ENGLISH 9  Remind Class code : 4f4276

    Second Semester Periods 1, 2, 3, & 6

    4th Quarter The Odyssey

    May 23-25

    Friday: finish veiwing the film The Odyssey

    Continue to work on game board--due on day of your final

    Thursday: Continue to work on game board

    Continue to answer study guide questions for the film The Odyssey

    This study guide will be due June 4th (Monday)

    Wednesday: work on game board project for The Odyssey

    continue to answer the final study guide questions for extra credit

    May 21-24

    Thursday: Hand out Final Project instructions and rubric

    Begin gameboard project.

    This will be due on the day of your final.

    Wednesday: Presentations for chapters 5-7

    Due today 3 paragraphs.

    Tuesday: The Odysssey Chapter Presentations 

    Today Chapters 1-4

    You will respond to one of the prompts for each chapter. This would equal 4 paragraphs unless you are in one of the chapter presentations than it would be 3 paragraphs.

    Due today

    Monday: Write Response Letter from Odysseus to Penelope or Telemachus

    computer lab Rm. 1114 to type and print letter Due today

    May 15-18

    Friday: The Odyssey Part 2 Group Project is due today for review

    Pass back Letters to do response letter. We will be in the computer lab Rm. 1114 Monday to type and print it. Due Monday

    Project presentations will be Tuesday Chapters 1-4 and Wednesday Chapters 5-7

    Thursday: Continue to work on your Part 2 Odyssey Project in groups

    All parts are due tomorrow for inspection before being presented


    Wednesday: Turn in your Mythological Creature Project: Creature Picture, MLA Typed Essay and Rubric

    Presentations today for your Creature

    Continue to work on your Odyssey Chapter Project: Write Script, Answer study guide questions, Write short answer quiz questions with answers, Choose two literary devices, Write thematic prompts and prepare for your presentation as a group


    Tuesday: Part 2 The Odyssey

    Hand out Group Teaching Activity for The Odyssey Part 2

    Read your assigned chapter and begin writing the script as instructed on the hand out

    Presentations will be May 22 (Chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4) May 23 (Chapters 5, 6, and 7)


    May 7-11

    Friday: Part 2 The Odyssey Project--organize groups

    View Part 1 The Odyssey Answer movie questions & compare to text

    Thursday: Computer Lab Type letter

    Wednesday: Instruct Letter format  Due Friday

    Hand out sample and rubric with assignment to write letter from Odysseus to Penelope or Telemachus

    Tuesday: Continue Drawing Map Due Wed.


    Read P.1010-1017 "The Cattle of the Sun God"

    Draw Map of Odysseus' Travels

    Hand out rubric

    April 30- May 4

    Monday: Text p.986-999 read the Cyclops

    Complete Study Guide


    Tuesday: Hand out Mythological Creature Project Due May 11

    Begin research at home and bring it Friday to work in class


    Wednesday: Collect Study Guide for "Sailing from Troy", "The Lotus Eaters" & "The Cyclops"

    Read p.999-1004 "The Land of the Dead"

    Complete New Study Guide


    Thursday: Read p.1005 "The Sirens" p. 1007 Scylla & Charybdis

    Complete Study Guide

    Group Activity: The Cyclops Project A: Alternate Plan  B: The Trial  Due today


    Friday: Quiz "The Cyclops"

    Work on Mythological Creature Project due May 11th


    April 23-27

    Friday: Collect Crossword with vocabulary work on back

    Read Text p.981-985 "Sailing of Troy" & "the Lotus Eaters"

    Hand out Study Guide complete answers for sections read today


    Thursday: School City Benchmark test in library


    Wednesday: Quizlet Introduction of Characters also Text p.982

    Notes due today

    Hand out Crossword puzzle Due Friday


    Tuesday: Turn in Group activity Hero Project today

    PPT Introduction to The Odyssey Take Notes and turn in for participation points


    Monday: Poetry Unit Test Turn in review PPT worksheet with test

    What is an Epic Hero? PPT take notes/group activity


    April 16-20


    Review PPT Poetry Unit  Test Monday


    Thursday: Haiku/Hokku/Sonnet Poetry p. 954-960

    Hand out rubric to write Haiku

    Quiz: The Seven Ages of Man


    Wednesday: Collect typed Lyric poem with rubric

    Read "The Seven Ages of Man" p. 945

    Hand out worksheet to analyze the stages Due Today


    Tuesday: Finish Storybook and share with class


    Monday: Narrative & Dramatic Poetry

    Read p. 938-939 for type information

    Read "The Raven" Page 940

    Create a storybook with six pictures to reveal the plot line. Also write one sentence in each box to tell what is happening at each point. Due Tuesday


