• Weekly Planner


    Week 2: March 25-29

    Monday: Journal: Monday's

                Quiz on FTM ch 17-20

                Read ch 21-25---Finish book!

    Tuesday: Journal

                 Quiz on ch 21-25

                 Introdce Blackout Poem---due Friday

                 Group work---Story Map---due at end of period


                     Final FTM test 


                  Work on blackout poem

    Friday: Journal

              FTM vocab test

              Turn in vocab pages, reading notes, journal page and blackout poem


     QUARTER 3

    Week 8: February 25-March 1

    Monday: Journal Topic 22

                 Vocab word: clenched

                 Vocabulary test --- words 1-21

    Tuesday: Journal topic 23

                  Vocab word: attentive

                  Story map for novel due

                  Final novel assessment

    Wednesday: Journal topic 24

                      Vocab word: suspense

                      Agree/Disagree activity

    Thursday: Begin argument research

                   Define argument terms: claim, counterclaim, relevant, sufficient, credible

    Friday: Check week's journal topics and vocab words in composition books


    Honors week 8

    Monday: Journal Topic 22

                 Vocab word: clenched

                Vocab test---words 1-21

    Tuesday: Journal topic 23

                  Vocab word: attentive

                  Argument article links/research

    Wednesday: Journal topic 24

                      Vocab word: suspense

                      "TV as literature" article/response

    Thursday: Argument research

    Friday: Argument writing

               Continue argument research


    Week 5: February 4-8

    Monday: Journal topic 13

                 Vocabulary word: reaping

                 Lesson on character traits

                 HOMEWORK: Giver-read ch 14 for Tuesday, Hunger Games-read ch 17 for Tuesday

    Tuesday: Journal topic 14

                 Vocabulary word: tesserae/vigilant

                 Continue character traits lessons

                 Intro character assignment-check-in #3 for independent reading

                 HOMEWORK: Giver-ch 15 for Wednesday, Hunger Games-ch 18 for Wednesday

    Wednesday:Journal topic 15

                     Vocabulary word: anguish

                     Continue lesson on character traits

                     HOMEWORK: Giver- ch 16 for Thursday, Hunger Games-ch 19 for Thursday

    Thursday: Character lesson on StudySync/Connect Ed

                   HOMEWORK: Giver-ch 17 for Friday, Hunger Games-finish up ch 19 for Friday 

                                      Character assignment (check-in #3) due Friday

    Friday: Novel group discussion

              Weekly assessment

              Character assignment due



    Monday: Journal topic 13

                 Vocabulary word: reaping

                 Lesson on character traits

                 HOMEWORK: Finish Pearl for tomorrow

    Tuesday: Journal topic 14

                  Vocabulary word: vigilant

                  Final book discussion

                  Intro final book project choices

                  HOMEWORK: Begin final book project

                                     Start selection of independent reading novel-due Friday

    Wednesday: Journal topic 15

                      Vocabulary word: anguish

                      Continue lessons on character traits

    Thursday: Character lesson on StudySync/Connect Ed

    Friday: Independent novel choice due

              Weekly assessment

              HOMEWORK: Finish Final PEARL project


    Week 3: January 21-25

    Monday: No school

    Tuesday: Journal topic 7

                 Vocabulary word: interminably

                 Introduce sequencing map for independent reading novel---due Friday, 1/25

    Wednesday: Journal topic 8

                     Vocabulary word: disengaged

                     Review W1 and W2 Assessments

                     Work on reading and sequencing maps

    Thursday: Journal topic 9

                   Vocabulary word: hastily

                   Work on reading and sequencing map

    Friday: Group discussion of independent reading novels

              Weekly assessment

               Sequence map due


    Monday: No school

    Tuesday:Journal topic 7

                 Vocabulary word: interminably

                  Discussion of chapter 3 of The Pearl

                  Flipgrid due

    Wednesday: Journal topic 8

                      Vocabulary word: disengaged

                      Introduce sequence map for chapter 4

                      Week 2 Assessment

    Thursday: Journal topic 9

                    Vocabulary word: hastily

                    Introduce Blackout Poem

                    Discuss weekly assessments

    Friday: Chapter 4 reading due---discussion

               Sequence map for ch. 4 due

               Read chapter 5 for Tuesday, 1/29

    Week 2: January 14-18

    Monday: Journal Topic 4

                 Vocabulary word: boisterous

                 StudySync Text: Read "Hunger Games" --- pages 47-51 TQ 3, FQ 3, 4

                                         Read "The Giver"--- pages 21-25 TQ 3, FQ 1, 5

