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    Mrs. Mathes Orr


    • Late homework will only receive 40% credit—must be turned in within the week it is assigned: (other than for absences or emergencies cleared through the office.)
    • Math Homework: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, (Friday as needed). All homework due the following day unless otherwise stated.
    • Lunch Tutoring: Tuesday & Thursday (beginning September 6th).
    • Online Resources:
    • http://www.khanacademy.org/ A free math/science

    video resource. 

    • Test Fixes: All students are given one week to fix and return tests/quizzes. Test Score will be averaged with fix.
    • Extra credit assigned 2-3 times per quarter. No extra credit to bring grades up at the end of the quarter.
    • Contact: lmathes-orr@teh.k12.ca.us or 661-822-2150
    • Aeries: please contact the office for your child’s sign on password.