    April 9-13

    Monday: Lyric Poetry Read "The Bells" p.930-934

    Hand out worksheet: Lyric Poetry and Sound Devices &reading Strategies for Listening Due Friday


    Tuesday: Read p.926-934 Uphill, On Summer & Ecclesiastes 1-3

    finish worksheet from yesterday Due Friday


    Wednesday: Hand out rubric to write Lyric poem Due next Wed. April 18th

    Practice Quiz over Poetic Sound Devices


    Thursday: Quiz Lyric Poetry

    Turn in Sound Device Poem


    Friday: Limerick Poetry

    Hand out paper with instructions to write a limerick

    Write a limerick Due today



    April 3-6 Welcome back


    Friday: Text p. 906 & 908 "The Eagle" & "Hope"

    Worksheet: Figurative Language & Analysis Due Tues.


    Thursday: What is the American Dream? Answer 6 questions due today

    Text p. 903-905 Read Poems "Dream Deferred" and "Dreams" Analyze rhyme scheme and figurative language  due Today

    Hand out rubric to write poem with sound devices. Due Next Thurs April 12th 50 points

    Be sure to highlight and label your sound deivces. Choose your number of syllables per line and establish a pattern. Extra Credit 10 points for a hand drawn picture and a poem that rhymes.



    Quick Activity in groups to review sound devices

    Quiz Sound Devices

    Collect Worksheet from yesterday

    Group discussion for "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud"

    Share answers


    Tuesday: Review for Sound Device Quiz

    Text p. 894-898 "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud" Read and analyze using worksheet called

    Rhyme Scheme and Senses  Due Wed


    March 19-23

    Friday: Hyperbole Power Point take notes/answer 5 questions with regard to the poem "Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout"

    Do today

    Thursday: Onomatopoeia worksheet and rubric to create an animal poem Due Friday

    Wednesday: Power Point Onomatopoeia take notes and do all activities within the ppt

    Create comic strip/use rubric for guide to point value due Thurs.


    Tuesday: Power Point Sound Devices Continued

    Hand Out for taking notes with worksheet on the back

    Use highlighters to identify each sound device and make a legend due Wed.


    Monday: Poetic Sound Devices Power Point Alliteration Take Notes

    Worksheet: Alliteration--do in class--due Tues.

    March 12-16

    Friday: Test Act 5 content and vocabulary

    Due Today: Act 5 study guide, Cause and Effect worksheet, and Advertisement Project (poster and MLA formatted spoken advertisement)

    Thursday: Continue viewing movie and finish list of 10 reasons due today

    Wednesday: Write definition for the term parody from board

    View: Gnomeo and Juliet Write down 10 reasons it is a parody to Romeo and Juliet.

    Tuesday: Preregistration with Mr. Jackson giving presentation Packet due 21st March

    Monday: Finish Act 5 Study Guide Do Final discussion questions on the back

    Hand out Daily Events Chart (Take notes)  and Cause and Effect Worksheet

    March 5-9

    Friday: Read Act 5 Scene 3

    Finish study guide and back side A Final Discussion worksheet Due Tuesday


    Wednesday and Thursday: Computer lab Rm. 1115 to Work on Spoken Advertisement for the Production of Romeo and Juliet Projecct due March 16th with poster and spoken advertisement written in MLA format


    Tuesday: Benchmark Test Revision Computer lab Library


    Monday: Collect Warm Ups #24-28

    Hand out new vocabulary and study guide for Act 5 Romeo and Juliet

    Work on Act 5 vocabulary Due Wed.

    Listen to Act 5 Scene 1 & 2

    Answer Study Guide questions for Act 5 Scene 1 & 2


    February 26-March 2

    Friday: Warm Up # 28

    Loyalty is often an admired value in a friend, relative, or mentor. On the other hand, the lack of loyalty can lead to conflict. Choose one character in Romeo and Juliet and discuss how loyalty (or the lack fhereof) is a driving force in their lives.

