Mr. Hansen (Advanced English 9/THEMA English 9/English 9/Yearbook)

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Mr. Hansen (Advanced English 9/THEMA English 9/English 9/Yearbook)

In my English classroom, the clock on the wall reads twenty minutes to nine… always.  Long ago I had taken out its batteries.  But I never tell the students why.  “When will you get it fixed?” they ask, pleading slightly.

I smile, “Works for me twice a day.”  But the real reason, as my students gradually discover, comes later.

My classroom is timeless.  One day we’re immersed in the Depression era of 1931 Maycomb, Alabama, playing with a little girl named Scout and her brother Jem, the next day we’re stranded on a future lunar colony, the lone survivors of the Earth’s nuclear holocaust, and then next we’re taking dialectical notes by candlelight at the moment when Mary Shelley’s Victor Frankenstein gives unnatural birth to a new species in 1818. 

But there comes a day, months later, soon after we begin vicariously living the life of young Pip from Charles Dickens’s Great ExpectationsI look forward to this moment every year—when some student in my class says, “Your clock says 8:40, Mr. Hansen.  Twenty minutes to nine!”

“Yes,” I respond. “It always says twenty minutes to nine. So?” 

Then a look of realization spreads like dominoes to each of my students.  “Why, that’s the same time when crazy ol’ Miss Havisham stopped all her clocks.” 

“Hmm?” I play along, “And do you know why she stopped time then?” I ask.

A moment of silence finally breaks… “That’s the last time she felt any happiness before her fiancé called off her wedding?” 

“Yes, that’s the last time she felt ‘great expectations’ for her future...  So—I know it may be corny—in our classroom, I have stopped time there because it means that I will always have great expectations for each of you.”

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