    Tuesday: Journal Topic 5

                 Vocabulary word: reprimand

                 Continue working on reading of texts and Think and Focus questions

    Wednesday: Journal Topic 6

                      Vocabulary word: preceded

                      StudySync online lesson on Chromebooks

                      Finish TQ and FQ

                     Introduction of Flipgrid assignment---due Monday

    Thursday: In computer lab for school survey

    Friday: Weekly assessment

              Group discussions of independent reading novels



    Week 8: December 10-14

    Monday: Journal Q2W8

                 Vocab word: crescendo

                 Narrative writing: dialogue powerpoint

                                           openings powerpoint

                                           Continue working on story arc and pacing map

                 HOMEWORK: Planning/Story arc/Pacing map for narrative---must be done before you begin drafting

    Tuesday: Journal Q2W8

                  Vocab word: acrid

                  Narrative writing: Endings powerpoint

                                            Begin drafting?

    Wednesday: Journal Q2W8

                      Vocab word: adamant

                      Narrative writing: Drafting

    Thursday: Journal Q2W8

                    Vocab word: remnants

                    Narrative writing: Drafting

    Friday: Journal Q2W8

              Vocab quiz

              Narrative writing: Description lesson

                                        Finish drafting and fix

              HOMEWORK: Final drafts due posted to Google Classroom at end of period on Monday!

    Week 7: December 3-7

    Monday: Journal Q2W7

                 Vocab word: ambled

                 Begin Narrative writing: storytelling/3 stories

                 HOMEWORK: Each day we will have class assignments and handouts that are started in class, but may need to be finished as homework.

    Tuesday: Journal Q2W7

                  Vocan word: finality

                  Continue narrative writing: Story/Non-story and story arcs intro

    Wednesday: Journal Q2W7

                      Vocab word: despicable

                      Continue narrative writing: Finish story arcs and begin story planning

    Thursday: Journal Q2W7

                   Vocab word: rasped

                   Continue narrative writing: Day 1 of plot lines, point of view and pacing

    Friday: Finish and turn in Journal Q2W7

               Turn in vocab Q2W7---vocab quiz

               Continue narrative writing: Day 2 of plot lines, point of view and pacing


    Week 6: November 26-30

    Monday: Journal Q2W6

                 Introduce new vocab word (lilting)

                 Discuss character journals and Flipgrid assignments---both due Friday, November 30th

                 Read selections for tomorrow's testing

     Tuesday: Interim Assessment---in library computer lab

                   Vocab word---rile

                   HOMEWORK: Continue working on character journals and Flipgrid assignments

    Wednesday: Finish Interim Assessment

                      Vocab word---reluctantly

                      HOMEWORK: Continue above assignments

    Thursday: Signpost slides---Introduction

                   Vocab word---pointedly

    Friday: Signposts activity

              Turn in Q2W6 journal

              Turn in vocab sheet

              Turn in character journals

              Vocab quiz on this week's words?

    Week 5: November 12-16

    Monday: No School for Veterans' Day holiday

    Tuesday: Journal Q2W5

                  Intro Word of the Day---shunned (This is in place of weekly vocabulary).

                  Read ROTHMC ch 10-finish reading for homework

                  HOMEWORK: Finsh reading ch 10

    Wednesday: Journal

                      W.O.D. --- lingered

                      Read ch 11 of ROTHMC

                      Introduce chapter page and plot map

                      HOMEWORK: Begin ch 12 reading

    Thursday: Journal


                    Finish reading ch 12---finish the book!

                    Intro Flipgrid assignment

    Friday: Journal---TURN IN!

               Collect wrap-up pages

               ROTHMC test

               HOMEWORK: Enjoy your holiday!

    Week 4: November 5-9

    Monday: Journal/Take 5

                Read/Listen to ROTHMC ch 7 in class (Take notes on Post-its and place in book)

                Turn in group discussion pages

                HOMEWORK: Unit 4 vocab cards---due Wednesday

    Tuesday: Journal/Take 5

                 ROTHMC ch 8 reading --- take notes for folder

                 Review/discussion of character journal --- one per every three chapters (see directions page and example on website)

    Wednesday: Journal/Take 5

                      Check vocab cards for unit 4

                      ROTHMC reading finish ch 8/begin ch 9---take notes for folder

                      HOMEWORK: Keep working on character journals

    Thursday: Journal/Take 5

                   Finish listening to/reading ch 9 of ROTHMC

    Friday: Journal/Take 5---turn it in!

