• Please read each night or morning with your child. A bedtime/morning story is a great way to spend quality time with your child and show them that reading is important and fun.  At Back-to-School Night, I will provide a Reading Bookmark where you can help your child earn AR (Accerated Reader) points by writing down the title and the quiz number of the AR book they have read, so it will allow them to just enter the quiz number on the computer (here at school) and take the comprehension test to earn AR points. Reading books other than AR books is also encouraged. The new Kern County Library in Tehachapi is a great place to chose books to read, as well as experience fun literary activities.  Raz Kids is a wonderful computer reading program that can be purchased for both classes and individuals. (Last year Title I funds paid for it, this year ???) McGraw-Hill Wonders website also offers weekly stories, games, and practice which reflect what is being taught in class. The computer program Moby Max also has great skill reinforcement activities. The more you and your child read together the more prepared your child will be able to read on their own. 

    In class, I will be using the District adopted McGraw Hill Wonders series as the base for instruction. Your son/daughter will be surrounded by quality literature, both in big books, on-line books, text books, student workbook & practice book, computer activities, and home connections.We will review letter recognition & sounds, teach consonant sounds, blends, diagraphs, dipthongs, vowel sounds, sight words, spelling, sentence structure, punctuation, grammar, proper oral speaking, response to literature, and writing. I implement  a modified Daily Five and CAFE program to encourage students to become independent readers and provide more individualized instruction and practice.  Computer reinforcement, hundreds of leveled readers with a variety of genre, reading and language games, a reading aide, a smartboard, and RTI (Response to Intervention) Services, as well as our own Tompkins Library will help to support our efforts in helping your child to read this year.

    I love 1st Grade because this is the year when reading truly happens!