Week #10  October 14 - 18

    Moonday:  Samurai Tanka - due tomorrow

    Information about tankas can be found on pages 326 - 327.

    Students will also be given a study guide to prepare for the Friday quiz.


    Tuesday:  Conquest!  This is a game.  No homework.

    Wednesday:  Conquest!

    Thursday:  Conquest!

    Friday:  Quiz about Feudal Japan





    Week #9 October 7 - 11


    Moonday:  Finish Living Treasures of Japan.

    Homework:  Foreign Influences of Japanese Culture

    Tuesday:  Heian-kyo Golden Age

    Homework due Thursday

    Wednesday:  Same as Tuesday

    Thursday: So You Want to be a Samurai?  (notes)

    Friday:  Same as Thursday 




    Week #8  September 30 Oct 4

    Moonday:  Turn in Passport to China

                      Geography of Japan 

                              Due Wednesday

    Tuesday:  Feudal Hierarchy of Japan

    Wednesday: Review Geo of Japan

                         Vocabulary of Japan 

    Thursday:  Foreign Influences on                             Japan

    Friday:  Watch Living Treasures of                      Japan (Part #1)



    Week #7 September 23 - 27


    Moonday:  Introduce Passport to China Project

                                  Due Monday 9-30

    Tuesday:       Work on Passport to China

    Wednesday: Work on Passport to China

    Thursday:     Work on Passport to China

    Friday:          Chopstick Contest!






    Week #5  September 9-13

    Moonday:  Notes Daoism Buddhism and                                             Confucianism.

    Tuesday: Complete Yesterdays notes

    Wednesday: What Is September 11, 2001?                        (Extra Credit Opportunity)

    Thursday: Review Geography and Dynasties of                          Imperial China.

    Friday: T.B.D.  (No homework)


    Week #4  September 2-6

    Moonday:  Labor Day.  No School No Work!

    Tuesday:   Geography of China:  Due Thursday.

    Wednesday: Watch Video First Emperor of China.

    Thursday: What is an Empire?  Discussion and Notes.

    Friday: Dynasties of Medieval China: In-Class Activity.




    Week #3  August 26-30

    Moonday:   Review World Geo' #3

         Pass out World Geo' Quiz Study Guide

    Tuesday:    South Asia Map Activity

    Wednesday: World Geo' Crossword

                          Due Friday

    Thursday:   Jeopardy!  World Geo'

    Friday:        World Geography Quiz




    Week #2  August 10 - 23

    Monday: World Geography #1 

    In-class assignment


    Tuesday: Notes Geography Information

    Students will take notes  


    Wednesday: World Geo' #2

    In-class work will check as class tomorrow


    Thursday: World Geo' #3

    Homework due tomorrow, Friday Aug 23


    Friday: World Map Labeling Activity

    In-class assignment