               Group discussion for chapters 7-9 of ROTHMC



    Week 3: October 29-November 2

    Monday: ROTHMC Reading check from ch 3

                 Vocab test on Q2 W1&2 words

                 Begin reading ROTHMC ch 4---pp. 69-83 (homework for any that is left) AUDIO is Disc 2 44:52 and ends Disc 2 TAKE NOTES

                 Make vocab cards for Q2 W3 words---see definitions on website--- Cards due Wednesday

    Tuesday: Read ROTHMC ch 4 pp. 83-101 together and TAKE NOTES

                  Begin group discussion on ch 1-4 

                  HOMEWORK: Read ch 5 pp. 102-110 Disc 3 33:25-48:23

                                      Be sure to be working on character journal assignment from ch 1-3

    Wednesday: Vocab cards  from Q2W3 due

                      Finish reading ch 5-pp. 111-116 

                      Finish group discussion from yesterday

                      HOMEWORK: Be sure to be working on character journal assignment

    Thursday: Read ch 6 pp. 117-139 --- Finish anything not done as homework

                   HOMEWORK: Finishing ch 6 reading and working on character journal assignment

    Friday: Reading quiz

               Group discussion on this week's reading  

    Week 2: October 22-26

    Monday: Planner/Journal

                 Intorduce Q2W2 vocab words---cards due Tuesday

                 Share vocab stories and ABC alliteration books

    Tuesday: Journal

                 Check vocab cards---study for Friday's quiz---Quarter 2 unit/week 1 & 2 words

                  Introduce schedule and back for Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

                 Begin reading novel

    Wednesday: Journal

                     Continue reading novel

    Thursday: Journal

                   Continue reading novel

                   HOMEWORK: Study for tomorrow's vocab quiz

    Friday: Finish weekly journal page and turn in

               Vocab quiz

               Begin working on character journal page


    Week 1: October 15-19


                 Introduce Q2W1 vocab words and vocabulary story

                 Students begin vocab cards in class---due tomorrow


                  Introduce alliteration ABC book---due Monday 10/22

                  Work time on vocab story or ABC book

                  Vocab story must be turned in on Google Classroom by end of class on Friday (This is an update from their written planners!)

    Wednesday: Journal

                      Classroom collaboration and work time on vocab story or ABC book

    Thursday: Journal

                    Bring ID  to check out class novel for quarter 2

                    Work time and collaboration

    Friday: Finish Journal for the week and turn in

               Get class novel if you didn't on Thursday

               Be sure vocab story is turned in to Google Classroom

               Last chance for in class work on Alliteration ABC book---due Monday when you walk in the door! 



    Week 8: October 1-5

    Monday: Copy Planner

                 Work on body paragraph sentence frames

                  Independent reading novel should be complete---sign up for book chat (during homeroom or lunch)

    Tuesday: Continue work on body paragraph sentence frames---due tomorrow

    Wednesday: Vocabulary units 4 & 5 review game---bring your cards

                      Discuss essay hooks

    Thursday: Discuss introduction and thesis for essay

    Friday: Vocabulary units 4 & 5 "quiz"

              Discuss essay conclusion


    Week 7: September 24-28

    Monday: Periods (1/3): Read and Discuss expository essay prompt

                 Create Cause/Effect maps for four texts

    Tuesday: Periods (4/6/7): Read and Discuss expository essay prompt

                  Create Cause/effect maps for four texts

    Wednesday: Periods (1/3): Select three texts and create smaller classifying map

    Thursday: Periods (4/6/7): Select three texts and create smalelr classifying map

                   HOMEWORK: Be prepared with 3/4 of your independent reading book done for check-in #3 tomorrow

    Friday: (all classes): 3rd independent reading check-in (in class)---homework if not finished---due Monday, October 1st 


     Week 6:September 17-21

    Monday: Chromebooks

                      ---Exploring Connect Ed/StudySync Blasts

                  HOMEWORK: Vocab unit 5 cards and squares due Thursday

                                     Keep reading independent reading book---3/4 of pages due 9/28             

    Tuesday: Computer Lab

                     ---Exploring MobyMax

    Wednesday: Story Mapping (New Directions, The Other Side of the Sky, Barrio Boy, Cremation of Sam McGee, King of the Mazy May): Classifying map of main character(s), setting/time/place, conflict, resolution, theme

