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    ABC Book Thinking Maps - see directions below

    The ABC Book is a year long project.  During the first two quarters students will be adding words to their grid.  They will add things such as event names (Boston Massacre), individuals (list under both first name and last name - such as G - George Washington and W - Washington, George), key phrases ("Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes"), key terms (musket), or themes that have been studied and will be studied throughout the year (water, war, or death).  Every couple of weeks during the first 10 minutes students will have time to add words to their grid.  We will then have time as a class to share some of what we entered.  I tell the students to enter things that we studied, not to project to where we are going yet.  By the end of the year each letter should have somewhere between 5 and 15 words in each box.  This gives students the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of words.

    In January/February we will start working on the rough draft write-ups for one of the letters.  I will provide a Thinking Map that serves as a templete for what I want written for each letter.  Some letters may deviate slightly from the map, however it gives a starting point.  The key is that each letter needs to have information and opinions both.  The opinions need to be backed up with facts, details, or examples to state their case.  It is one thing to say that George Washington was brave, but I want students to give examples and information to back up the case as to why Washington was brave.  

    We started working on the Thinking Maps to prepare for the writing on January 27-29 (depending on class period).  Students will then be able to use the maps as a template to write each letter.

    The ABC Book will be due the first week of May.  Check later for the exact date  


    ABC Book Grid

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    ABC Book Thinking Maps

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