    Quiz Content and Vocabulary Act 4

    View film version/find differences with text/exit ticket

    Warm Ups Due Monday

    Thursday: Warm Up # 27

    If Romeo and Juliet were modern teenagers, they would be unlikely to turn to a monk and a nurse for advice/help. Who would their modern mentors be and why?

    Review Act 4 using discussion questions in groups

    Begin working on project advertisement and commercial for R&J

    Wednesday: Warm Up #26

    Examine the relationships among Romeo, Benvolio, and Mercutio. What philosophies of life does each represent?

    Do the language of grief worksheet found on the back of the study guide.

    Hand out new project guide to create an advertisement and commercial for the production of Romeo and Juliet. Due March 16th.

    Review characters of play using quotes and character descriptions (oral)



    Tuesday: Warm Up # 25

    On the surface, the nurse and the friar seem very different: she is bawdy, he is pious. Upon closer examination, however, the characters are similar—they both help romeo and Juliet.

    Copy this.

    Analyze the motivations of both the nurse and the friar in their attempts to help the young lovers and discuss the rightness or wrongness of their decisions.

    Read Act 4 Scenes 4 and 5

    Finish answering study guide questions

    Monday: Warm Up # 24

    In Act 4 Scene 1 is Juliet being fair when she talks to Paris? Discuss the way you would have handled a similar encounter. Write this as a persuasive response. (use support)

    Hand out Act 4 Study Guide (answer all questions through today's readings)

    Read Act 4 Scenes 1, 2 and 3


    February 20-22


    Choose any scene in Romeo and Juliet Acts 1, 2 or 3 and rewrite it in modern English. You may change the setting, but try to keep it modern. You may work with a partner.


    Please continue rewriting your chosen scene from Romeo and Juliet. Today you must add a picture as a cover page to your scene with a title. This mini project will be due Tuesday next week.


    Read Romeo and Juliet Act 4 Scenes 1, 2 and 3 page 845-851 be able to answer applicable questions on page 857 

    February 12-15

    Thursday: Warm Up # 23

    Warm Up #23

    At the beginning of the play, we find Romeo in love with love. When he meets Juliet, however, he is convinced that he loves her, not merely the abstract emotion. Juliet, also, believes she loves Romeo, the person. How do we know that Juliet is indeed in love with Romeo, and not merely experiencing her first infatuation?

    Act 4 New Vocabulary Due next Wed.

    Wednesday: Character Analysis and Relationship Chart Due Thursday

    Tuesday: Quiz Act 3 vocabulary and content

    View Movie through act 3


    Monday Warm Up # 22

    A sonnet is a 14-line poem with every other line and the last two lines rhyming. Where are the two sonnets we have read in class located? What purpose do they serve in the dramatic play of Romeo and Juliet?

    Review Act 3 using Discussion Questions

    View Movie and compare to text Turn in exit ticket


    February 5-9

    Friday: Warm Up #21

    Warm Up #21

    In Act 1 the Prologue states that this is the story of “star-crossed lovers.” There are four strong foreshadowings of evil in Act 1.

    Identify at least two foreshadowings and explain their purpose.

    Review Study Guide Act 3/Review Vocabulary Act 3 Quiz next Tuesday

    View Movie R&J (Write 3 differences between the movie and text) Turn in Exit ticket today


    Thursday: Warm Up # 20

    Warm Up #20

    Aside: words spoken by an actor supposedly heard only by the audience

    Act 2 Scene 2 Line 25

    Romeo says, “She speaks.”

    He is not talking to Juliet, the only other person on stage. Only the audience is intended to hear this line.

    What is the other aside in this scene? Look for the word aside in brackets, as a stage direction.

    Collect Letter of advice to Romeo

    Read Act 3 Scene 5

    Finish Act 3 study guide Due Friday


    Wednesday: Library Computer Lab Type Letter Due Thursday

    Collect Contrasting Images


    Tuesday: Warm Up # 19

    Warm Up #19

    Paradox: a true statement even though it seems to be saying two opposite things (a paradox is a device that appears to contradict itself, yet it holds true)

    Ex: The infant rind of a small flower contains both poison and medicine. That’s a contradictory statement that’s also true.

    Ex: Act 1 Scene Line 185

    Romeo referring to love: “a choking gall and a preserving sweet”

    Find another paradox in Act 2 Scene 6 lines 9-15

    Read Act 3 Scene 3 & 4

    Worksheet: Contrasting Images Due Wednesday


    Monday: Warm Up #18

    Warm Up # 18

    Tragic characters are a mix of both good and evil. For most people, the name Romeo brings to mind thoughts of young love. Romeo, however, is more than a lover. Discuss how Romeo is a mixture of desirable and undesirable qualities.