                   HOMEWORK: Vocab unit 5 due tomorrow

    Thursday: Turn in vocab squares for unit 5---Check in unit 5 cards

                    Continue working on classifying map

    Friday: Finish large classifying/tree map

              HOMEWORK: Keep reading! 3/4 of book done by next Friday, September 28th


    Week 5: September 10-14

    Monday: Vocab Check for Understanding Units 1-3

                 Make up work---work time

                 HOMEWORK: Finish vocab unit 4 cards for tomorrow

    Tuesday: Listen to "King of the Mazy May" audio and annotate text 

                  Check in vocab cards (unit 4)

                  HOMEWORK: Continue reading independent reading book---first half of book should be read by Friday

    Wednesday: Discuss "King of the Mazy May"

                      Define inference and text evidence

                       HOMEWORK: Keep reading---Vocab unit 4 squares due tomorrow also

    Thursday: Discuss theme

                   Collect vocab unit 4 squares

                   Begin mapping all five readings done so far---tree map

                   HOMEWORK: First half of independent reading book should be read for tomorrow's check-in (#2)

    Friday: Introduce Unit 5 vocab words

               Independent reading book check-in #2---in class

               If time allows, continue mapping stories



    Week 4: September 3-7

    Monday: No School for Labor Day

    Tuesday: Checked off Vocab Unit 3 study cards

                  Reviewed ACE procedure, put smaller pages in composition book, turned in larger page

                  First read of "Cremation of Sam McGee"-audio 

                 HOMEWORK: Assigned Think Questions 1-3 p.43---due tomorrow

    Wednesday: Turn in Think Questions homework

                       Discuss euphemisms and idioms, rhyme scheme and stanzas, and hyperbole

                       Assign hyperbole homework---due Friday

                       Final close read of "Cremation of Sam McGee" - whole class

                       HOMEWORK: Be sure first fourth of independent reading book is read for tomorrow; also Vocab unit 3 circles are due

    Thursday: Turn in vocab circles from unit 3

                    First check-in for independent reading book---Characters---in class only

    Friday: Vocab game for units 1-3, bring in your cards

               Turn in hyperbole homework

                Introduce vocab unit 4 words

                HOMEWORK: Study vocab words unit 1-3 for check for understanding on Monday  


    Week 3: August 27-31

    Monday: Monday Meeting, Progress Reports, Catching Up Day

                 HOMEWORK: Get class progress report signed

                                     Vocab Unit 2 cards due tomorrow

    Tuesday: Check in vocab cards---game?


                  First Read of "Barrio Boy"

    Wednesday: First Read of "Other Side of the Sky"

                      HOMEWORK: Vocab circles for unit 2 due tomorrow

    Thursday: Turn in vocab circles

                   Textual Evidence

                   Close Read of "Other Side of the Sky"

    Friday: Assign vocab unit 3

               Review stories and concepts from the week-small group assignment

               HOMEWORK: Be sure to have first fourth of independent reading book done by Wednesday 9/5


    Week 2: August 20-24

    Monday: Book Look (in the library)---book look paper due at the end of class

    Tuesday: Study Sync Blast---Blast response due at end of class

                  Introduction of Independent Reading Assignment

                  HOMEWORK: Choose independent reading book and complete book selection paper by Friday (8/24)

                                      Have composition book and large bag for tomorrow

    Wednesday:Close Read Lesson

                      Text Structure 

    Thursday: Collect vocab homework (cards and circles)


                    First read of "New Directions" pg. 45

                    HOMEWORK: Make sure independent reading book is chosen and paper is filled out and signed.

    Friday: Collect Book selection papers

               Introduce vocab 2

               Connotation vs. Denotation



     Week 1: August 13-17

    Monday---No school

    Tuesday---No school

    Wednesday---Course syllabus---Read and view website Power point for Friday Extra Credit quiz

                         Recieve copy of weekly planner

                         Spider web discussion of studnt/teacher/classroom expectations

                 HOMEWORK: Get syllabus page signed and look at website for quiz

    Thursday---Writing assessment (in class)

                 HOMEWORK: Finsh writing assessment for Monday

    Friday---Syllabus and Getting to Know Ms. Brockelsby quiz

                 Introduce and assign vocab list 1

                 HOMEWORK: Make/finish vocab cards and Frayer squares for Thursday, August 23rd