The Principal or designee retains the right to deny eligibility to any player due to disciplinary problems, undesirable representation of the school, or any reason deemed appropriate by the administration.

    Tehachapi Unified School District, THS Administration, and Athletic Council reserves the right to require a higher standard than that of C.I.F. for eligibility of student athletes.



    According to CIF by laws, Continuing Scholastic Eligibility: A student is scholastically eligible if:

    The student achieved an un-weighted 2.0 grade-point average, on a 4.0 scale, in enrolled courses at the conclusion of the previous grading period. The student is currently enrolled in at least 20 semester credits of work.


    Summer School Credits Summer school credits shall be counted toward making up scholastic deficiencies incurred in the grading period (semester) immediately preceding. Summer school courses failed shall not impair an athlete’s scholastic eligibility achieved in the semester immediately preceding. A course taken by contract or independent study during the summer must meet the following four (4) criteria: (i) The course(s) must be approved by the local board of trustees as a valid part of the district’s school program; (ii) The student receives a passing grade in the courses taken; (iii) The personnel providing the instruction and course supervision are approved by the board of trustees; (iv) The school credit is recorded on the student’s transcript.



    Any student that wants to play a Fall Sport must have been Merit eligible the previous grading period.  If they were not eligible, they must meet with their grade level assistant principal and make arrangements to make up merits before they can participate in a game.  Demerits are given to students throughout the year for discipline issues.  If at any time an athlete falls below 70 merits, that athlete will become ineligible to participate in athletic contests.  The merit eligibility list is distributed to the high school staff and coaches each Tuesday. This list will include all students with 25 or more demerits. All make-up merits must be in the office by 3:00 p.m. on Monday. Merit retrieval is available at lunch and Saturday detention. Merits will be adjusted only once during the year at the end of first semester.



    One or more of the following conditions will prohibit an athlete from attending or participating in games.

    1. Truant (unexcused absence) from school on the day of the event.


    1. The student has a medical excuse of any type which prevents participation in physical activity.


    1. The student is absent from any portion of the school day for any reason other than official school.


    1. Business or a medical appointment. Student must submit a doctor’s note to the attendance office the day of the game.


    1. Student athletes age 18 cannot check themselves out of school and return to meet the minimum number of classes without a valid reason pre-approved by the Athletic Director or school administrator.


    1. The reason for absence is determined by the athletic director and/or administration to be valid (i.e. extenuating circumstances).


    1. Practice: A student should not go to practice if they missed the school day.



    Students are responsible to get class work they may miss before they leave for a game, unless arrangements have been made with their teacher.

    Students must also turn in work that was assigned and due the day they will miss class, unless arrangements have been made with their teacher.



    Students enrolled in an approved foreign student exchange program (please reference CIF’s list of approved organizations) must apply for eligibility through CIF. This process can take three to four weeks and must be completed prior to any participation in a sport. A foreign student who participates without the approval of CIF will be ineligible, and the team will face sanctions (including forfeiture of games in which the ineligible student played). A copy of the CIF 207/209/510 Application for Residential Eligibility is found as an attachment to this handbook.