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    All 5th-grade students are encouraged to participate in taking the California Healthy Kids Survey the week of November 13th. 

    The purpose of the California Healthy Kids Survey is to obtain perceptions of a school climate as they relate to student well-being, opportunities, and learning.  Participation is voluntary.  It is also very important.  The information provided will help guide district and school efforts to promote safety, enhance learning supports, improve student achievement, and reduce health risks that stand as barriers to learning.

    This is an anonymous survey.  It is designed so that participating parents/guardians students cannot be identified from the data.  We encourage everyone to participate.

    If you would like further information or see the questions of the survey go to:


    ~ Choose Elementary

    You should be able to see the survey in English or Spanish.




    Cummings Valley Elementary School promotes academic excellence in an environment where students grow socially, intellectually, and emotionally through the teamwork of parents, staff, teachers, and the community. Our parents and guardians are encouraged and invited to participate in their child's school career through volunteering in the classroom or field trips, Back to School night, parent organizations like our PTO - Parent Teacher Organization, and the many family nights, school events, and activities.  

    We believe the more collaboration between parents, students, teachers, and staff the more successful your child will be in preparing for college or career readiness.  We strive for academic excellence and promote the social and emotional well-being of our students.

    We look forward to partnering with you!