    Collect Warm Ups #13-18

    Letter Format/Write a letter of advice to Romeo Due Thursday


    January 29-February 2


    Friday: Warm Up #17

    Identify two characters in Act 1 who are foils for each other.

    Explain how they are character foils.

    Read Act 3 Scene 2

    View movie version of Romeo and Juliet

    Exit Ticket: Write about 3 differences between the text and movie version.


    Thursday: Warm up #16

    Write Juliet's or Romeo's diary entry after the balcony sceneContinue to work on project from yesterday. Collect today.

    Collect News Story

    Wednesday: Warm up #15

    What is your opinion of "love at first sight"? Explain, including your description of what makes two people instantly attracted to each other.

    Hand out Two Street Murders/News Story Project Due Thursday

    Collect  Act 3 Vocabulary


    Tuesday: Warm Up #14: What literary term is being used in the following quote

    Friar: "The day to cheer and night's dank dew to dry..." (metaphor, simile, alliterartion, personification)

    Collect: Wedding Vows and Discussion Questions Act 2

    Read: Act 3 Scene 1

    Hand out Act 3 study guide and vocabulary

    Work on vocabulary in class. Due Wednesday


    Monday: Warm up 13 Create a logo for Romeo and Juliet

    Collect Act 2 Study Guide

    Sign up for Act 3 reading

    Continue working on Discussion Questions for Act 2 Due Tuesday

    View Romeo and Juliet movie: Using the exit ticket write 3 difference of the movie to the text version


    January 22-26

    Friday: Warm up # 12 Act 2 Scene 2 Line 4 Identify the literary term used.

    Quiz Act 1 and 2

    Act 2 Discussion Questions---Due Tuesday

    Act 2 Study Guide Due Monday


    Thursday: Warm up # 11 Act 2 Scene 2 Line 3 Identify the literary term used.

    Read Act 2 Scene 5 & 6

    Write wedding vows---DueTuesday


    Wednesday: Warm up # 10 Act 2 Scene 1 Line 3 Prologue Identify the literary term used.

    Read Act 2 Scene 3 & 4

    Collect Act 2 Vocabulary (27 sentences)


    Tuesday: Warm up #9 What literary term is being used in Act 2 Scene 2 Lines 94-101?

    Collect Act 1 Study Guide

    Read Act 2 Prologue p. 795 and Scene 1 & 2

    Hand out Prologue Project Due Feb. 2


    Monday: Hand out Act 2 vocabulary and study guide

    Begin writing the 27 sentences for the vocabulary Due Wed.

    Continue working on Act 1 Study Guide  Due Tues.

    January 16-19

    Friday: Warm up # 8 Act 1 Scene 1 lines 167-172  Find the oxymorons and explain their meanings.

    Quiz Act 1 Vocabulary and Act 1 Scene 1

    Turn in Warm ups 5-8 today and Family Relationship Chart including Capulets, Montagues & Neutrals

    Sign up for Act 2 part

    Extra Credit Project: Mercutio's Mab Speech


    Thursday: Warm up #7 Act 1 Scene 1 Romeo speaks lines 181-182. What is the  metaphor and what is being compared?

    Read Act 1 Scene 4 & 5

    Discussion group questions due today


    Wednesday: Warm up # 6 Write the pun on page 771.

    Read Act 1 Scene 2 & 3

    Create a chart to show all characters family relationships. Due Friday


    Tuesday: Warm up # 5 Create a Venn diagram to show the differences between Shakespeare's time and ours.

    Read Act 1 Scene 1

    Hand out Study Guide for Act 1 Scene 1

    Due tomorrow Act 1 Vocabulary and Prologue questions

    January 8-12

    Friday: Warm up from You Tube (How to rap Shakespeare CBCC)

    Read from Textbook p. 729-731 & p.764-769

    Sign up for parts to read Act 1 Tuesday

    Also read the prologue for Romeo and Juliet p.771 Complete worksheet front and back including

    vocabulary 14 sentences

     Due Tuesday


    Thursday: Warm up from You Tube (MC:Lars at Ted X USC 14.36 mins)

    The Hip Hop of Shakespeare  (Use same response as Tuesday)

    Power Point: The structure of Romeo and Juliet  (worksheet to take notes will be checked off for completion today)


    Wednesday: Warm up from You Tube Ted Talks (Nativ Lang) What Shakespeare's English Sounded Like and How We Know. 6.33 mins.

