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Dan Gillam (Science Teacher)

             Bonus Points


Your canvas grade will be adjusted based on the number of modules you complete.   
(an extra 5% for every module you complete)

For example:   if your Canvas grade is 85%  and you have completed two modules you will have an adjusted Canvas grade of 95%  (5% for each module you complete).

These Canvas grades will be entered into Aeries and become part of your semester grade.   

(unless the Canvas grade would make your semester grade go down, then it won't be used). 


Distance Learning

For the remainder of the year, Canvas will be your Biology class.

I will post modules on CANVAS that include instructional content.

The "content" is similar to what you would

normally get from your

Text Book or teacher created PowerPoints.

The Canvas modules will also include quizzes and assignments, which will be scored and may be used to improve your 2nd semester grade in Biology.


Canvas help on the TUSD website


The Bug Project is available as an extra credit assignment.  If you do the project you will need to email me two photos of your project (side view, and top view) by May 15,  and then the project must be dropped off at THS on Wednesday May 20 (9 to 11 am).

Link to Instructions for the bug project.  

Bug Project LINK


Most communications and additional information about my classes will be provided through CANVAS.

"inbox" and "announcements"