• Weekly Planner



    WEEK TWO (August 19-23)

    Monday: Read your selected novel (15 minutes) and start noticing vocabulary words from your books

                  Continue "Where I'm From" poem

    HOMEWORK: Be sure to bring book (in ziplocking bag) and composition book tomorrow

                          Syllabus sheet due Tuesday/Wednesday

                          "Where I'm From" poem due Thursday, submitted through Google Classroom

                          Student survey-in Google Classroom (forms)


    Tuesday: Read selected novel

                    Glue handouts into composition book (genre list, book tracker, vocab instructions)

                    Continue "Where I'm From" poem

    HOMEWORK: Please get syllabus signature sheet turned in

                         "Where I'm From" poem due Thursday


    Wednesday: Read selected novel

                         Discuss and start vocabulary assignment

                         Questions, so far

    HOMEWORK: "Where I'm From" poem due tomorrow---submitted through Google Classroom


    Thursday: Read selected novel

                     Begin Genres lesson

    HOMEWORK: Be sure "Where I'm From" poem has been submitted

                          Complete Getting to Know You survey on Google Forms


    Friday: Responses to independent reading book (on Chromebooks)

    HOMEWORK: Complete responses from class, due by Monday 



    WEEK ONE (August 14-16)

    Wednesday: Receive a class syllabus and signature sheet---read by Monday and have signed and return by Tuesday 8/20.

                         In class---Getting to Know You Bingo

    HOMEWORK: Get signature paper signed by Tuesday, access Getting to Know Me (teacher) on website, take class survey on Google Classroom by 8/23, check out Flipgrid and add intro video


    Thursday: Discuss books I read over summer and how/where to pick a book

                     Group discussion about class expectations (Memes)

                     If time, begin "Where I Am From" poem

    HOMEWORK: Think about what book you want to read first. Remember your first selection should be a fiction novel.


    Friday: Introduce/Discuss "Where I Am From" poem and begin. We will also work on this in class on Monday.

    HOMEWORK: Have a 100 page composition book for class on Monday. Have a novel selected to begin reading in class on Monday. Remember your final draft of "Where I Am From" poem is due in Google Classroom on Thursday.