    Use response from Tuesday.

    Power Point: Literary Terms for Romeo and Juliet  (complete worksheet as notes) I will check off for completion today>


    Tuesday: Warm up: Ted Talks (You Tube) with Akala  20.23 mins.

    Respond with the following:

    Hip Hop and Shakespeare

    1. Write one thing you know about Shakespeare.

    2. Write two things you learn about Shakespeare.

    3. Write about one thing you observe.

    4. Write one question.

    Finish poster:Due today


    Monday: Power Point Class Rules and course syllabus

    Complete worksheet during presentation. Due this Friday Signed by Parent/guardian

    Poster contest: Create a poster for the no cell phone class policy



    First Semester Periods 1, 2, 3, & 6


    Remind Connect with class code   4f4276

    Dec. 11-14

    Thursday and Friday: View TKAM film version

    Worksheet: Answer 25 of 58 movie questions Due with Final

    Wednesday: Journal #50 Turn in Journals #48-50

    Worksheet: Characters as mirrored and foiled Pairs  Due Friday

    Homework: TKAM read Ch 28-31


    Tuesday: Journal # 49

    Worksheet: Characters as symbols Due tomorrow

    Homework: Read TKAM  Ch 25-27

    Quiz: Ch 15-21 content and vocabulary Turn in study guide


    Monday: Power Point Literary Terms Review associated with TKAM

    Worksheet to take notes (use on final)

    Journal #48

    Homework Read TKAM Ch 22-24

    Collect Thematic Essay with in text Citations and rubric

    Dec. 4-8

    Friday: Journal # 47

    Read script from film of TKAM Chapter 19 (all take parts)

    Collect Journals #45-47

    Essay Due Monday


    Thursday: Library to type essay

    Wednesday: Library to type essay


    Tuesday: Journal #46

    Write Thesis Statement and begin body paragraphs

    Collect Voc Ch 15-21


    Monday: Journal #45

    Homework Read Ch 16-18 by Friday

    Power Point take notes Thematic Essay

    Choose theme topic today

    Hand out rubric for essay Due next Monday MLA format



    November 27-Dec. 1

    Friday: Journal #44

    Quiz Ch 12-14 content

    Collect Journals #41-44

    Collect Study Guide Ch 12-14

    Read Ch 16 homework

    Hand Out new voc. ch 15-21 due Tues.


    Thursday: CHKS library

    Read Ch 15


    Wednesday: Journal #43

    Read TKAM Ch 13-14

    Collect Vocabulary Ch 12-14


    Tuesday: Journal #42

    Finish Gallery Walk and turn in worksheet

    Read TKAM Ch 12

    Hand out new vocabulary and study guide


    Monday: Gallery Walk Classic Trials with response worksheet

    Journal #41


    November 13-17

    Friday: Quiz Unit 1 content TKAM and Ch 8-11 Voc

    Thursday: Review Chapters 8-11

    Bingo to review characters

    Check off Voc Ch 8-11 and Study guide Ch 8-11

    Check off character review worksheet

    Wednesday: School City Benchmark Test in library

    Tuesday: Journal #39

    Read Chapter 10-11

    Character Review worksheet

    Collect Boo Radley's House with detail worksheet


    Monday: TKAM Read chapters 8-9

    Journal #38


    November 6-10

    Thursday: Journal #37

    Quiz Ch 4-7 content and vocabulary

    Collect Journals #34-37 hand written only

    Hand out new vocabulary Ch 8-11

    Remember Boo Radley's house is due Tuesday


    Wednesday: Journal #36

    Discussion Groups Review Ch 4-7


    Tuesday: Journal #35

    Collect Ch 4-7 Study Guide and vocabulary

    Hand out guide for drawing Boo Radley's House Due next Tuesday


    Monday: Journal #34

    Read Chapters 6-7 TKAM

    Finish study guide ch 4-7 and vocabulary sentences

    Due Tuesday


    October 30- November 3

    Friday: Journal # 33

    Collect Journals # 31-33

    Continue reading chapter 4 and read chapter 5 TKAM

    Begin chapter 6 if time


    Thursday: Journal # 32

    Quiz Vocabulary Ch 1-3 and Content

    Allusion sharing Chapter 4

    Read Chapter 4

    Hand out new vocabulary Chapters 4-7 Due next Tuesday


    Wednesday: Journal #31

    Quiz nonfiction readings

    Review Chapters 1-3 using discussion groups and sharing with class


    Tuesday: View "The Pit and the Pendulum" Respond to question on screen

    Does the narrator deserve sympathy?


