Let's ROAR!

Class Rules

  • Classroom Expectations: ROAR

    R (Respectful) Look and listen while others speak.

                         Treat others how you want to be treated.

                         Allow others to do their work.

                         Don't touch or take someone else's property.

    O (Own your actions) Tell the truth.

                                    Apologize quickly.

                                    Make a positive change.

    A (Achieve Personal best) Always try your best.

                                          Never give up=Persevere!

                                          If one way doesn't work, try another.

    R (Responsible) Come to school prepared to learn

                            and with a good attitude.

                            Take responsibility for your own learning.

                            Turn in all your work.

    Classroom Rules:

    Rule 1:  Follow Directions Quickly.

    Rule 2:  Raise your hand for permission to speak.

    Rule 3: Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat.

    Rule 4: Make Smart Choices (Hands to self. Finish work to the best of your ability. Stay on task. Be kind., No fighting. and so on.)

    Rule 5: Keep Your Dear Teacher Happy (If you are following the rules, you will be doing this.)


    Quarterly Report cards will assess Successful Learner Character Traits of:


               Self Control (Rules 1-5)

               Authority/Peer interaction (Respect, Own..., Rule 5)

               Follows school and classroom rules (School Rules in Tompkin's handbook, Classroom expectations, Rules 1-5))


               Personal Effort (A, Responsible, Rules 1-5)

               Listens/Follows Direction (2 R's, Rules 1, 2)

               Completes classwork on time (2R's, Rules 1-5)

               Completes homework on time (A, & Responsible, Rule 5)


                Cooperation (Respectful, Rules 1-5)

                Sportsmanship (O, Rules 4 & 5)


    Please see the student handbook for Tompkins and District Rules.

    Student behavior will be recorded in their planners & on Quarterly Student Report cards:

    Green=great day,

    Yellow=quick warning, reminder & counseling

    Orange= disciplinary action, counseling, & practice of more appropriate behavior conducted, which may have resulted in some missed recess time,

    Red=additional counseling held, phone call to home

    Blue=Referral to Principal or Learning Director for Behavior Improvement, phone call home


    Many Positive rewards for following the rules will be

    given at school: knowledge, verbal praise, picnic lunch club

    with teacher, ability to help in another class, hats, stuffed

    animal, special seats, etc. as well as school wide rewards

    (Tiger Paws) and weekly and monthly drawings and activities.


    Students will receive counseling with teacher, and/or practice

    with following the rules at break times, if needed, for minor

    difficulties. Parent contacts by phone, e-mail , and one-on-

    one formal conferences will be used, if behavior is more

    frequentor causing students to frequently miss out on

    learning or breaks.  

    Office referrals and counseling with the Principal, Learning Director, or school counselors will be used, if behaviors are violent or persistent.