book worksheet page P9 (problems 2- 13).

    Reading - we finished the "Princess and the Pizza" - we will review the story tomorrow and answer questions for a test on Thursday.

    *Spelling worksheet pages 8-9.

    We corrected Soc. Studies "Think and Review" worksheet from yesterday. Students worked in groups or pairs. There were 5 questions.

    *Once again we had a lot of talking going on today. Please speak to your student about excessive talking after recesses and not respecting other students who are at school to learn.

    Sending Spelling Words home shortly - Spelling test on Friday.

    We will be going to the Library on Thursday for the first time. Students need to have their Library form signed before they can check out books.


    Monday, Aug. 26th

    Math - we corrected Lesson 1.3 pg. 15 (problems 7-17)

    *Assignment is Math warm-up sheet Week 2 day 3. 10 questions.

    Social Studies - Think and Review worksheet over California - Where are we?

    Reading - we started "The Princess and the Pizza"

    Spelling word list handed out. Assigned writing 5 times each, but not due until Friday.

    I did find missing assignments in many students desk this weekend. Please have them use a folder to put their work in. Thanks!

    Friday, Aug. 23rd

    We used Chromebooks to take STAR Tests today for Reading levels.

    Moby Max is a software program we are using this year for Reading and for Math. We hope to have it running this week for Math levels and Reading also.

    Spelling Test today.

    Math - Lesson 1.3 "Compare and Order Numbers" pages 13-15.
    Assignment page 15 problems 7-17. Most students finished in class. Otherwise it becomes homework.

    **Due to scheduling changes we will begin with Math in the mornings from 9:30 - 11 am due to RSP services or Resource time changes. Language Arts will start after morning recess and to lunch. (11:20 - 12:55).


    Thursday, Aug. 22nd

    Spelling Test tomorrow over 25 word list. (will send home shortly).

    Write Spelling words 5 times each to practice for spelling test.

    Vocabulary words this week. There are 8 words and students have to write the definition and the sentence from the glossary from our Literature Anthology text (large reading book).

    Math - Lesson 1.2 pages 10-11 (problems 4-11 and 16-18). We did problems 4-8 in class together along with Share and Show section.

    There should be time to work on vocabulary.

    *Again lots of talking so some students didn't get their work completed in class.
    Should be bringing work home to finish.


    Wednesday, Aug. 21st

    We corrected the Spelling assignment from yesterday pages 2-3 on short vowels.

    Spelling worksheet page 4-5. Using words in a sentence and word meanings. Write a paragraph about your summer (not the classroom) on page 4. We change it to summer.

    Math - We corrected Lesson 1.1 page 7-8 from yesterday. We started Lesson 1.2 on "Read and Write Numbers" - Standard Form, Writing the number, and Expanded Form. We will finish tomorrow.

    We had Music today with Mrs. Nettles (she said that there was a lot of talking and paying attention) She ranked as a 3 out 5. That is a C for behavior.

    **After Music we discussed classroom behavior. loss of recesses due to talking, and focusing in class.

    PE - We had PE at the end of school with Rockem, sockem, taco - which is a combination of kickball and basketball. Good start.

    We for some reason had a lot of talking and students not following the lesson in Math.

    Please speak to your student about having good behavior at school. Thanks so much!

    You will start seeing worksheets on Math Facts and preparing 6's, 7's, 8's and 9's learning by January is our goal!

    Please purchase flash cards (they have at dollar store) and I will sent home a link to flash cards online.


    Tuesday, Aug. 20th

    Spelling word list given to students - goes in their folder or binder.
    Spelling Tests are on Friday.

    Spelling word worksheet pages 2-3 words with "short vowels"

    Reading - took notes in composition book from Reading Writing Workshop - genre, predicting, and will go over sequence and synonyms tomorrow.

    Math - Lesson 1.1 from yesterday. We went through page 6 and place value charts and we did "Share and Show" together.

    Assignment pages 7-8 (problems 8-17). If students didn't finish in class they need to take home and complete.

    We put our assignment in the "Planner" today.

     Back to School Night is tonight starting at 5 - 6 pm for food and 6-7 pm classrooms.


    Monday, Aug. 20th

    We worked on handwriting skills and worksheet practice.

    Language Arts/ELA - Writing frame worksheet over "The Dragon Story" from last Friday.

    Math - Started Lesson 1.1 "Model Place Value Relationships" and also did Review worksheet in Go Math textbook.

    We returned to finish our Art Project "water color flowers" from Friday and finish up. They turned out great!

    BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT starts at 5-6 pm food and visiting the classroom from 6-7 pm.
    I look forward to meeting everyone and seeing you again:)


    Friday, Aug. 16th

    Back to School Night handout went home today.

    We worked on Math and Language Arts worksheet and corrected.

    We read "The Dragon Problem" fairy tale genre today and discussed with also the vocabulary. Students did a great job reading!

    We did an art project - water color flowers that we will finish on Monday:)

    Everyone was doing a great job working with water, brushes, and watercolors.
    Cleaning up, teamwork, and helping me!!!! Wow!

    Have a great weekend!











    Thursday, Aug. 15th

    We had a short assignment in Social Studies - "Where is California?" work the crossword puzzle and 6 questions below.


    Wednesday, August 14th



    School packets coming home with lots to sign.

    Library forms too.

    Class list for supplies.

    Going over procedures in class and on campus.