Mrs. Olivia Parra (Spanish)

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Mrs. Olivia Parra (Spanish)

May 7, 2020

1. For the remainder of the school year, I will assign work on VHL Central and publish announcements and educational videos on Canvas. 

2. . Before submitting the family tree project, review the grading rubrics on Canvas or Google Classroom!




May 6,2020

Hola a todos, 

The Family Tree Project that was originally due on March 19 is now due on May 18. Project submissions after the due date will be considered late.  You are welcome to submit your project before the due date. Your project consists of three parts: 

  1. Family Tree Poster or PowerPoint / Google Slides (Take a picture of your poster and email it to me. If you created a PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation you must email it to me as well.) 
  2. 10 written paragraphs in Spanish with the English translation  ( scan and email me the written paragraphs. If you don’t have a scanner, you can download a free scanner app on your mobile device. I  recommend that you  download the “Tiny Scanner App.”) 
  3. Oral presentation (You need to record yourself reading the 10 paragraphs in Spanish only and email me your recording. I must see you on the recording while you are reading. If you prefer to schedule a Zoom meeting to read your paragraphs, please let me know as soon as possible. 


If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me at   




May 4, 2020

Hola a todos,

There are no modules/work for Spanish classes on Canvas. Continue working on the assignments on VHL Central and continue to check Google Classroom for updates. Starting today,the assignments on VHL Central will count toward your grade. Don't worry about the late penalty. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact me. 


Hola a todos,

I hope you and your family are safe and healthy! Please join Google Classroom so we can continue to connect. 

Spanish I Google Classroom Code: morrkz2

AP Spanish IV Google Classroom Code: zqxrjd6


Follow these steps to login to your school Google account:

Account name:[pemanent ID]

Password: [first initial][last initial]-[birth month]-[birth day]


For example: John Smith's permanent ID is 12345.  He was born on July 14, 2009. His username would be and his password would be js-07-14. Note that his initials are in lower case. Students cannot change thier passwords. So this should remain the default for every student. 



After you joing Google Classroom, please fill out the Spanish I Survery. 



Hola a todos!


I hope everyone is well. Please create an account with Vista Higher Learning to access the online version of our Spanish textbook. 

These steps will help you enroll in the online Spanish I or AP Spanish IV course. 

1. Go to

2. Select create an account 

3.Fill out the required information

4. Agree to the Terms of use

5. Find your school

6. Find the course ( Spanish I or AP Spanish IV)

7. Select the section (your class period)

8. Enroll in the course


I have added a couple of assignments for you to complete at home.

The purpose of these assignments is review and they will not be graded.