    Monday: Collect Ch 1-3 vocabulary sentences and study guide

    Review nonfiction readings using powerpoint

    Take notes on worksheet/may use on test Wed.



    October 23-27

    Friday: Journal #30

    Share Allusion significance

    Read Chapter 3 TKAM

    Collect Journals 28-30

    Chapter 1-3 voc. and study guides due Monday

    Thursday: Journal # 29

    Share allusion significance

    Read Chapter 2 TKAM

    Check 3 page worksheet for nonfiction readings


    Wednesday: Journal # 28

    Read Chapter 1 TKAM Homework finish reading chapter 1 (Be ready for a quiz at any time)

    Hand out Ch 1-3 vocabulary and study guide (write answers on own paper) due Monday

    Check for ziploc bag to cover TKAM extra credit 10 points

    Sign up to share significance of allusions in TKAM Extra Credit 10 points

    Tuesday: Share short stories and do a self assessment and two peer assessments

    Turn in all work


    Monday: Nonfiction Reading for TKAM Sharing

    Do you have late short stories or journals?

    October 16-20


    Friday: Final Draft Due with rough draft, peer edit,  daily guideline with stamps and rubric

    Continue sharing nonfiction article information with class

    Collect Stamped daily guide for short story

    Journals 25-27 due today


    Thursday: Present information from groups

    All students take notes to complete their worksheet

    Quiz next week over nonfiction information


    Wednesday: Journal # 26 Perspective Activity: View Sneetches video and respond

    Groups: Each group reads a different nonfiction article and presents answers to class Thursday

    All students answer all questions on the worksheet/ Due Thursday


    Tuesday: Journal # 25 Perspective

    Read nonfiction magazine about "Slavery" Answer questions on Worksheet Due Today


    Monday: Peer Edit rough Draft and turn in with final draft

    Check out TKAM from the library

    Turn in Passes for extra credit if you have any left


    October 9-13

    Friday: rough draft of your stroy is due today

    Do one or more peer edits

    Homework: rewrite your story; type it & and have it ready by Thurs. next week using MLA format

    Includes: cover picture, 1000 words, with in text citations, 3 literary devices highlighted, & Works Cited page

    Follow rubric for details/200 points


    Thursday: Add three literary devices and highlight them in your story

    Also create your works cited page and insert in text citations


    Wednesday:  What is the theme or themes of your story?

    Create dialogue and narration


    Tuesday: Write your first scene and create a plotline for your story

    Review Vocabulary for "The Interlopers" and "The Most Dangerous Game" Test this Thursday


    Monday: Create Supporting characters for your short story

    October 2-6

    Friday: CAASPP Testing in the library computer lab

    Do research for short story: geography, information for main character

    Two resources are required for Works Cited and citations

    Thursday: Hand out daily guideline for short story

    Write voice for main character

    Create antagonist

    Wednesday: Hand out rubric for short story

    Create Conflict

    Tuesday: Begin Short Story

    Create Setting and Protagonist


    Day 1: Plan Setting and Main Character (this will be checked in class)

    Monday: Review vocabulary for "The Interlopers" and "The Most Dangerous Game"

    Finish the study guide for "The Most Dangerous Game" which includes vocabulary Due Wed.


    September 25-29

    Friday: Journal #24 Turn in Journals today

    Read p. 18 The Most Dangerous Game

    hand out study guide with vocabulary Due Wednesday


    Thursday: Journal #23

    Thin/Pair/Share Continued turn in papers


    Wednesday: Journal #22

    Think/Pair/Share Questions from The Interlopers


    Tuesday:  Journal #21

     Collect Essay and all parts

    WS Book of Wisdom Due Thurs



    Journal # 20

    Read the Iterlopers p. 304-310

    Voc WS due Wed.


