Mrs. Jennifer Clifton - Intervention Specialist

Phone: 822-2180 x 29


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from San Diego State University

Mrs. Jennifer Clifton - Intervention Specialist

Welcome to the Eagle's Nest!!

Hello! I'm Mrs. Jennifer Clifton and I run the Eagle's Nest Intervention Program at Golden Hills School.  I've worked in Mental Health for sixteen years, and I have been the Intervention Specialist at Golden Hills for thirteen years. I have a BA in Psychology from San Diego State University. I'm a Certified Life Coach, have been trained in Behavior Modification, and I am a wife and mother of two. I love working with kids and helping them grow and overcome obstacles. 

Here are the Eagle's Nest Purpose and Goals:

To assist children in working on the behaviors that impede their learning, affect their relationships, and cause problems at home and at school.

To support children who are grieving or going through difficult circumstances.

To encourage children to achieve their goals, and to be as successful as they can be in their classrooms, at home, and in their interpersonal relationships.

 What is Eagle's Nest?

Eagle's Nest Intervention program is available to kids who need extra help or support in order to achieve academic success. Students meet with Mrs. Clifton weekly during school hours one to two times per week for half-hour sessions. Sessions can be individual or in a group setting. Students work on meeting the measurable program goals created by the parent, teacher, and student. Interventions may consist of talking, drawing, worksheets, role play, art projects, educational games, and relaxation exercises. Students begin with 8-week sessions, and additional weeks may be added if necessary. 

Common Reasons for Referral include:

-Low grades/motivation             -Problems in class              

-Problems on the playground     -Parents' Divorce

-Excessive worrying                  -Death in the family            

-Poor social skills                      -Low self-esteem                 

-Excessive lying                        -Change in living situation  

 -Problems following the rules    -Excessive Anger

-Inability to make friends or get along with others

 Groups Offered:

-Anxiety                -Behavior Management            -Social Skills            

-HOPS (Homework, Organization, and Planning Skills)   

-Work and Classroom Behavior          -Divorce              -Grief

 Eagle's Nest Enrollment Process

1. Parent/Teacher Referral

2. Student Observation

3.Results and Recommendations

4.Parent Conference

5. Goals Created

6.Services begin for approximately 8 weeks

7. At the conclusion of the 8 weeks, an evaluation of progress to see if services are still necessary


For more information call 822-2180 x29 or e-mail me at My hours are Monday-Thursday 8:15-3:45.