Mrs. Amy Lang - 6th Grade, Science



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Mrs. Amy Lang - 6th Grade, Science

Welcome to Science!!

Hi Everyone.  I hope all of you are staying safe and are well. I will be updating this website several times a week over the next few weeks.  Please check it daily.

Please go in to Google Classroom and join your class period, click on the link below to get directions how to log in and to get your code.

 If you have questions please email me at:

Directions on how to log in to Goggle Classroom    

Class codes for Google classroom:

1st period:  43kuy32

2nd period:  xynluks

3rd period:  2dksf5j   (updated 4/13)

4th period:  rbgzdwa

5th period:  akhid26

BrainPop link:

BrainPop Instructions and Activity 

*Please check Google Classroom a new assignment has been posted - use this link to get to the Science World website. (posted 4/20)

Science World Magazine

Want a fun science activity made from everyday ingredients? Here is a quick way to make ice cream, it's easy and fast (10 - 15 minutes).  Watch the chemical reaction right before your eyes!

Ice Cream in a bag