    Sept. 18-22

    Friday: Journal # 19

    Self assess essay and then peer assess essay

    Retype with corrections Due Tuesday for teacher grading

    Turn in all papers: self assess, peer assess, rough draft and final draft.

    Wednesday and Thursday

    Library computer lab to do research and type essay

    Essay is due Friday to be self assessed and peer assessed

    Tuesday: Journal # 18

    Continue to write body paragraphs and counterpoint paragraph

    Write conclusion

    Have your essay ready to type.

    Monday: Journal # 17

    Begin Argumentative Persuasive Essay

    What is your topic?

    Write your introduction and begin the body paragraphs today.

    Handout MLA format/Works Cited example

    Handout Rubric for Persuasive Essay

    Sept. 11-15 

    Friday: Counselors to visit

    Turn in Journals #13-16

    Warrior Wipeout schedule


    Thurs. Journal # 16

    PPT How to write a persuasive essay  Take notes on WS  (Check off in class)

    Think of a topic by Monday


    Wed. Minimum Day

    Journal # 15

    Collect all three thinking Maps for "A Washwoman", "ON Summer" & "A Celebration of Grandfathers"

    Finish PPT MLA Format for Works Cited & In-text Citations (Check off in class Thurs.)


    Tuesday: (Substitute Teacher)

    Read "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" p. 347-352 Answer Questions p. 352 # 4, 5 & 6 Due Wed.

    Check off for in class participation


    Monday: Journal # 14

    Work on Thinking Map for "A Celebration of Grandfathers"

    PPT MLA Format for Works Cited and In-text CitationsWill complete Wed.


    Sept. 5-8

    Friday: Journal #13 Collect Journals 10-13

    Write Sequence map for "On Summer" to include: tone, author's attitude, and type of essay

    Read "A Celebration of Grandfathers" p. 662-668

    Be Ready to create a sequence map Monday

    All Sequence  3 maps will be collected Tuesday


    Thursday: Journal # 12

    "The Washwoman" narrative nonfiction essay

    Create Sequence map for the author's attitude, tone, and Type of Essay with text evidence

    Read "On Summer" p. 656-661 finish at home


    Wednesday: Journal # 11

    Essay Styles P. 648-649

    Read "The Washwoman" p. 650-655 finish at home

    Be ready to create a sequence map about the author's attitude, tone, & type of essay

    Hand out Vocabulary worksheet Due Thursday


    Tuesday: Journal #10

    Practice Sentence Beginnings worksheet (check off)



    August 28- Sept. 1

    Friday: Journal #9

    Read: "The Piece of String"

    Compare to "The Necklace" Worksheet

    Collect Journals #5-9


    Thursday: Journal #8

    Quiz over content of "The Necklace"


    Wednesday: Journal # 7

    Quiz Vocabulary "The Necklace"

    Share improvisation with class (extra credit) or group setting

    Quiz tomorrow over the content of "The Necklace" multiple choice and essay questions


    Tuesday: Journal # 6

    Collect Book of Wisdom & P. 615 #1-7 check off

    P. 623 follow instructions to improvise a conversation between Madm Loisel and her husband.

    Minimum four speeches for each character

    Due tomorrow to  share 

    Review Vocabualry for quiz tomorrow


    Monday: Collect Journals 1-4

    Write Journal #5

    Work on Book of Wisdom Due Tuesday

    Review game for story content

    Page 615 answer #1-7 Due Tuesday


    August 16-18

    Wed. Assemblies 1, 2 & 3

    6th period: Hand out course syllabus Due Friday

    Make name card with colored pictures due today


    Thurs. Hand out course syllabus Due Friday

    Make name card Due today


    Friday Welcome Back Worksheet with essay Due Monday

    Collect Syllabus half sheet signed by parent


    August 21- 25

    Monday: Textbook Scavenger hunt Due today

    Hand out passes for quarter

    Looked at eclipse with glasses


    Tuesday: Journal # 1

    Hand out Vocabulary Write Sentence (at least 10 words long)for each word Due Thurs.

    PPT Introduction to short stories 9 slides/worksheet


    Wed. Journal #2

    PPT Introduction to short stories 9 slides continue worksheet

    Read short story "The Necklace" p. 606-615


    Thurs. Journal #3

    PPT Introduction to short stories Finish and turn in worksheet today

    Collect Vocabulary sentences


    Friday Journal # 4

    Hand out Book of Wisdom  (work in groups)

    Collect Journals Monday #1-4