Monday, June 3, 2019

    Wrapping things up today with a few assignments that needed to be turned in.

    PE with Mr. Boyd this morning.

    We read some social studies "Gold Rush" Week 23. Worked the crossword puzzle for vocabulary in social studies.

    Science today on "Electric Circuits" - series and parallel.

    Had a worksheet to correct spelling errors, capitalization, and punctuation errors.

    PE this afternoon (hot).

    We will be working on making hand-made rockets out of #20 construction paper tomorrow and then fly them on Wednesday most likely - will see.


    Friday, May 31st

    We worked on Writing Response to Literature Essay on Esperanza Rising, "Three Branches of Government" - Tree Map (they look great!) and also completing missing assignments or work that has 60% or below to redo or fix assignments in Social Studies, Science and in Reading.

    AR Carnival was this afternoon from 1:30-3:00 pm.

    Some students who had the AR points or met their goals could have gone, but were missing numerous assignments. 15 students were able to attend.

    Next week is our last week of school.

    We will be having end of the year party and possibly joining with Mr. Lander's class for a hot dog on the grill party. This is in the works.

    Have a good weekend!

    FYI- Our Awards Ceremony is next Wednesday and will update you on Monday or earlier of who will be getting awards from Perfect Attendance, Citizenship, Honor Rolls, and individual awards for all subjects.


    Thursday, May 30th

    Great field trip to the Swimming Pool or Natatorium today. Everyone is was well behaved.

    We will have our Spelling Test tomorrow over last weeks words. Will post shortly and we will review for them.

    We will finish writing the Esperanza Rising - Response to Literature tomorrow.

    We also will finish the Three Branches of Government Tree Map.


    Wednesday, May 29th

    We had a great day of rockets at the Tehachapi Airport for the ISC Space Challenge. Our banner won 3rd place:)

    Photos online at Tehachapi News.

    Students can work on their writing this afternoon and write a paragraph. We are working on three themes in Esperanza Rising - mentioned yesterday - family, endurance or not giving up, and "riches to rags." We took lots of notes on this. We will work on it tomorrow after our pool trip and on Friday.

    Swimming Pool Incentive Trip is tomorrow from 10 am to 12 pm. Bring towel, snack, water, good shoes for walking and a hat. We will be back for lunch, but we are walking!!!


    Tuesday, May 28th

    ISC Space Challenge is tomorrow.

    District Writing Assessment - Response to Literature on Esperanza Rising. It is very challenging, but we are walking through it. We outline the 3 themes that we are going to write about. (family, endurance or perseverance, and "riches to rags").

    Warm-up worksheet in Math.

    We will be taking our last Friday's Spelling Test in class tomorrow.

    Today we worked on our essay and also on our Spirit Cheer that we need to have ready for tomorrow.

    Some students took home worksheets they need to correct and return to me.

    More work going home tomorrow to be corrected or still not turned in Social Studies and in Science.

    Looking forward to our field trip tomorrow.

    Then the Swimming Pool Incentive on Thursday.

    Please get in your Permission Slips ASAP!


     Monday, May 27th - Memorial Day Holiday